US Airways MasterCard Increases Offer to 50,000 Bonus Miles!

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I am so excited to share with you guys that The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® has temporarily increased its sign-up bonus to 50,000 miles after your first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  Previously the 50,000 mile version of the offer was just available to the lucky folks who were targeted.

This is huge, let me explain.  This card will be closing to new customers in the not terribly distant future thanks to the merger between US Airways and American Airlines.  I don’t know the exact deadline, but we are likely talking months, not years.  Existing cardholders will be kept, and merged to a new AA branded product issued by Barclaycard, but no new folks will be taken on.  That makes this increasingly a “now or never situation” and is reason enough in my book to get the card now with this increased sign-up bonus, but that’s not the only reason this is awesome.

This is one of the very last cards out there that awards the sign-up bonus without a minimum spending requirement.  This makes this potentially 50,000 of the easiest miles you will ever earn as all you have to do is use the card once and pay the annual fee.   These miles will be issued as US Airways miles, but will become American Airlines miles in 2015.

You will also get other perks such as the companion certificate, that is great for traveling families, a free checked bag for you and up to four companions, and other US Airways and American Airlines perks.

Note that this version does not have the 10,000 bonus anniversary miles that some version of the offer have, but the offer that still advertizes the anniversary bonus miles and is marketed to Exclusive Preferred (elite) members, also shows the increased 50,000 mile sign-up bonus.  If you are an elite member with US Airways, you should absolutely go for that version of the offer.  If you aren’t elite with US Airways, you can roll the dice with that offer and see what happens as there have been some reports of success for non-elites using that version of the offer.

If you really want to “go big”, you could also go for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard® which is also awarding 50,000 sign-up bonus miles, although with a $3,000 minimum spending requirement in this first three months.  That would give you a total of 100,000 easy American Airlines miles when the programs combine next year.

As long as you have a good credit score and aren’t going to be tempted to rack up debt just because you have a new credit card, I can’t think of a single reason not to have The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®.  This is the best offer I have seen for it, and the time to apply is running out.  I will be encouraging everyone in my family that doesn’t already have one to go ahead and pull the trigger during this limited time offer.  Some that already have one might even need to go for another and see what happens…

Good luck if you decide to go for it!


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  1. Uggggh! Hubby and I each just applied for the card Monday w/40k bonus!! I was waiting and waiting just in case they made a last minute bump in the bonus and then we decided to go for it on Monday as we are leaving for vacation this weekend. Bummer!

    • @ Gretchen: Based on my experience just now, the answer is YES. I delayed applying because I have had the B of A USAirways card for years, but I decided to give it a shot anyway–and was approved in just a few seconds with a VERY generous credit line! Not even asked to wait or call the reconsideration line. So, depending on your credit score, DEFINITELY go for it!!

  2. I just got the card in the mail with the 40K offer. Not yet activated. Does Barclay match better offers like Chase does?

  3. Applied and was denied by the reconsideration line even though credit score is excellent 747.
    The representative told me I know the game you are playing when she looked at my credit report and all the credit cards out there lol. will try again in January.

  4. It specifically says in the terms that it is available for first time cardmembers only. Do you know of cases where people have received another bonus? I cancelled this card about a year and half ago after getting a previous bonus. I don’t want to try it and pay the annual fee if I am ineligible for the bonus this time around.

    • For what its worth as a data point: I applied and was approved instantly. Last Barclay’s application was over a year ago and I have a credit score around 780. I still think “approved” does not necessarily mean “will receive the bonus miles” but the buzz on all the forums seems to be that Barclay’s is fairly lenient about giving out bonus miles more than once. So we’ll see.

  5. Barclays is tough sometimes (e.g. Miles & More card) getting approved for a better version of a card so I’m wondering if they will approve me since I have had this card before. Any reports of approval even though they’ve had it in the past?

  6. For all you who are wondering about being a previous or current card holder….

    I have a USAirways Mastercard that I got mid 2013, I just finished a phone application and my application was approved. Before proceeding with the phone app, the agent specifically told me that I could qualify for multiple cards. All depends on credit worthiness, outstanding credit, etc.

      • I’m in the same boat. I currently have two US Airways MCs and am debating applying for a third. I got the first in late 2011 and the second in early 2013, and both have the 10k per year bonus. If I decide to roll the dice on a third I will report back. Would be nice to have an easy 50k miles and one final companion ticket (which are amazing btw!).

        • Went for it and got approved! 20k credit line (only 5k on the other two cards). I figured my odds of reconsideration success were low with 2 active cards so glad to get this instantly approved.

  7. I got a message to call the reconsideration line on the Barclay’s. I got approved for the AAdvantage Master Card, after calling the reconsideration line and moving credit limits.

  8. I just called and asked them to match this higher offer on the 40K offer I was just approved for, they said no. I don’t know if any one else will have better luck!

  9. I was just instantly approved for a second…first is still open. Will write more details soon, but yes, it is possible.

  10. Grr. I literally just got approved for the Arrival card – haven’t even gotten it yet – after dithering between which card to get. I doubt I can get this right now. Do you know how long the offer will be around?

  11. Oh no, I just got approved for the 40,000 version 2 weeks ago! What are the odds of getting Barclay to raise me to 50,000?!

  12. Opened my account mid-October, with 40k miles. Called for a match today. Was first told I would be getting a match to the 50k miles and the 10k annual bonus, but he sounded unsure. Called back to verify terms and was told the first agent was in error, no match, since my card was opened BEFORE November 1st. So called back a 2nd time to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor said I wasn’t eligible, but they would give me 5k good faith miles and another 5k for $1k spend in the next 90 days, but no ability to add the annual bonus. Not too bad.

  13. I’m glad I procrastinated on the 40k sign-up bonus because now I get the 50k bonus. Also just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog so signed up through your referral. Thanks!

  14. Why not roll the dice for the preferred elite version? If approved, would the decline the 50k and 10k at anniversary? It seems it is the better “version/offer” in every comparison of the two different offers.

  15. DO NOT USE the Preferred Link !!!!

    I just did and US has a list of preferred members by DM number and rejects non-preferred immediately. Told me I have to wait 30 days now to re-apply under the correct application.

    Everyone not Preferred using that application will get the same result.

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