Radisson Aruba Resort to be Sold

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As I wrote a couple days ago, one of the easiest types of hotel loyalty points to earn right now are Club Carlson points.  Of course, points are only valuable to earn if you ultimately have somewhere you want to redeem them.  One of the more popular family redemption destinations for Club Carlson points in this part of the world has been in Aruba at the Radisson Aruba Resort.  In fact, my family redeemed Club Carlson points there just a few weeks ago to enjoy some fun on the beach in the middle of winter.

Fun at the Radisson Aruba

Fun at the Radisson Aruba

However, rumors have been swirling for a while now that the property is getting sold and will no longer be a Club Carlson hotel.  Those rumors have very much intensified, and even on their own Facebook page they confirmed a week ago that the hotel was in the process of being sold.  Hilton keeps coming up as a rumored buyer, but regardless of the buyer, the time to get Club Carlson award bookings in for the property is right now.

Radisson Aruba Sold

I can’t say with 100% certainty that award stays will be honored when the hotel is sold, but I hope that they would be.  They were honored when the Radisson Blu St. Martin sold last year to Riu.  Either way, there’s only one way to try, and that’s to make your award bookings now.  Standard rooms at the Radisson Aruba Resort run 50,000 Club Carlson points per night and “premium rooms” run 75,000 points per night.  Of course if you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card your last award night is free, so you could theoretically get two award nights at this property for 50,000 points.  Rates vary widely, but if you want to come during a busy holiday travel period, room rates can be insanely high ($700 – $800 per night as shown below), so clearly that would be a great time to use points.

Radisson Aruba Points

I wanted to get this information out there now, and I will share our review of the property a little later today.  As a preview, I thought the beach was fantastic for families, the pools were very good, the location in Aruba was pretty good, and the points redemption value in winter was great.

Radisson Aruba Pools

Radisson Aruba Pools

That said, the property could use some renovations, and the food we tried left something to be desired, but overall if you are looking for a beach destination using Club Carlson points it was a solid choice to consider.  More to come later today…

Radisson Aruba Grounds

Radisson Aruba Grounds

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  1. The Radisson Tahiti was sold recently where I had a reservation using Club Carlson points. They tersely emailed me saying the reservation had been cancelled and the points were returned to my account.

    • Ditto the experience of JC. Reservations in Tahiti were abruptly canceled with a curt email suggesting that I contact the hotel. I did, they acknowledged that they could see that I did have the former reservation and they were so kind as to offer to rebook me………….at rack rate. How generous. Needless to say, I found other, more suitable accommodations.

      I would strongly advise against making any plans to stay at a Radisson property that we know is going to be sold, unless you have the flexibility and are willing to deal with an abrupt cancellation.

      • I don’t get stupid business moves like that. It’s a new property, make a gesture to someone and they might return. Tell them to kiss off, and you’ve definitely lost their business forever.

  2. Just received from Radisson Aruba resort via Facebook Message:

    Yes, all existing reservations are secured and will be honored. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Note this says “will” rather than “should.”

  3. Already booked for end of March for our anniversary, which was a chore to arrange our schedules around. I sincerely hope there are no hiccups.

  4. My wife and I are staying here this coming week. Using our 2 accounts and back-to-back reservations, I was able to get $0.016/point value for the stay!! Best CC redemption I’ve ever done. I’ll be sad to see this place go. Maybe I’ll make a speculative reservation for the Fall and see if they honor it.

  5. I stayed at the Radisson Tahiti just before it closed end of Dec. Sweet property…all ocean front rooms w/ balcony , black sand beach, great location – sad to see it go… Sorry – I know this doesnt help… 😉

  6. Been going here for years using cc points.. Awesome value during winter season. I still had 400k points.. so I quickly booked a 4 weekend in a couple weeks and might just book something else for the fall and see if the honor it…

  7. I was hoping to do a stay here in August. I definitely want to do two nights with points, and was thinking of paying for two nights. They have a decent nonrefundable rate right now, but is it worth it to wait and see if the price lowers or if they start canceling stays?

  8. Kills me. We were there 12/26-1/2 and immediately began stocking points to book end of this year. I’d heard Hilton, Hyatt and even Riu (despite being next door) as contenders. Any chance the ownership changes but the brand stays the same? Damn I like floating in their water.

  9. Just got back from Aruba and had another great trip, just like the previous 18 trips. However, it is almost official that the Riu will be taking over the Radisson. Of course that will mean it is all inclusive. I have absolutely no intention of staying at the Riu, along with many other loyal Radisson patrons. It will certainly hurt the fine restaurants in the area. All I can say is that if we all got together and boycotted the Riu, maybe we could put it out of business. That is what there intention is to the other businesses on the island…..

    • Very sad to hear this news. Been going to Aruba for over 25 years and have been staying at the Radisson since it opened. Will never stay at the Riu or any all-inclusive, too many wonderful restaurants.

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