AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards Now Cheaper to Book!

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One way to save big on American Airlines awards is by taking advantage of the Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards that are available for Citibank co-branded American Airlines cardholders.  These reduced mileage awards are available to select cities each month and depending on what type of co-branded Citi card you have, you can get either a 5,000 or 7,500 miles discount on each round trip ticket (half that discount on a one-way award).

Even better, if you have a card such as the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard that gives 10% of redeemed miles back, then that will stack with the 5k or 7.5k discount.  The biggest downside to these awards has been that you cannot book them online, so you have historically had to call American Airlines and get hit with a $25 fee to book the awards over the phone.

Citi Reduced Mileage AwardsHowever, since American Airlines has a new policy effective this week that you do not have to pay the telephone booking fee when booking awards that cannot be booked online, these Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards effectively just got cheaper by $25!

Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards Cheaper

With these discounted awards, you could potentially book New York City – Vail in March in coach for 17,500 American Airline miles round trip via the reduced mileage awards + you would then get 1,750 miles back via the 10% rebate that comes with that card (assuming you pick dates with MileSAAver availability).  That comes to 15,750 total miles for the round trip ticket to head to the mountains.  That is a pretty big savings over the regular 25,000 mile saver awards!  For the record, that flight is going for over $500 round trip in coach on many days in March, so 15,750 miles is heck of a deal!

A few of the destination cities available over the next few months are:

Vail, Austin, Jackson Hole, San Francisco Houston, Montreal, Nashville, Toronto, Washington Reagan Nat’l, West Palm Beach, Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte, Newark, Ft. Lauderdale, and dozens more.  I love that there are lots of ski towns available for March when lots of us have spring break!  The schedule of reduced mileage award cities is currently open through May 2015.

How to Use Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards:

  • Check to see which type of discount your co-branded Citi card will get you and note the discount code.
  • Look at the regularly updated list to see if your destination city is listed.  There are some reports of the origin alone being enough to get the discount, but officially it says destination.
  • Check on the American Airlines website to see if there is MileSAAver availability on American operated flights.
  • If yes then call American to book the award noting the desire to use the Reduced Mileage Award and give them the code for the type of card you have.

The destinations are updated every other month and are valid for economy seats, business class on flights offering 3 classes of service, or first class on flights offering 2 classes of service.  Using these awards could bring the price of four coach tickets to select destinations down from 100,000 miles to just 63,000 miles if you stack the 7,500 miles savings + the 10% redeemed miles back bonus on select c0-branded cards.  That is a big difference for family travelers looking to stretch their miles!

Have you been able to make use of the Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards for your family?  I hope you are as excited as I am to see the telephone booking fee go away for these (and other) awards!

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  1. Summer, I just want it to verify, does the origin city matter as long as it’s served by AA? I had thought in the past that both origin and destination cities had to be on the list in order to get the reduced mileage awards. Because of that, I’ve never been able to use these awards.

    • M, for sure you could book at least one leg at a discount if you booked as two one-ways, but I have heard success stories of getting the discount on a round trip if the origin is on the list though haven’t tried it myself.

  2. Great post! The only other blog post I’ve seen on this punted on the key question, namely, whether AA’s new policy applies to these credit card reduced awards or not. Logically, I would agree that it pretty much has to. Under the old rules, only EXPs got the free phone booking.

    • Tom, not only logically would it, but to avoid any doubt they have a nice statement on the reduced mileage site to that effect now (screen shot in post). I’m pretty pumped about it and glad you liked the post!

  3. The fee on my Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards Card is due in the next 10 days. I phone and asked to renew the card without fee. Best offer: 100 points if I paid the fee. Would it do any good to phone and ask for the reconsideration dept. This is a personal card. Perhaps I could get a new one without fee if I applied in the name of my business. Advice please!!

    • Shirley, when you actually are ready to cancel you may get a better offer. I always have gotten a better offer with my Citi AA cards. Good luck!

  4. So if my home city is on the list I can essentially book a flight to anywhere in US or Canada and the return should qualify for the discount (assuming I book as a one way) correct?

  5. You can’t beat these awards with a STICK. In November of 2011 (I enjoy traveling during the fall) I booked a trip DIRECTLY from Colorado Springs, Colorado (not a large airport by ANY means- just one concourse) directly to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I overnighted in NYC; and had to switch airports the next morning- I think I few into LGA and had to catch my departing flight from JFK- but who cares- and I paid a total of $56.00 and 17,500 miles for my round-trip flight. Can’t beat these with a STICK.

  6. Hi Mommy Points,

    Do you know which airline’s miles is most useful for traveling on premium class from major U.S. hubs to most major European cities?

    Personally, I’m looking to fly from Miami to London, and US Airways Dividend Miles is on sale now, buy 75,000 miles, get 30,000 bonus miles + 10% off, in your opinion, how good is this deal?

    • Silver, in general I think that Star Alliance is better to get to Europe right now due to availability and fuel surcharge issues.

  7. Hi Summer,

    I have the Executive card and booked the award ticket online in Jan 2015, forgot to call and apply the code. Now the code on the web has been overwritten. The agent said if i could give them the code that was valid back then, maybe they could retrospectively applying it.

    I saw that your post was published on Feb 5, is the code in your picture valid for Feb – Mar booking, or maybe Dec 2014 – Jan 2015, or maybe it was older time? =(

    I’m not sure if i can find anywhere on website with older codes…

  8. I tried to book a reduced mileage award with 7500 mile discount and appropriate card and twice was told departure city and destination city had to be on the list after going thru all the rigamarole with agents .one called help desk to get reservations booked since she could not make it work at 17500. WHAT IS THE FACTS ON DEPARTURE CITY ELIGIBILITY?

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