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The highly anticipated Park Hyatt New York opened a few months ago, and I’ve been eagerly waiting to try it out ever since.  I’m a big fan of the Park Hyatt brand having stayed in the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Park Hyatt ChicagoPark Hyatt Washington, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, Park Hyatt Zurich, and Park Hyatt Tokyo.  Most of the Park Hyatt hotels would be well out of my price range were it not for points, but with points my family has had many extremely comfortable stays at this brand of hotels.

Finding award availability at the Park Hyatt New York proved to be very challenging as the award space was basically temporarily eliminated for a period of time while the hotel was still working to complete rooms.  There are not very many standard Park King rooms in the 210 total rooms the hotel has available over 15 guest floors, but award availability for the Park King rooms that they do have has improved in recent months.  The nightly price for the Park Hyatt New York starts at around $600 for low season dates, and it is a top tier Category 7 Hyatt that goes for 30,000 points per night (one of only two Cat 7’s in North America).

Check-in at the Park Hyatt New York:

The hotel is located on West 57th Street and it is hard to miss as there are very, very bright white lights on the sidewalk over the entrance.  There are also typically at least two very friendly doormen working at the entrance to greet you.  When One Mile at a Time stayed at this property right after they opened a service standout for him were the doormen, and now having stayed there myself, I absolutely agree.  This is an element of the hotel that they got 100% correct.

After being greeted by the doormen, our bags were taken by some of the ladies working in the lobby with iPads.  Our bags would be delivered to the room later, and in the meantime we were escorted to our room to finish the check-in process much like was the procedure at Park Hyatt Tokyo.  Since I was traveling with a very tired kid, I was totally fine with getting to the room ASAP.


Park Hyatt New York Lobby

On the way to the room I learned you have to take two different elevators to get to the guest rooms.  The first elevator takes you up to the restaurant area of the hotel, and then to get to the guest rooms you have to walk around that floor and to another bank of elevators passed the concierge desks.  On your first stay at the hotel, it actually is useful to have someone show you how to get to the guest rooms since it isn’t totally intuitive.


Once we reached the room, we were given an orientation to the layout and amenities and informed we were upgraded as Diamond members from the Park King to the Park Deluxe King.  Based on a review of the room types on their website, I don’t think there is a major difference between the two room types and I expect this to be a common ‘upgrade’ for Hyatt Gold Passport elite members.  Based on reports and my own experience, I would not expect regular complimentary upgrades beyond that room type.

Sitting area near the guest room elevators

Sitting area near the guest room elevators

Park Hyatt New York King Deluxe Room:

One feature of the Park Hyatt New York are large-for-New-York rooms, as even the base level rooms start at close to 500 square feet.  Compare that to the new Hyatt Herald Square where standard rooms start at about 160 square feet (and it is just one category lower than the Park Hyatt New York).

Entrance to King Deluxe Room

Entrance to King Deluxe Room





The room was beautiful and plenty spacious for the 3 people it is rated for (the Park Deluxe Double is rated for four people).  The bed itself was very, very hard.  It was absolutely the firmest bed I have ever had in North America and was certainly more in line with what you would find in Europe or Asia.  This may be a good or bad thing depending on your bedding taste, but it had a very negative impact on your sleep as it was not our preferred type of mattress.


The bedroom had a TV that had a good selection of channels including Disney and Cartoon Network, which was great for us. The room also had the in-house chocolate made amenity waiting for us in the room before we arrived, though we were proactively also offered the 1,000 point amenity since we had not selected the food amenity, which was very nice.


Park Hyatt New York Food Amenity

There were also asian pears in the room separate from any specific amenity.




There was also an iPad mini in the room where you could play music, read about the hotel services, and theoretically even order room service.  This did not work for me as every time we added something to the “cart” it deleted the other food items in the cart, however I like the idea of placing food orders in this manner.



The mini bar in Park Hyatt New York room was very extensive, though I had to admit that I was less than thrilled when the contents of the mini bar were part of our room orientation and my kid immediately started drooling over the gummy bears and such that were pointed out at eye level with her.  No, honey, we aren’t going to eat the $15 gummy bears.  There were two complimentary bottles of water in the mini bar, which was great.





