Register Now for $30 in Credits on Each Amex via Small Business Saturday!

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The most wonderful time of the year to save money is back!  Today you can officially register all of your American Express cards for Small Business Saturday!  If you don’t already have the date circled on your calendar, it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 29th.

I’m obsessed with American Express Small Business Saturday as it comes during the holiday shopping season, encourages people to shop locally, and Amex awards free statement credits to their cardholders on this day.  Amex started this promo in 2010 and has tweaked it some each year going from a $25 statement credit for an in-store purchase at a small business in the early years, to a $10 statement credit per registered card at a small business in 2013.  That was still appreciated, but it was a big drop in the benefit from the $25 threshold.

Amex Small Business Saturday

This year each registered card is eligible for three $10 statement credits, for a total of $30 per registered card!

Corporate and prepaid cards will not be eligible, however American Express Serve and Bluebird are eligible this year!  Remember that Amex cards issued by other banks are also eligible.  One common example in the miles and points world is the Citi AAdvantage American Express card. 

Register for Small Business Saturday:

Small Business SaturdayGather all of your American Express Cards now and start registering as registration is limited and you don’t want to foret and miss out.

You are able to register not only via the official website, but also by tweeting #AmexShopSmall, or via the “offers for you” section in your Amex account.  However, the best way to register for most of us will be manually via the website so you can be sure to get all of your cards included.

The way to maximize this promo is to make sure you register and use all of your eligible American Express cards.  This will include authorized user cards with their own unique card numbers, and now even Bluebird or Serve cards!

How to Maximize Small Business Saturday:

You will have to have some strategy in order to maximize this promo since it just lasts one day and you may have multiple Amex cards all eligible for three $10 statement credits each.  Charging $30 in one eligible store (here is the map that lists eligible small businesses) will not trigger three $10 statement credits, it would just trigger one.  You would need three separate $10 transactions, which could be annoying for retailers, especially on that busy shopping day.  However, if you go during an off-peak time (like between lunch and dinner for restaurants) then they may be a bit happier about helping you with multiple transactions….just be nice and leave a tip.

My strategy will likely be to go to a few small businesses that I needed to visit anyway, and then maximize the rest at a local restaurant by purchasing $10 gift cards to use as stocking stuffers…or to stuff myself with throughout the year.

I probably have ten eligible Amex cards (including authorized users), so that could be $300 in statement credits if we were to max out the promotion as it is written.  Even if you only have a couple of Amex cards, $30 in statement credits per card is a big deal for families, especially that (expensive) time of the year!

How are you planning on taking advantage of Small Business Saturday?!

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  1. This morning I registered 12 Amex cards. I noticed that Amex for Target does not qualify.

    In the past you could get the rebate from small stores that were not listed on the Amex site, but it’s unclear if that’s going to be the case this year.

    Also, last year(?) liquor stores did not qualify, but they seem to be OK this year.

    • Miles, always safest to stick to the ones on the map, but you never know. I remember that old liquor store term from a previous year, but I do see liquor stores on the map this year.

  2. Summer, you said in the post Corporate cards aren’t eligible but I was able to register my SPG biz card and my Amex Simply Cash biz card. Am I good to go? I am probably going to have to spend $25 minimum for gift cards at the restaurants I want so I don’t want to use them if they won’t give me at least $10 back.

  3. This is going to be so fun & I have my husband on board since a local brewery is on the list. (2 $5 beers x several cards at the end of our day=his kind of shopping!) There’s a candy store & frozen yogurt for gift cards for our kid & I plan to knock out all our teacher gifts at local coffee shops. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reminder and the links. Registered my 3 cards. This year they have the restaurants we regular at. 90$ of free meals on the way!!!

  5. Summer,

    Summer, thank you so much for the reminder to register this morning. Sincerely appreciated.
    Is it too late to add an authorised user to my Amex account for this promotion?

    • Pamela, it likely isn’t too late. I would not advise going nuts with AUs as there can be some negatives attached that, but adding one authorized user is probably just fine and likely will happen in time for the promo.

  6. MP, you state “….$30 in statement credits per card is a big deal…” I thought it is $10/card?
    Have a happy turkey day next week!

    • Rich, it is $10 statement credits x up to 3x per registered card, for a total in $30 in possible statement credits per card. Happy Turkey Day indeed. 😉

  7. My wife and I are on the same Amex account but have cards with different numbers. Can we get 2x3shopsX$10, or only one. Thanks for the advice!

  8. I have an authorized use with my CITI AmEx card with the SAME account number, will we both get the rebate (2x3shopsx$10)? Or will this only work if we have different account numbers like on my AmEx Blue card?

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