Evolve Money Now Accepts Credit Cards, But…

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I’ve been using Evolve Money as an easy way to pay bills online and liquidate gift cards for a while now.  For those not familiar, via Evolve Money you can pay bills such as utilities, store credit cards, insurance, car payments and some mortgages and student loans.  Usually I do this using Visa gift cards I purchased with a category bonus using a rewards earning credit card, but they are now also accepting Visa and MasterCard credit cards!

Evolve Money Accepts Credit Cards

Being able to pay more bills online with a (rewards earning) credit card is a good thing, but the bad news is that the new forms of payment come with a 3% fee.  Evolve Money has been accepting Discover for a few months now with no fee, but that card will now also be hit with a 3% fee.  Debit cards (and gift cards that work like debit cards) will continue to work with no fee.

Most of the time paying with a credit card and being hit with a 3% fee is not worth it just to earn rewards, but the exception could be if you needed to quickly and easily hit a minimum spending requirement to trigger a bonus.

There are limits with Evolve Money, notably that you can only pay $999.00 toward a single bill with a debit or credit card, no more than $2,999.00 in total payments in a day, and no more than 1-2 payments to an individual biller per month, depending on the type of bill.

I will continue to use Evolve Money mostly via liquidating gift cards, but I am glad they have introduced a credit card option even though it is at a rate that makes it unattractive to use on a regular basis.

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets for sharing news of this change in Evolve Money terms!

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  1. So, I can now use Discover CC to pay my $2500 mortgage but Evolve will charge me 3%. You got to be kidding me. Why would I give them $175 for nothing. Bye bye Evolve.

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