Huge Dining Bonuses: Up to 10,000 Bonus Miles!

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Yesterday some big end-of-the-year dining bonus offers started going out!  The bonus mileage offers seem to go as high as 10,000 bonus American or United miles, so these really are pretty big bonuses, certainly big enough to get my attention.

american dining bonus

Thanks @mvanja1 for sharing this offer!

The offer I was targeted for awards 7,500 bonus United miles for ten eligible dines between November 10 – December 20, 2014.  That is a lot of dines at eligible restaurants, but I could find a way to make it work if it weren’t for one likely deal breaking detail that isn’t show on that first screen….

The minimum spend for each dine is $40, including tax and tip.  That kills using this offer to pick up a drink or sandwich for lunch, and instead you really have to be eating a big meal out with your family.  That would be doable if it were a handful of dines, but I don’t think we will be doing that at eligible restaurants ten times between now and December 20th.

If you wanted to buy gift cards at the restaurants, that could potentially work, but you are still looking at ten $40 gift card purchases, which would only be worth it in a small set of circumstances where you knew you would get the value back out of the gift cards.  Be aware that getting the gift cards would also be a process as the terms permit just one bonus qualifying visit per restaurant per day, so you couldn’t just get them all at once.  You also must complete a post-dine survey within 30 days of each visit.

These are targeted bonuses, so your offer may be somewhat different.  If you are new to dining programs, the United MileagePlus Dining program currently has an offer where you get 2,000 bonus miles for spending at least $30 on your first eligible dine within 30 days.

Did your family get a dining offer you think you will be able to utilize?


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  1. I got the 10k offer and am awfully tempted. I have half a mind to just stock up on $400 of Wendy’s GCs, but I think it would take my whole life to eat that many Baconnators.

    • Choi, no, not a good deal if you are doing it just for the miles. It can be a good deal if you were going to spend that money eating out at a participating restaurant anyway. I think most of us won’t have $400 in dines that count between now and December 20th, but I’m sure it will work for someone…just not me.

  2. I had this for Rapid Rewards dining and it ended on 11/10. I completed it but I did have two in one day. Now I’m worried, but I didn’t see that in my terms that it could only be once per day. Here are the terms from my email:

    This bonus offer is by invitation only for select existing Rapid Rewards DiningSM members. To qualify, you must have a dining profile and remain opted in to receive emails from Rapid Rewards Dining with a valid, deliverable email address. A dining profile includes creating a web login and remaining opted in to receive emails from Rapid Rewards Dining with a valid, deliverable email address. You must also continue to satisfy Active Member level criteria to earn this bonus.

    To earn rewards through this bonus, you must register for the bonus. Between October 6, 2014 and November 10, 2014, you must then dine 10 times at participating restaurants, bars or clubs and spend at least $40 (including tax and tip) during each dine. Within 30 days of each dine you must also complete a post-dine survey of each restaurant, bar or club. Please note that all dines must occur during the valid reward period and be paid for with a credit or debit card registered with Rapid Rewards Dining. You may earn this bonus only once. Offer is not combinable with other Rapid Rewards Dining bonuses. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date of your qualifying dine for any Rapid Rewards ® Bonus Points to post to your Rapid Rewards Dining account. All account inquiries related to this bonus must be received by December 10, 2014.

    Please note that some restaurants offer rewards only on certain days of the week or up to a maximum spending amount per month. For complete program Terms and Conditions, guidelines and restrictions and the latest rewards calendar, visit Other limitations may apply.

    All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply.

    • I just called them and I was dennied because I went back to the same restaurant on the same day and they say that doesn’t count. They will email me the terms of the promotion, but I don’t read that in the terms either

      • luchex, such a bummer! I do remember that being in the terms, and highlighted it in the post as it made it an even tougher promo to pull off. It said something like “one bonus qualifying visit per restaurant per day”.

  3. Got this offer from Alaska Mileage Plan Dining a few weeks ago. Didn’t see the $40 minimum per dine and went to down to a local taco place which participates. Read the terms after finishing my burrito and quickly gave up.

  4. I called Rewards Network to clarify. They said the promo terms have changed, going forward they added the one visit per restaurant per day, so I will get the bonus for my Rapid Rewards dining. I did end up receiving the same United 7,500 mile bonus that requires 10 dines for $40 and now is only one per day per place.

    It’s too bad because I had US Airways also for 10,000, but at the same time as Rapid Rewards and I didn’t think I could get 20 dines in that short time. Still not sure if I will go for the United now. Our family of four does go out to dinner frequently, so it’s not uncommon for us to have bills over $40. I just wish we had more restaurants in the dining program nearby, we’re getting a little tired of these same 3-4 places right now.

  5. The requirement to complete a post-dine survey for each dine is also an annoyance – makes me much less likely to participate in these bonus offers.

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