Increased Amex Offers Available Now via CardMatch (Targeted)

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One really good resource for finding potentially increased targeted credit card offers is the CardMatch Tool available at In the past we have seen some incredible deals, often for American Express cards, come out of the CardMatch Tool. While I do periodically check it, it’s been a while since I found a good increased offer available for my account (or the other accounts I ask family members to check).

However, today I noticed posts at The Points Guy and View from the Wing that the CardMatch Tool is cranking out some hot deals for some lucky folks again. This time those offers are again coming in the form of American Express increased offers, and some to the tune of up to 100,000 sign-up bonus points!  Before I get your hopes up, anecdotally this seems to be working the best for folks who haven’t taken advantage of many Amex offers in the past.  So, you may want to have a family member or partner check their offers if you are usually the one that applies for reward cards.

CardMatch Tool

My own account wasn’t targeted for any Amex offers at all, presumably because I have had or have so many of their products, however my dad’s account did have several increased offers available (he has never had an Amex card to my knowledge). I’ll share what he had in his account below, but it is worth checking to see what your own account may show as available as it may be totally different than what he has. You do have to provide your information check for your targeted offers, but this does not trigger a hard credit inquiry. is a legit site I have personally been using for years, though of course you should not provide your info if you don’t feel comfortable.

These offers displayed as available on 01/05/2015. 

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card: 50,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $1,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months of Card Membership

The standard offer is for 25,000 points with $2,000 of a spending requirement, so this is 2x the standard offer with half the spending requirement.

Amex EveryDay Preferred Card: Earn 30,000 points after you use your new Card to make $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months

Amex Platinum Card: Earn 60,000 points after you spend $3,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months.

The standard offer for this card is for 40,000 points, so 60,000 is better, but not as good as some that are seeing 100,000 point offers in their CardMatch Tool account!

CardMatch Tool Increased Offers

Increased Amex Platinum Offer

Which one of those offers is best totally depends on your goals.  The Premier Rewards Gold card is a good quick shot of 50k points with a $0 introductory fee the first year, but the Amex EveryDay Preferred is a card that many will do well with getting and using for everyday purchases thanks to the category bonuses.  If the Platinum 100,000 point offer is in your account, that is obviously a ton of points, though with a $450 annual fee (that you can easily get the value out with $200 in airline fee credits each calendar year).

Remember that Amex now allows the new cardmember sign-up bonus once per product, so this will only work if you haven’t already had these products.

Did you have any increased offers available in your account?


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  1. Great and timely post. I applied for the Amex Business Gold card over the weekend with a 50,000 point bonus after $5,000 in spend. The fine print seems to have changed as it mentioned that the offer was available to those who haven’t had the card in the past twelve months. Not sure if these are new terms but figured I’d point it out. I’ve had the card but not since 2012 so I applied and was approved instantly. YMMV.

    • Evan, Amex biz and personal cards have unique terms. Personal cards changed to once ever for that card last year. Biz can still vary. 😉

  2. I was REALLY hoping for 100k AMX Platinum offer, but looks like I only got offered 60k. Still a solid amount but wondering if I should hold out for a mail offer of 100k?

    • Mary, all depends on if you really want the Platinum card and related benefits right now or not I suppose. I got the 100,000 offer years ago and it is clearly still out there for some lucky folks. 😉

  3. how come you got screwed out of 40k on the AmEx Plat offer? TPG was posting that he was getting 100k offer.. from cardmatch I’d complain!!! 🙂 j/k. anyhow, I’ve used cardmatch before and i never got these offers.. only some crappy capital one and citi cards… is there a secret?

    • Juno, I think the “secret” (assuming really good credit) is mainly that you haven’t had those cards in the past…though I’m sure some other secret sauce is in the water, too.

        • That’s what I don’t understand, I have a 830 credit score and no balances on my existing cards. The only thing I can think of is that I don’t have any open lines of credit with AMX. I am stumped. Guess I will just wait it out until I get a personal 100K offer.

          • Mary, could always call and ask them as a last resort. I hope 100k comes your way at some point!

  4. I have had this question for a while… I’ve upgraded 2x to the AMEX Platinum card from others, but I have never applied for it and received a bonus. I do currently have the card though. Any shot of me getting the points? I wasn’t targeted this time, but just for future reference…

    • Andy, that’s a tough one. The terms indicate you aren’t eligible if you have ever had the card, so I’m guessing you aren’t eligible for the sign-up bonus per the terms.

  5. No offers from AMEX. For reference I have the Gold card (2013 100k bonus) and the simply cash 6 mos ago for the $250 statement credit.

  6. Even if CardMatch shows the offer to you, it doesn’t mean you advance successfully to stage 2 of the application process. First stage is automatic, second requests more information, however just spins in place and won’t let any additional input so I hit the back button after 5 minutes and it states that offer may no longer exist with link to a 40k points offer.

  7. I got no offers for AMEX. My credit score is 780+ and have 3 current AMEX cards, though none of them are for MR rewards. In fact, I’ve never had an MR card.

  8. No luck with my account or husbands…but my son has both offers. Can I apply thru his offer or is just my son who can apply?

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