US Airways Flights Not Bookable on British Airways Website

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Over the weekend I chatted with a fellow traveler on Twitter who was trying to use British Airways Avios to book a US Airways operated flight from DCA – Syracuse.  The nonstop US Airways award availability was there at the saver level, as was shown by cross-checking on American Airlines’ website, so it should have been bookable via British Airways Avios.  This route is actually a great use of Avios as it would cost 12,500 American Airlines miles, but since it is under 650 miles in distance, it costs just 4,500 British Airways Avios via their distance based award chart.  However, the British Airways’ site was not only not displaying the award availability, but instead it was stating it and its partners do not serve that route at all.

The British Airways website has a history of being glitchy from time to time, but in this case it quickly became apparent that all US Airways award availability has disappeared from the British Airways website. 

I reached out to British Airways on Twitter and they said that expect the functionality to book US Airways award flights to be back online by February 1st.  In the meantime, you have to call British Airways in order to book US Airways operated award flights.

British Airways US Airways award spaceCalling British Airways is about as fun as a trip to the dentist, as it can be a slow and painful process.  My best luck with reasonable hold times has come right when their phone lines open at 7:30AM Eastern (1-800-452-1201).  Some have better luck calling the Singapore number at +65 6823 2095.  You should remind them the website is not accepting US Airways reservations at the moment, and ask them to waive the phone booking fee.  I will also add that some agents have been telling callers they cannot book US Airways awards over the phone, but that is not the case, and “Hang Up, Call Back” has been successful with getting an agent who can book the awards….though that is a miserable process if there are long hold times.

While we are on the subject, remember that British Airways has a 40% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards that runs until January 31st.  Hopefully the ability to book US Airways operated flights does come back by February 1st, if not sooner!

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  1. I recently called British Airways to cancel an award booking on Cathay Pacific (about 1 hour after I made the booking on their website). I spent 45 minutes on hold before speaking to an agent who promptly and politely cancelled my award flight.

  2. I ran into this last week and had to call in. Tickets were issued no problem but I got charged $9.80 per person in taxes rather than $5.60. Odd, but not worth the trouble to call back!

  3. I can vouch for the Singapore office, they were a joy to deal with! And their office hours are perfect for most people who have better things to do in the middle of the day, like you know, work.

  4. It seems some US Airways cash flights are impacted also. I’m looking for flights from MCO to FCO and back and the AA, BA, and US flights are showing up, but nothing on the return.

  5. Hi Mommypoints! That was me who you were chatting with on twitter–thanks for your help!

    Just wanted to confirm that if you do book over the phone, you do get charged $9.80 (for whatever reason); when I asked why, the agent said, “that’s what the taxes are for all domestic avios awards, ma’am” (…)

    Also, the first agent I got said it can’t be done because of their temporary “transitional period status” with USAir after waiting about 30 minutes (that seems like a shorter wait time compared to other folks). It’s a pain in the a– so if you can wait til Feb 1 I would suggest doing it over the website when it comes back!

  6. I am new to booking anyone else but southwest. I have read a couple places on how to book usair on British air. Of Corse you can’t see them the week I start looking. My questions is and might be silly. Will I be able to call and book any route usairs website has available for booking? Or can I only book from certain hubs? Looking at going from Albany or Syracuse to Chicago. and Albany/Syracuse to Jamaica. Thanks

    • Dana, you can book any award flight operated by US that has availability at the lowest level. An easy way to cross-check that is see if it is also displaying on American’s AAdvantage website.

  7. I actually had a really good experience booking my first BA award flight recently. I was able to book a flight with Alaska Air from SLC-SAN for my family of 5 (4 seats and an infant). The Avios line rang busy so I eventually called the general booking line. I had about a 10 min wait and the agent who picked up was wonderfully efficient to book all of us using our info from our household account, meticulously going over the spelling for each name and making sure to make the infant added correctly. For some reason the points added up to over 37000 instead of the 36000 that I had transferred from AmEx and he waited for me to transfer the extra points while he completed the booking. Taxes ended up being around $40 for the 4 tickets so I guess we were charged the 9.80 rate. He automatically waived the phone booking fee without even having to ask due to the fact I couldn’t book online and happily gave me the Alaska airline confirmation number so I could contact them to choose seat assignments. After my first attempt at miles booking I can say I am now hooked. Being able to save over $700 in tickets, just using points I already had hanging out in my AmEx account is fantastic. Avoiding a 12 hour car ride when you have small children is priceless.

  8. I’m working with an award booking company who told me that BA cannot acces the same availabilty as AA, US, or Alaska. Which I thought what I was told was not true. Thanks points mommy for confirming that I wasn’t wrong after all. This really upsets me. Because we just booked our international itineray this afternoon without domestic segments to the international gateway with some of us redeeming BA Avis and some of us on redeeming on AA miles.

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