Getting a Second US Airways MasterCard for 50,000 Miles

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Last week I was excited that The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® has temporarily increased its sign-up bonus to 50,000 miles after the first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  Previously the sign-up bonus was at 40,000 miles, and the 50,000 mile version of the offer was just available to the lucky folks who were targeted.  However, the number one question on that post was related to how possible is it to get a second card…

Before I get into the results of my own experiment getting a second card, let me briefly hit on why I was even compelled to try for a second card since that isn’t my normal method of operation.  This card will be closing to new customers in the not terribly distant future thanks to the merger between US Airways and American Airlines.  I don’t know the exact deadline, but we are probably dealing with months at this point.  Existing cardholders will be kept, and merged to a new AA branded product issued by Barclaycard, but no new folks will be taken on.

Additionally, this is one of the very last cards out there that awards the sign-up bonus without a minimum spending requirement.  All you have to do is make one purchase, pay the annual fee, and the sign-up bonus miles are yours.  This makes this potentially 50,000 of the easiest miles you will ever earn.   These miles will be issued as US Airways miles, but will become American Airlines miles in 2015 when the programs merge.

You will also get other card perks such as the companion certificate (that is great for traveling families), a free checked bag for you and up to four companions, and other US Airways and American Airlines perks.  Some of those aren’t all that relevant if you already have a card, but certainly they are important if you are getting your first card (though I am excited to have two companion certificates).

Note that this version is not advertized to have the 10,000 bonus anniversary miles that some versions of the offer have, but the offer that still advertizes the anniversary bonus miles and is marketed to Exclusive Preferred (elite) members, also shows the increased 50,000 mile sign-up bonus.  If you are an elite member with US Airways, you should absolutely go for that version of the offer.  If you aren’t elite with US Airways, you can roll the dice with that offer and see what happens as there have been some reports of success for non-elites using that version of the offer.

Getting a Second Card:

Historically there have been reports of some people having more than one US Airways card for various reasons, such as keeping their spending in various categories on the two cards separate.  I had never gone for two cards as I’m pretty conservative with that sort of thing, but since the bonus was increased and the window is closing, I decided to go for it.

I applied online, held my breath, and….

Card #2 is joining the collection!  From my own experience and talking to others, it seems that if you get instantly approved online you are good to go.  However, if you don’t get instant approval your chances of getting approved for a second card via any sort of reconsideration aren’t all that great these days.  I have a good credit score, haven’t applied for very many cards in recent months, and only have one other card issued by Barclaycard, so lucked out getting instant approval online.

As long as you have a good credit score and aren’t going to be tempted to rack up debt just because you have a new credit card, I can’t think of a single reason not to have the The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®.  If you are feeling particularly adventurous and have a need for a second card, even that can be possible.  Note that it isn’t guaranteed of course, but it is possible.

Good luck if you decide to go for it, and be sure to share your results!

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  1. Congrats! 🙂 how much time passed between applications? I haven’t applied yet but if it works I would definitely try to apply twice. I’ve never done the “two browser trick” but I will definitely look into that.

  2. I was denied for a second card, online and on the phone reconsideration line. I applied for my first Us Airways card in 12/13, and they said specifically I could not have more than one of the same Barclays product.

  3. I signed up for this card about a month ago when it was 40k with the 10k anniversary. It just posted today as 40k for the first use bonus then another 10k for “Everyday 50% Bonus” for a total of 50k. I only made one charge on the card (and it was just for a few dollars at a drugstore). I am thinking they might have automatically upgraded me to the 50k…has anyone else seen this or know if this is something different?

  4. I cancelled this card Dec ’13 (after 2 yrs) so it had been a year since. Saw your article so I applied and did not get instant approval. Two days later got email saying I was approved. I called to check on the 50K and couldn’t get an agent but when I chose phone option about rewards/benefits the voice confirmed I can get 50K. Thanks mommypoints!

  5. I just got my points with Chase and will be booking my flight for Spring break, thanks Mommy points! Now my question is I am considering opening this card to book a trip this Summer. What do you personally do with these cards once you get the points. Do you keep account open? If the account charges you a yearly fee. Do you use it this year and close it next year to not have a fee? Just wondering how you keep track of all these cards and do you keep all these accounts open after you collected and used your points?!!! Help, Thanks:)

  6. Yes – if you get approved automatically you are good to go, but if you have to call in for whatever reason the reps say that it is their policy to not allow a person the same product. I did HUCA and 3 different agents all told me the same thing – the only way to do this is if you get automatically approved. The reason for my denial was because I had the same card.

    As a reference point – last year I canceled my card and applied and was approved, this time I tried for the second version and was denied.

    I asked the rep to verify how or where this was written in their policy because “I would have have applied if it was stated that you couldn’t get a second of the same product” and it is not stated anywhere.

    As a second reference for folks trying this – I do have six card applications this year but none with Barclays.

  7. Well, for most of us, getting the second card isn’t the accomplishment, it’s getting the bonus associated with the second card. Would suck to pay the annual fee and be later denied the bonus. Please keep us posted.

  8. Wife and I each first got this card in June 2013, and cancelled in July 2014. (got the AF refunded, but they never took back the 10,000 anniversary miles)

    We both applied again yesterday, wife got instant approval (2nd barclay card app in 2014). I got put under review and just got off the phone with a credit analyst, ultimately getting approval. I was surprised because I’ve now been approved for 4 different barclay cards in one calendar year, and currently have 5 open accounts with them.