The technology in the room was very intuitive, which I appreciate as I have stayed in too many rooms where I can’t even figure out how to properly turn the lights on or off without calling for help.



WiFi is complimentary to all guests in the Park Hyatt New York and the speed and reliability was good on my visit.

We ordered room service twice, once for dinner when we were too tired to go back out (the downside of traveling solo with a little one) and once via the Diamond room service breakfast.  The service was prompt and courteous both times, though it did take three visits to the room to get the dinner delivery complete.

There was no child’s meal menu on the iPad, but when I called to place the order they did list some child friendly options that weren’t on the menu.  They also threw in some fresh baked cookies for no additional charge.




The Diamond room service breakfast charge was 100% removed from the bill, though we did stay on under the prescribed amount of two 57th Street breakfasts.  I tried to be healthy and order the egg whites on the 57th Street breakfast, but while they were good in their own right, the delicious scone in the bread basket was too tempting to pass up!  My daughter enjoyed her pancakes, and I very much enjoyed getting to eat leisurely in the room while we got ready rather than stay hungry until we can get ourselves out of the room and into our day.





Park Hyatt New York Bathroom:

The bathroom at the Park Hyatt New York is very, very nice and spacious.  There is a large free standing tub, a separate toilet, double-sink vanity and a large shower.  That was all very nice, but it was the bathroom heated floors on the cold November days were what made me want to pretty much live in the bathroom.





While I did not like the bed at the Park Hyatt New York, I loved the bathroom very much.  Compare this bathroom and its space to others in New York, even at hotels like the Grand Hyatt, and it is immediately obvious how fantastic this bathroom was for my little family.

The Park Hyatt New York Indoor Pool:

If the bathroom was the highlight of the room, the indoor pool was the highlight of the hotel.  On the top floor of the hotel (which is not the same as the top floor of the building), there is the spa, sauna, and indoor pool.  This pool was not some rinky dink after thought, but instead it is a jewel of the hotel that should appeal to families as well as single travelers.


There was not only the large pool, but also a large hot tub, and an amazing smelling steam room.  My kid was overcome with excitement to go for a swim, but ultimately the lap pool itself was a little chilly for our Texas skin, but a few minutes in the hot tub was tons of fun.  There is a lifeguard at the pool, which must be insanely boring, but still appreciated.

You Can Do it Too:

The best way to cover your stay at the Park Hyatt New York is likely via the two nights after getting the Hyatt Credit Card and spending $1,000 on it in the first 3 months.  The best offer for that card with a statement credit is typically presented while you are in the process of booking a hotel at  If that isn’t an option, it will run you 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points per night, which of course you can transfer in from the Ink Plus® Business Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.  If you wanted to stay on a cash and points rate, you could do that (if available) for 15,000 points + $300 per night.

Overall Impressions:

There is no denying that the Park Hyatt New York was modern and beautiful.  The standouts for me were the pool, the bathroom, the size of the standard rooms, the doormen, the complimentary transportation within 10 blocks or so in the Mercedes SUV (it drove us to Rockefeller Plaza), and that room service breakfast being included as an option for Diamond guests.

That said, the hotel has a few kinks to still work out.  Our key stopped working before our late checkout time (which sounds minor, but is a royal PITA to drag a tired kid back down to the lobby to fix it right before packing up to check out), our dinner took three attempts to be fully delivered, the bed will be quite hard for those used to beds in the US, and the in-room iPad menu does not list the kid menu options, and didn’t work at all for us unless we just wanted to order one item.  That all said, I think the biggest area for improvement is just in the warmth of the hotel….and I don’t mean the temperature.

We didn’t have any problems with the service from any of the staff members there, but I left feeling the hotel was beautiful, but I wasn’t sad to leave.  This is in contrast to the hotel we stayed at the second two nights in New York where the service couldn’t have been more warm and accommodating from the beginning to the end (more on that soon).

