Earn 3x on Brand New Discover it Miles Card with No Annual Fee!

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A brand new lucrative rewards credit card with no annual fee has just been introduced, and it is a card you want to know about!  The card is called the Discover it Miles Card, and it earns 1.5x “miles” for all purchases.  The miles you earn aren’t really airline miles, but they are essentially points worth a fixed value of one mile = one cent that you can use to pay for travel charges you put on the card.

That’s pretty cool for a card with no annual fee, but it gets much betterAs an introductory offer they are awarding double miles for the first year with no cap!  This means that you are earning 3 cents per dollar charged on the card that you can redeem toward travel charges including airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, travel agents, online travel sites, and commuter transportation.

You can redeem points in any amount for travel charges within the last 180 days and your rewards don’t expire.  The card also gives up to $30 per year toward in-flight WiFi, charges no foreign transaction fees, and has US based customer service when you call.

Discover It MilesI wish the card had a sign-up bonus, but for everyday spending that isn’t getting a category bonus on another card a 3x offer for the first year will be very, very hard to beat!

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  1. Interesting. Does anybody know who discover pulls for credit reports? This could be an interesting card to migrate the Amex GC MS onto since it’ll be returning 3% and not 2.2% the Barclay Arrival does…

  2. Thanks! Just approved! (After a phone call, had to close/swap my regular Discover IT. No problem, since I hadn’t used it in a year.)

  3. Thank you for sharing this offer. I think I am going to bite after I get back from a trip next week. The rational side of my brain says that it is next to impossible to beat 3% back. Still, this kind of takes some of the fun out of the game.

    When I look back at my redemption values, the best I have done is 50,000 Avios for a $4,000 Business Class ticket on Aer Lingus. That is 8c per mile. I don’t think I will ever come close to that rate again. My average redemption is in the 1.5c to 2.5c per mile. I would say that I average around 2c. My next redemption will be using KE miles to HNL on DL. I will get an $800 ticket for 25,000 for a rate for 3.2c. That is probably the best Y redemption rate I could ever hope for. I would love to redeem for F, but Delta simply does not have enough award space available. As we all know F/J redemptions are getting harder and harder. With a family of 4 and kids who are too young to sit in back by themselves, I don’t see us being able to get 4 F/J tickets on the same flight.

    I think between this card, Chase Freedom, and an Ink card, I don’t see needing much else, other than when a really big sign on bonus is offered.

    • Robert, your plan sounds solid. I like to add Amex Membership Rewards into my plan, but non-bonused spend getting 3x is very solid.

  4. For those of you who wants to convert Discover IT to Discover Miles, it’s very likely you would not be able to double your miles in your one year anniversary since you already got your sign up bonus for your IT card. So better verify with representatives before you convert.

  5. Signup bonuses are the elephant in the room when it comes to leveraging credit for travel. The lack of a signup bonus here means I’ll pass. Too many other options out there.

    • WF 5x came with no signon bonus, yet it was one of the most lucrative cards I’ve EVER had. Paid for my ticket to the super bowl among many other things.

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