Hyatt Elite Rate Discontinued, Cash and Points Rates Staying in 2015

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Along with the Hyatt award chart changes announced yesterday, there are more 2015 updates that Hyatt is ready to share today.

Hyatt Discontinuing My Elite Rate After 2014:

First the bad news, the Hyatt My Elite Rate is being discontinued after 2014.  It was reportedly rolled out as a beta test, and those results “did not warrant a full roll-out”.  This is a shame as the 20% discount afforded to Platinum and Diamond members via the My Elite Rate was often the cheapest rate available without a corporate code.

Personally I was able to use the discount extensively in the first half of 2014, but have found the rate harder to find as the year went on.  So, it will be a loss, but recently I have already had to go back to AAA discounts or similar anyway due to low availability of the My Elite Rate at my desired properties.


Hyatt Times Square

Hyatt Continuing Cash and Points Rates:

Unlike with the My Elite Rate, when Hyatt rolled out cash and points rates last year they intended them to be permanent component of the loyalty program, so the cash and points rates will remain for 2015, and (presumably) beyond.

Hyatt Expanding and Contracting Guaranteed Bed Type Policy:

Hyatt has had a policy in place that guarantees bed type to elite members with a 5,000 point bonus if the guaranteed bed type is not honored at check-in.  They are expanding this guarantee to all members, not just elite members, but at the same time eliminating the 5,000 point bonus if the guarantee isn’t honored.  Hyatt reports that less than .1% of elite members didn’t get their guaranteed bed type, so presumably this change isn’t going to have a large impact, but a guarantee without a penalty for non-compliance is sort of more a goal than guarantee in my book.

Seriously though I’ve never not received my requested bed type at Hyatt, so hopefully they will continue doing a good job in that department.

Hyatt Offering New Promo and More Changes in 2015:

Hyatt has also launching a “new, exclusive promotion in January” and they are also working on a “variety of new programs” that they will begin to share in the first quarter of 2015.

All in all, I’m glad that there is nothing earth shattering changing at Hyatt in 2015.  They are one of my very favorite and trusted loyalty programs, and looks like they will remain in that position in 2015.

Thanks to View from the Wing for first tweeting about these changes!


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  1. Summer, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Hyatt challenge being brought back. Planning a trip to Asia next year and I’m planning two separate tracks, one with challenge, strictly cash and points and another one with different change. Kicking around whether I should go ahead and cancel the challenge stays cause I’d rather use some of the points and two free nights from CC to check out the Park Hyatt Tokyo.
    Any % confidence on whether they’ll bring it back?

  2. I think I’m missing something about the bedding guarantee. If the 5,000 points is no longer given, then what good is the guarantee? It just seems that if you get nothing for a guarantee not fulfilled, then the guarantee is worth nothing as well. Wasn’t that the point of the 5,000 points, as some tangible apology?

  3. FreeTravelGuys, I don’t currently have any info or educated guess on that….though if I absolutely had to guess, my gut would be if/when it returns it will look more like the SPG challenge than a trial that confers all Diamond perks immediately. That is 100% a guess though.
    Christian, exactly. Don’t think you are missing anything, it just doesn’t totally make sense.
    Santastico, truthfully, I view most of this as good news. Minimal changes from a program is good news in my book.
    Stephen, me too!
    Juno, just standard rooms at this point.

  4. Sorry but I feel Hyatt has hired someone from Delta to run their program. When we feel good about minimal changes that concerns me. It shows hotel and airlines are making too much money and can now cut down on customer’s benefits. When the economy was bad loyal customers stand by them and kept them alive but now it seems they only take benefits away from us.

    • Santastico, you are 100% right that when they are making money they don’t “need” us as much. Also, let’s be real, many of us jumped on the bandwagon when the economy was bad because the promos were just so good. It wasn’t necessarily out of loyalty, but more because it made sense for us. If Elite Rate was just a one year test, they didn’t really take anything away this year, they just haven’t added anything…at least not yet. Fingers crossed that they do as they kind of hinted in Q1.

      • I rarely saw the my elite rate, and I’m not sure if I actually ever used it. I may have once or twice. So, to me, there was something that wasn’t really working with that one to begin with.
        Yep, I really hope they come up with a good promo in the beginning of the year. This fall’s promo was great, and something along those lines would be great to see again.

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