This all may be intentional, and it may just be the style of the Park Hyatt New York, but I left wanting them to just be a tad warmer….more like the awesome doormen.  If you are spending 30,000 points or $600 – $800 a night for a standard room, I think it is reasonable to want the stay to be pretty exceptional.  If it isn’t, then what is the point?

It was a good stay, it was a beautiful hotel, and I would consider staying there again at some point since it is only 5,000 additional points over most of the other Hyatt options in NYC.  However, don’t get frustrated if the award availability isn’t there for your dates as other Hyatt NYC options are also quite good (Andaz 5th Avenue especially), and I don’t think this hotel has quite put all the pieces together to totally knock it out of the park the way I think they have the potential to do in the future.

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. This hotel is definitely not for kids (I didn’t see one there in my four day stay) but for business travelers and for couples wanting a sleek, romantic time.

    One thing you certainly did not point out that is one of its selling points is how quiet the hotel is. While NYC can be chaotic and many of the hotels feel like O’hare the day before Thanksgiving, The Park Hyatt is whisper quiet and understated. I had a great romantic time there and loved the rooms, the amenities and the pool. The beds were a bit too hard for my tastes, but the bedding and pillows were heavenly…to each his own.

    • Agree it obviously isn’t geared toward families, though plenty were there the week of Thanksgiving. I totally agree the hotel was calm, but you reminded me there was more noise from the hall than I expected. Still, it was much calmer though than say a Times Square hotel would be! Glad you had a good stay – pools are awesome!

  2. A side note.. Summer, you take some seriously nice photos… my pics never are sharp and clear as yours… whats your secret?

    • Juno, aw thanks. I do my best, but hate that I haven’t been able to incorporate a real camera into my travels. I just rely on the iPhone 6 and being as still as I can paying attention to lighting when possible. Wish they were better, but glad you find them good enough!

  3. I understand what you mean when you say it lacks warmth. In my experience, the best example of this is the Intercontinental San Francisco. While not really the same caliber of hotel, it is nice. It’s new and clean, with modern appointments. The hotel itself feels so cold that at times it leaves you feeling hollow. I swear. The staff are great–friendly, even warm. They’ve gone far beyond their responsibilities to try to help me. They just haven’t managed to capture that glowing feeling.

    On the contrary, I found the Park Hyatt Hamburg really good at that. It’s a modern-ish, sleek hotel. Rooms are fantastic…and you feel calm and at ease. Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in that part of Germany.

    • Garrett, I hope to visit PH Hamburg some day – thanks for the recommendation. It is so hard to put an intangible feeling into words, but glad you know what I’m talking about.

  4. MP – We were staying there the same time and would echo your thoughts. A couple of other items that I noticed from our stay:
    -I asked for additional feather beds to be placed in our Double Deluxed (upgrade from Park King). They provided a decent amount of comfort.

    -We requested the milk and cookie amentity, and they delivered the cookies without the milk. We waited about 45 minutes and left the room, and mentioned it to the front desk. When we returned they delivered milk and more cookies.

    -We requested a crib, and it was this beautiful pack and play (can those be beautiful??). They also gifted our two little boys with Aden and Anais puppies, a Aden and Anais bib, and two board books.

    -We also utilized the car service to take us to the Andaz 5th property, which is technically beyond the 10 block limit, but they insisted.

    -We had breakfast for four down in the restaurant, we had a total bill of $166, and I left a $40 tip. All was taken off at checkout.

    I agree though, its a beautiful property, but still working out some minor kinks.

    • Good to hear about the feather beds. If we stayed longer we would have needed something to soften things up. Jealous about the goodies for your boys – good touch! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am just a tad jealous! I had a devil of a time trying to book a stay there and finally ended up going with the Hyatt at Times Square, but this one is definitely on my list of must try hotels! Thanks for the detailed report!

  6. On a first trip to NYC is it worth spending the 30k on the Park Hyatt or should I save 5k a night and stay at Andaz 5th? I’m a diamond member.

