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We all know that Spirit Airlines has some crazy low prices for flights sometimes, but again yesterday I was struck by just how low those prices are.  They are having a sale that ends tomorrow night (11:59 PM EST on March 4, 2015) that I think is worth mentioning.  There are many decent routes that are selling for less than $40 per person each way.  Those are like bus ticket prices!

The travel dates are from 3/10/15 – 3/26/15 OR 4/7/15 – 5/20/15 OR 5/26/15 – 6/10/15, so a fairly large range though of course availability is limited.

Spirit Airlines Sale

You can get fares from $34.10 one-way when traveling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and fares from $43.10 one-way when traveling on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I know it is Spirit and everything cost extra, but I can never stop marveling at the reality of flights to the mountains for less than $40 (during late ski season no less)!

Spirit Sale

Here are a few examples of the insane fares I saw:

Houston – Chicago $34.10

Houston – Denver $38.09

Dallas – Atlanta $34.10

Dallas – Cleveland $34.10

Dallas – Baltimore $34.10

Los Angeles – Las Vegas $34.10

Baltimore – Myrtle Beach $34.10

Phoenix – Dallas $34.10

If the goal is to spend no cash on the flights, keep in mind that for a flight that is selling for $34.10 you would need to spend about 3,400 points from the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®, of which you would get back about 340 points (10%) for redeeming for travel.  That makes the total cost just over 3,000 points each for a flight!  Plus, you would earn Spirit Airlines miles for the flights bought via that method, though Spirit miles are very hard to use up before the expire unless you have the co-branded Spirit card or are really motivated to keep them active via the dining program or online shopping portal.

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  1. This is a good example of the difficulty average travelers face when trying to determine what is a mistake fare and what is a legitimate fare. A United flight, for example, on the same route/day costs ~10X more.

    • Mikel, EXACTLY! So interesting that so many of us would still book the United fare in those cases even though it is 10x. It would still be many X these rates even with some Spirit bag fees and even “Big Front Seat” fees thrown in.

    • Apples and oranges. Spirit is proactively and openly advertising these fares as a sale. Plus Spirit business model is different than legacy carriers. Most people know that it’s a bare fare, but they’ll end up to pay for a lot of incidentals. Spirit is expected to sell tickets this cheap.

      • Kind of, but airlines are also known for matching sales at times, and I’ve seen $100 RT flights on United to ORD this year. I’ve also seen $800RT flights, so it isn’t always clear, especially to those who don’t live and breathe airlines.

  2. Not to name the bus line; but I’m book next month to travel to Dallas. While my cost for a round trip is $3.50, I transfer buses in Memphis and have at least a two hour layover.

    In regard to Spirit Airlines, I either need to travel to Chicago or KC to fly its planes. I had problems with the shopping site, received no help from the UK company that runs it; but Spirit Airlines did provide me with a generous mileage comp, when I sent a nasty email. Forget calling customer service, unless you want to pay $ for the call.

    Recently there was an article in the WSJ on Spirit Airlines. The author claimed he was charged a credit card usage fee when he booked a ticket on Spirit. Finally, a few times I have read that buying Spirit Airlines tickets at the airport is cheaper.

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