Review of the Cool Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

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For our two day, one night, stay in Amsterdam during my husband’s big 40th birthday-around-the-world blow-out we stayed at the Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht that opened in 2012.

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We have stayed at many Andaz hotels before including in Maui, London, and New York City, and we have never been disappointed, so we were quite excited for this stay…in addition to our time in Amsterdam itself.  We have found Andaz properties to have the right mix of quality, funkiness, and tie-ins to the city where they are located to be fun and enjoyable stays that go beyond just a bed to lay our heads.  Of course, you also get to earn and use Hyatt points and benefits at Andaz properties, so that makes them a perfect fit for us.


Exterior of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Location of Andaz Amsterdam:

The Andaz is a 122 room hotel that is located on one of the many canals in Amsterdam.  It was formerly a city library and it is walking distance to many different popular attractions such as the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and tons of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants.  I don’t think most will believe this is the best hotel in the city in terms of location, but ultimately that will all come down to what you want to see and do.

Andaz Amsterdam Location

We had no issues getting around Amsterdam from headquartering at the Andaz, though no matter where you stay some parts of the city are going to require lengthy walking or other forms of transportation.

Lobby and Amenities:

We arrived to the hotel pretty early in the morning after getting off an overnight flight to Amsterdam from Houston.  We were crossing our fingers we would be able to check-in early as we both were hoping for a shower and a nap before meeting up with friends that evening for a birthday celebration.  Luck was on our side and we were able to head up to the suite after a very brief wait where we got to check out the lobby, bar, and lounge area.


Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht check-in area

There were some apples and muffins in the lounge area to snack on, as well as plenty of spots to sit and wait and funky artwork to look at around the lobby.


Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht lounge


Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht bar



When the room was ready we took the equally funky glass elevators up to the room to unpack and relax.


Andaz Suite:

Because we were hosting some friends for a gathering, we booked a paid rate and used a confirmed diamond suite upgrade to secure an Andaz Suite.  It was a full suite with a separate living and sleeping area.


The living area had a small couch, sitting chairs, and dining table.  It also had some pretty great books about Amsterdam (great tie-in with the property formerly being a city library), some wooden Dutch shoes on the wall, and of course the Andaz complimentary fridge and mini bar (other than alcoholic drinks).


The suite really felt like an apartment – a much cooler apartment than I ever owned.  I read somewhere online that the more you know about Dutch architecture and culture, the more you can appreciate the small touches at the Andaz Amsterdam, and the more I learn, the more I believe that statement to be 100% correct.



The complimentary goodies included Coke products, water, juices, chocolates, and nut bars.  It isn’t a big thing, but being able to grab a drink and a snack without having to shell out extra cash is always a pretty nice treat.




The bedroom in the suite was pretty basic, but still stylish and with lots of windows that looked out onto the city.  The drapes did close well enough to darken the room for a great post-flight nap.  If you are eying this property for a family trip, be aware that just like at most similar properties in Europe, even the suite is only officially rated for two adults and one child.




The bathroom in the suite was somewhat unique as it has a big fish head (yes, a fish head) decorating the wall, a decent sized tub in the middle of the room, but then separate areas for the toilet and the shower.



Breakfast at the Andaz Amsterdam:

Breakfast at the Andaz Amsterdam for Diamond members included the open-kitchen concept buffet plus a selection off the hot items menu.  It felt like this breakfast might have been pre-cursor for the breakfast open kitchen breakfast set-up at the Andaz Maui.  The buffet had lots of selections that extended somewhat into the area that looked like the kitchen prep area, so just keep exploring until you are truly in the chefs’ way!




We loved the juices, cheeses, pastries, and fruit.  The eating area also overlooks the bright and airy courtyard, which was a nice way to start the morning.  In addition to the buffet, they gave us a choice of some different hot item selections as part of our Diamond benefit.



We very much enjoyed our Hyatt Diamond breakfast here, and we were ready for a day of exploring Amsterdam after filling up!

You Can Do it Too:

The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is currently a category 5 Hyatt that goes for 20,000 points or 10,000 points + $125 USD per night on a points + cash rate, but effective next week the hotel will be going up to a Category 6 hotel that goes for 25,000 points or 12,500 points + $150 USD per night.  In other words, if you have plans to visit this Andaz in the next 12 months, get your award bookings in now!  As always, you can transfer points into Hyatt 1:1 using Ultimate Reward points earned from the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Plus Business Card, or even the Chase Freedom® if you also have one of those other two cards.  Once the hotel goes to a Category 6, it will be a pretty decent use of the two free nights that come via the sign-up bonus from the Chase Hyatt Visa (look for the best offer with statement credit while making a reservation).

Overall Impressions:

We really loved the Andaz Amsterdam as it was very a very nice property, but it also made us feel like we were a part of the city during our brief stay, instead of insulated from it, which was a very good thing.  The early check-in and late check-out and breakfast benefits thanks to being Hyatt Diamond members certainly helped on this trip, in addition to having the extra space in the suite.  I would not hesitate at all to return to this hotel on a future trip to Amsterdam, though would obviously prefer the Category 5 points prices to the Category 6 points prices if at all possible.

If you have stayed at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, I’d love to hear about your stay!

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. I really like this property! Normally, I’m not a huge Hyatt fan because the hotels to me look a bit utilitarian. But this one is different. It’s funky, in a good way! I love the bathroom look and even the weird fish on the wall. I agree, this is a good place to use the certs from Hyatt Visa.

  2. Leana, yeah you certainly don’t always get a ton of personality out of a Hyatt Regency type property, but the Andaz brand really often has tons of personality and local tie-ins. This was a great property – hope you are able to check it out one day.

  3. Glad to see that Andaz has another excellent property.

    Truth to be told, the trams are quite efficient in taking you to the key landmarks within a short walking distance. The city center is small enough that the hotel location may be not be relevant.

    We stayed at the Renaissance a few years back. The memorable part of the trip was there was a more local red light district (read: less aggressive) a couple of blocks away from the hotel. There was a different theme every day of the week: one night it might be exotic Asian ladies, and another was “large and lovely”.

    • pthacha, I agree the city size makes exact location of your hotel not a huge issue for most. Amsterdam certainly is an interesting and entertaining city for sure!

  4. Stayed there 2 nights (award/credit card) in Oct. Great property. There was problem in the basement or something and it set off a very intrusive fire alarm at 1 a.m. then an intercom announcement asking everyone to leave the building. Within 2 min came back on the intercom saying it was over and we could go back to sleep. Right. On the good side, at least they have a good alarm system and Andaz and Hyatt each gave me enough points to return for one night.

    Location is very nice, as you say. Even though it looks far from the central train station it really doesn’t take long to walk there for shopping, though there is shopping/quaint shops everywhere. The 5-7 pm wine/snack time in that front room is a nice benefit of Platinum/credit card. There’s a coffee machine behind the cabinet that someone found so we all used that as well. Nespresso. Yes.

  5. Stayed there a couple of years ago, I think. Good location. I like A’dam, perhaps colored by having a former girl friend there. I get to see more the local side of life when I visit.

  6. I stayed there during Pride this past summer. It was a fantastic place to be then, as the parade boats motor along the Prinsengracht Canal right in front. It’s a cute, funky hotel and the in-room breakfasts are wonderful.
    However, I had a disappointment as, after waiting for a couple of hours in the lobby for a promised upgraded room, my room was given away to a couple who came in an hour after me by a different check-in agent. It seemed as though the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing staff-wise. Still, I loved the prince statues all over the place, and enjoyed the garden courtyard too. The unisex showers in the spa were…interesting.

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