  7. Damo, go for the Andaz (either one, but especially 5th Ave.) The Park is indeed cold. On a two-day stay, we never saw anyone hanging out in the PH lounge (as opposed to the Lounge Bar), which is the closest thing to a lobby there. You’re always under the silent gaze of the check-in staff and duty manager. They don’t even stock morning coffee in the lounge, unlike many Parks. Further, we encountered a distant, eccentric staff member, neglect, and uneven food in the restaurant, and the substantial bill there was ultimately removed from our folio statement. We had no desire to return to the hotel restaurant in our two-day stay. In any case, right across the street are a substantial self-serve deli, as well as the fabled Carnegie Deli.

  8. Thanks for the write up. I have a reservation at Andaz 5th Ave and was thinking about going for the Park Hyatt since I have the points. After reading this… no thanks. I doesn’t matter how nice a hotel is if you’re trying to sleep on a brick.

  9. I see that many bloggers have a fascination for Park Hyatts in big cities and I totally understand they are amazing properties. However, I just don’t see why I would spend 30,000 points to stay in a hotel where I will barely spend my time on the property. My point is that staying at a Park Hyatt in NYC, Paris, Tokyo, etc… is kind of a waste of points in my opinion. These are big cities with lots of things to do and see and the last place I would spend my time in inside a hotel. Thus, I would still get a nice well located hotel with a great bedroom and bathroom but I don’t see myself using any of the other amenities. I would save my Hyatt points to stay in hotels where you really spend time at the property and use what the hotel has to offer you such as Park Hyatt Maldives, Grand Hyatt Kauai, etc… Just my opinion!!!! 🙂

  10. Thanks for weighing in everyone! I’ll try to answer a few questions….
    Santastico, personally when I’m with family, I’m not a sunrise to sunset burn the candle at both ends see everything at once type of traveler. We simply travel too frequently and have too young a kid for that style to work. We need downtime to relax and unwind (and work) at the hotel or everyone gets grumpy, so we do spend time at the hotel and enjoy that time even more when it is a nice place.

    For those trying to decide between Andaz 5th and PH NY, I just encourage you to read the reviews of both carefully and decide which will meet your needs better. I don’t think there is a clear winner. I have my Andaz 5th reviews here if anyone wants to take a look.

  11. Were the bath products Le Labo like the other Park Hyatt’s in the USA? And which one was it? The Bergamote22 is my absolute FAVORITE bath product.

    • Looking at some of the photos from the PH NYC’s appears that they are Aesop, and not Le Labo. Confirm? Those are pretty decent as well (and come in nicer bottles), but I’m definitely a fan of LeLabo over Aesop.

  12. I have to say, I’m rather underwhelmed by what I see out of the PH NYC. It looks nice, but by no means would it equate to PH level for me…especially at 30k points. NORMALLY, Park Hyatt’s take FULL advantage of their surroundings (not just provide a nice room). Here, the bathroom, mini-bar and technology looks wonderful and up to PH standards…but the room itself doesn’t fully impress. Not only could they have done better with the layout…but the HOTEL IS ONLY ON THE FIRST 18 FLOORS??!?!?!? THIS, in my opinion, is the most EGREGIOUS error by Hyatt in the hotel. You are in NYC…in a 75 story building and the hotel is AT THE BOTTOM??? Half the price of a hotel in NYC is BECAUSE OF THE VIEWS!! I found myself drooling over the potential to stay at PH NYC because of previous experiences in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beaver Creek and Aviara (San Diego). Every SINGLE room I had at each of these locations gave me the best views that each location had to offer. It’s simply a crime to not have this hotel be located on the upper floors of the building. That alone is reason enough for me to forego this property for even a comfort inn in NYC.

  13. My sister and I are planning a trip there with our mom for her 75th birthday. I have stayed at Andaz 5th with my husband and really enjoyed it. Park Hyatt has availability for the 3 nights we want to stay. I have read both of your reviews as you suggest, but was wondering if you could help me decide. I want this to be special for my mom. She doesn’t typically get to stay in high end hotels (me either for that matter) and would love some additional input between the two. Fun girls trip for us. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    • Karen, I personally think it is a toss-up. If you want to use the indoor pool/hot tub at the Park Hyatt, that may have the edge. Otherwise, I think I am more of an Andaz 5th girl myself.

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