  9. MP,
    Is your first card also a “US Airways Premier World MasterCard”, thus now having two of the exact same card? If so, are you 100% sure you will receive the 50,000 points after meeting the conditions?
    I ask, having had problems recently with an American mileage bonus after being assured by CITI CS agents I was eligible. Shortly after this, I received a postcard from CITI Marketing flatly stating I was ineligible as I had received a mileage bonus within the past 24 months.
    Moral of my story, even though CS agents are recorded in phone conversations, what they say has no weight as Marketing will state that offer T’s & C’s take precedence over anything agents tell you.
    Please let us know if you in fact do receive the 50K miles. Thanks ——

  10. On the offer page, it says “This offer
    is available to new Cardmembers only.” Do you have an older version of the card or something?

  11. OMG! I was approved for a second card as well! I read your post and figured why not? Yay! I’m going to be raking in some serious miles once US Airways and American Airlines merge. Thank you so much!

  12. Well I can think of a number of reasons you might not want to apply for this card:

    – Its going to be a hard pull on your credit report, and another line of credit which may be considered when applying for some other future card.

    – The annual fee of $89 is NOT waived, and you shouldn’t really be spending money to collect miles if you don’t have at least a tenuous need for them. If you already have a bunch of AA miles from the recent Citi AA Exec 100k offers for example, then it may not be appropriate for you to spend ANOTHER $89 on miles you may not have a need for in the near future.

  13. The following terms and conditions came with the card that I received a year ago. I am not willing to take a chance and spend $89 to receive zero miles.

    “New Account Bonuses and Awards: From time to time, Barclaycard may offer bonuses or awards of mileage credit or other premiums (for example, First Use Miles, First Use Certificates, and Promotional Companion Tickets) to new US Airways MasterCard Cardmembers. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, these bonuses and /or awards are intended for persons who are not, and have not previously been, US Airways MasterCard Cardmembers. You understand and agree that, unless otherwise stated, if this is your first US Airways MasterCard Account, once you become a Cardmember you are no longer eligible to receive these bonuses and/or awards for any new US Airways MasterCard account you open after this Account is opened. If this is not your first US Airways MasterCard Account, you may not be eligible for these bonuses and/or awards. If you receive a bonus or award for which you are not eligible, Barclaycard may direct US Airways to revoke the bonus or award, or reduce your mileage credit by the amount of the award, or charge your account for the fair value of the bonus or award, at our option.”

  14. Over the past 2 years, I’ve signed up and earned the bouns for the US Airways card 4 times. Same for my wife!

    Maybe I should go for our 5th!

    If you already have 2 of the same card active, you will be denied. This has also happened to me in the past.

  15. Congrats to those who got another card! Love the heart grew three sizes comment. 😉 I felt the same way!

    This isn’t for everyone, there are always risks it won’t work out, but they were/are risks I am willing to take. I haven’t heard a pattern of folks getting a second US card and not getting the sign-up bonus miles, so while possible, it isn’t something I am personally concerned about at this point.

    Thanks to folks for sharing their experience!

  16. I am very tempted to do this BUT just because you get approved for the card does not necessarily mean you will receive the bonus miles. I would hate to waste a pull AND $89 for nothing.
    But oh so tempting…..

  17. Just got approved for a second card! I’ve had mine for about 3 years now. Very curious on if I will get bonus miles as well.

  18. I agree that there are always risks. I was approved for the AMEX Delta gold card, did the minimum spend and did NOT receive the juicy 50,000 mile bonus. I thought it was merely being delayed 6-8 weeks. Called AMEX several times and was always told I receive NO bonus because I had the card in the past (way back when). They would not even credit a single mile of the difference between what I received long ago (I am guessing 20K miles) and the offer promise of 50K. I would recommend that you apply for the US Air Mastercard both IF you are a risk taker AND would be willing to settle just for the related benefits and not the bonus. If the answer is no, don’t do it.

  19. No love from Barclay for me on the try for a second card. No automatic approval, so I know calling reconsideration is a waste. Guess I should cancel the first card, and see if that helps.

  20. I was told that my application was pending. Not sure why. A few of you mentioned calling and talking to someone. Does anyone have the phone number for the reconsideration line?

  21. I got a pending notice, and didn’t call, and just got an email today saying it was approved. I would refrain from calling because more often than not they will tell you no if you had the same product. I had the Platinum card before, and i just got approved for the Premier World version of the US Airways card. Hope that means the bonus shouldn’t be a problem!

  22. Here’s another data point: Didn’t get instant approval even with excellent FICO, and 2 attempts to convince recon credit analysts to approve went nowhere. Reason for denial: I have an open USAirways MC, and Barclays policy is one open acct per customer. Don’t waste hard pull.

  23. DO NOT USE the Preferred Link !!!!

    I just did and US has a list of preferred members by DM number and rejects non-preferred immediately. Told me I have to wait 30 days now to re-apply under the correct application.

    Everyone not Preferred using that application will get the same result.

  24. After reading this post and thinking it over for a week, I decided to apply and was instantly approved! I honestly did not expect to be approved, as I got my first Barclays US Airways card just 4 months ago on Aug-10, and I have been approved for two additional cards (Citi AAdvantage and British Airways) since then.

    It goes without saying obviously, but hopefully we will receive the bonus points in exchange for the AF!

        • Yeah, it’s kind of funny looking on my Barclays website, but they are definitely both open and still active. Let me know if you’d like to use my referral link. No pressure though, I think you must apply by tomorrow however.

          • I’m glad you were successful. I’m going to pass though. I applied for a lot of cards last year and I don’t want to take a chance of wasting a credit pull for no miles. You just never know…..

  25. I just applied for the Preferred and it told me I must wait 10-30 days for a decision. I chose the preferred just because of the annual 10,000 miles added on anniversary. The regular one didn’t have that. If I could change my mistake I would of went with the regular 50k miles no anniversary bonus. My next choice is the Southwest.

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