Hyatt Diamond Status from Spending on a Credit Card?

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Yesterday I got emails from Mommy Points readers and noticed a Flyertalk thread that I thought was interesting enough to mention.  The topic at hand was a survey some received related to the Hyatt Visa credit card.  Seems like they were gauging feedback about some possible benefit tweaks for the card, including the idea of awarding Hyatt Diamond status after $50,000 in annual spending is put on the card. 

Hyatt Diamond status is absolutely great since it gives free full breakfast or club access for everyone in the room, four annual confirmed suite upgrades, a points bonus or food/beverage amenity at each check-in, and more.  Normally it requires 25 eligible stays each year or 50 eligible nights, but as of right now there is no way to earn it simply via a credit card.


Hyatt Diamond = Club Access

In fact, even the Hyatt Diamond Challenge is now basically by invitation only, so Hyatt has really narrowed down ways to access Hyatt Diamond primarily to those who actually qualify the old fashioned way.  For those looking for an easy path into status that is bad news, but for those who want to be sure that Hyatt Diamond status doesn’t get watered down to the point that it isn’t as rewarding as it is now, it may be a good thing.

If Hyatt Diamond status was available by “simply” charging $50,000 on the co-branded credit card each year, it would again be attainable for folks outside of those who have at least 25 eligible Hyatt stays each year.  Of course, most normal people probably don’t have $50,000 in spending on their credit card each year, but those with big expenses, or those who take advantage of “manufactured spending” opportunities, could hit that annual $50k target and open up a new pathway to some pretty great hotel status perks.

Hyatt Diamond = Confirmed Suite Upgrades

Hyatt Diamond = Confirmed Suite Upgrades

Personally I’d like to see that benefit available on the Hyatt Visa as I highly doubt there would be some massive influx of Hyatt Diamonds since the pool of people who put 50k in spending on one card in a year can’t be that huge.  Plus, if those people only have a handful of Hyatt stays each year (and not enough to qualify the old fashioned way), then the Diamond benefits they are utilizing would be minimal.

Some other tweaks reportedly being tested on the survey were changing the minimum spending requirement from $1,000 to $2,000 to trigger the sign-up bonus, and potentially changing the sign-up bonus from two free award nights to 30,000 points.  Changing the minimum spending requirement probably wouldn’t be a huge deal (most other cards already have higher spending requirements), but I would hate to see the sign-up bonus change from two award nights to just 30,000 points.

That would be a big downgrade in bonus in my book since using the two award nights at Category 7 properties is the equivalent of 60,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points.  Of course 30,000 points could be sold as “up to 6 award nights in Category 1 properties”, but the reality is many of us have other ways to earn the 5,000 points it takes to get a night in a Category 1 property, but the award nights are prizes to be used at the Category 6 and 7 properties.  Well, at least that is how I would use them…

Diamond Breakfast at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Diamond Breakfast at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Keep in mind that these sort of surveys are done all the time, and many of the ones I have seen before have not really materialized in any significant changes, so I wouldn’t get too excited one way or another.  However, a couple of the proposed changes would be pretty big if they ever came to pass, so I thought it was at least worth sharing a look at some ideas being kicked around for the Hyatt Visa.

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  1. I am all in if they do this. I always thought that some of the card companies should consider this. SPG does GOLD status for 25K. Gold status has mixed value though. Hyatt Diamond has greater value. I am sure they have thought of this in the past as well. If they did this maybe other programs would think about the same thing.

  2. Like @robertw, I am all in if the Hyatt CC offers Diamond status for $50,000/spend annually. Hyatt hotels are by fare my favorite and combined with the ability to transfer Chase UR points, I stay at them far more than any other hotel chains.

    Not to mention, that free breakfast benefit would be massive at some of the nicer properties!

  3. Getting Diamond at $50K spend would be fantastic. We are Hyatt junkies. Upgrades and breakfast at their city/high-end properties do not come cheaply.
    Sign me up.

  4. Oh, man! I hope they do this soon. We are planning a house renovation, and I could finally get Diamond status!! How can I let them know this is the best idea ever??

  5. I would definitely go for it. And I would shift many of my paid Hilton stays, where I have Gold via the credit card, to Hyatt instead.

  6. I didn’t get this survey as a Hyatt Plat (not through the credit card) but yes, I would defintely sign up for the $50k spend for a diamond status!

  7. Interesting. It’d be a close call between that option and the Ritz card that gives you Marriott Platinum + UA Silver for $75k. I’d much rather have 75k Hyatt points than Marriott points, but if you’re gonna spend $50k anyways, might as well go the extra $25k and pick up the United status.

  8. I think you’re wrong about the influx of diamonds. All the MSers would jump on this one. I for one would, too. But I usually make it with stays.

    So I’d rather it stay that way. But I do think there’d be A LOT more diamonds if they did this.

    • Jeff, I agree this would be popular in the MS community, but I just don’t think that community is that large relative to the size of loyalty programs. Maybe I’m under-estimating the size of the community who MSes their way to $50k on different cards each year, but I don’t really think so.

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