United MileagePlus Dining Now Easier to Manage

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Once upon a time my family earned thousands and even tens of thousands of airline miles each year from the various airline dining programs.  However, some restaurants we frequent (and got catering from) dropped out of the program, the attainable bonuses became fewer and farther between, and I even stopped having several of my credit cards I regularly use even registered with a dining plan (gasp, I know).

I’ve been hit with fraud several times over the past year and as a result seem to go through credit card numbers on a semi-regular basis.  When a card would get a new number that card would no longer be registered in the United dining program.  The easy solution of course is just to log into the dining plan and update the credit card number, but that task turned out to be pretty difficult on more than one occasion.

For whatever reason my United Dining program account almost always required a phone call to log in as it would never take or reset my password online.  This task just proved to be too much work just to update a credit card number, so I would frequently skip it.  In fact I am currently down to just one registered working credit card with the United Dining program, which means I sometimes miss out on easy dining miles.

However, I just got a great email that the program has changed their login procedures to simply use the United MileagePlus login and password.  Hurray!  I have that one memorized backwards and forwards, and based on a test log-in I just completed, my account now lets me in just fine.  This will make updating my credit cards a much easier task that will hopefully result in a few more United miles each year.

United MileagePlus Dining

This was a great move and I hope all the dining programs take this log-in approach!  I’m in favor of anything that makes earning and using mileage programs a little easier!

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