New “Frequent Flyer Toolkit” E-Books Now Available!

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One of my Mommy Points related goals for 2014 was to write an e-book to give people a different method for reading all about travel using miles and points.  I love posting on this site where anyone can pull up any of the thousands of posts written over the past several years for free at any time, but a blog isn’t always the most straight-forward place to learn in-depth about one specific topic.  When you are trying to somewhat meet the interests of many, that sometimes comes at the expense of delving too deep into one topic for any length of time.  That sort of topic drill-down is perfect for an e-book format.  So, when I met someone with a passion for miles and e-book experience, it was a match made in Mileage Heaven.

Over the course of much of 2014, I worked with co-author Andrea Rotundo to come up with a series of e-books under the new “Frequent Flyer Toolkits” brand.  Each book will be devoted to using miles and points to get to and stay in a specific destination.  The e-books are designed for someone to be able to pick them up with little to no miles and points experience, and end the book with a specific plan on how to get to the destination of their dreams with very little out-of-pocket cost.

We started with three very popular destinations that we both love, Hawaii, Orlando, and Paris.  Today I am thrilled to let you guys know that the first two Frequent Flyer Toolkit e-books are officially now on sale and available to anyone who wants a comprehensive resource on how to plan a miles and points vacation.

Hawaii for Nearly Free

Orlando for Nearly Free

Frequent Flyer Toolkits

We hope to have Paris for Nearly Free available by the end of the year, with more books to hopefully come in 2015.  Each e-book is priced at $17.99 which may seem like a lot compared to free blog posts, but that investment should more than pay itself back with the money and time saved using the methods described in the books to plan trips to these destinations.

These aren’t super short little e-books, but instead Hawaii for Nearly Free is 189 pages divided into the following chapters:

  1. Miles and Points Primer—We begin by explaining airline, hotel, and bank-sponsored programs plus tips for taking stock of your miles and points portfolio and a list of the top loyalty programs for a Hawaiian vacation.
  2. Earn Miles and Points for Your Hawaiian Vacation—We’ll show you how to earn loyalty currency by flying, using rewards credit cards, shopping and eating out, taking advantage of partner deals, and getting targeted for lucrative promotions. With our tips you can go from earning zero points on your annual grocery bill to earning nearly 20,000 for the same purchases!
  3. Plan Your Trip to Hawaii—Next up: we review travel goals and provide a detailed Hawaii trip-planning worksheet.
  4. Flying to Hawaii for Nearly Free—Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! A discussion of the value of airline alliances and partners, a look at the airports in Hawaii, how to determine which airlines fly to your destination, and how many miles you need to get to Hawaii. We’ll also cover companion certificates along with instructions to search for flight award availability online and over the phone for each airline that flies to Hawaii.
  5. Hawaiian Hotels on Points—We’ll tell you about the hotel chains located on the islands that accept points as payment and will also talk about elite status matches and taking advantage of credit card hotel perks and discounts. A list of more than 40 hotel options across four islands is included.
  6. Car Rentals in Hawaii—Everything you need to know about using and earning points for car rentals.
  7. Putting It All Together—A few sample scenarios to illustrate how others have traveled to Hawaii without spending a fortune and how you can do the same thing.

You can head to our Frequent Flyer Toolkits website to learn even more about the e-books, see what others are saying about them, check out the detailed chapter titles and topics, read some excerpts, and even download some freebies such as a Beginner’s Guide, Miles and Points Tracker, and more.

For some of you that have been at this hobby for the while, the e-books likely won’t be of much help to you personally, but they may be perfect for your cousin, friend, or coworker who is looking to head somewhere on miles, but doesn’t really know where to begin.  We’d love if you share this new resource with anyone who might benefit from saving tons on vacations to Hawaii, Orlando, Paris, and more.

Orlando for Nearly Free and Hawaii for Nearly Free

Thank in advance for all your support, and if you get a chance to read one of the e-books, please let us know what you think!  We hope to continually improve them via revisions and in future editions.  I really hope these e-books help even more families take vacations they thought were out-of-reach for way less than they ever dreamed possible.

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  1. I am curious about updates to these E-books. I know that things can change pretty dramatically with credit cards and airlines and alliances. Will you be keeping these books current and are any updates free to purchasers.

  2. Wow this is amazing! Thank you for creating these. Are you allowing some sort of discount for the initial toolkit?

    I’m going to try using these with my ‘Go To’ tools of awardmapper and rewardflyer.

  3. David, to a point yes, and that is obviously one of the biggest challenges with something like this. I’ll let the more tech savvy co-author weigh in on this question with better details on the updates process, but I know a big part of the plan is to have an updates page on the Frequent Flyer Toolkit website. Over time the book itself will have to be revised as well. While there are update/revision plans, the goal of an individual book will be to help you plan your trip now, and not necessarily three years from now, if that makes sense. Thanks for the question!
    Sarah, thank you for the nice words! For now, what we did for the initial rollout is discount the price from the $19.99 we were targeting to $17.99. We could have used a code or something to make that more obvious, but wanted to keep things simple. Hope that helps and thanks for the question!

  4. thanks a lot! You’ve been very helpful on our recent trip to Hawaii. I’m starting to plan for our Paris trip for next year so I hope you could finish the Paris e-book soon! 🙂

  5. Hi David: we plan to keep each ebook up to date by archiving program changes at our website on this page:

    Once there are a few changes of consequence, we’ll update the PDF ebook itself. That’s why the digital format is so terrific. We can keep these toolkits as up to date as possible at no cost to the reader.

    If you want to get a sneak peek of one of the toolkits, you can download the first 15 pages of Orlando for Nearly Free:

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