Hyatt Regency Churchill in London Set to Reopen

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Back in November there was a gas explosion at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in London’s West End that caused enough damage to shut down the hotel for a period of time.  No guests were harmed in the explosion, though some employees were reportedly treated for injuries.  It was unknown at first how long the hotel would be closed, but weeks turned into months, and many guests had to make new reservations elsewhere.

The hotel has now posted on its website that they will reopen on March 16th, and not only are they just reopening, but they let us know that a renovation is underway that includes the guest rooms and suites.

We are delighted to announce that the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill will re-open on Monday 16th March.

The team at Hyatt Regency London –  The Churchill have worked incredibly hard over the past four months to get the hotel ready for guests. We are all very excited to be welcoming people to our hotel once more.

We have carried out extensive work to restore the damaged areas, and are now able to offer all of our guests the service and facilities for which we are known.

In addition to the repair work, a multi-million pound renovation encompassing many of the hotel’s guestrooms and suites is underway and is expected to be complete this summer.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

So, if you have a stay booked at the hotel starting March 16th you should be good to go, and if you were looking to make a reservation there (hopefully on points due to prices!), then you are once again able to make that booking.

Hyatt Regency Churchill LondonI look forward to one day seeing the hotel in its renovated state, and am glad they are able to get the doors open once more.


Thanks to @overplayed_b for tweeting me about the reopening!

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  1. I know most bloggers and readers like to stay at American hotel chains as much as possible to maximize points and loyalty status but after spending many nights in hotels in Europe I would recommend you to try some of the local boutique hotels mainly in London and Paris which offers a superb level of service and quality that you won’t get at a 400+ rooms international chain hotel. For London I highly recommend these 3 options:
    1) Firmdale Hotels: (stayed several times at their Covent Garden and Haymarket locations and they are top notch);
    2) Red Carnation Hotels: (their MIlestone property is rated among one of the best in London);
    3) The Ampersand Hotel: (my favorite hotel in the South Kensignton area)

      • @Mommy Points: I have to disagree with you on this. Yes, points and miles are important but my travel experience comes first. If the options are the same I will certainly give preference for a property or airline that gives me the points/miles. However, if there is a better option at similar price without getting points or miles I will take it. I am a Delta loyal (only because I live in a Delta hub) but anytime I have to fly to Asia on a paid business class from my company I always chose Singapore or Cathay over Delta. I know I won’t be adding points to my Delta account towards elite level but I rather spend 16 hours flying on a SQ or CX business class than at a Delta plane. Same for hotels. I am taking my family to Big Island and Maui this summer. There are many options with Hyatt, SPG, Hilton, etc.. but I was able to get a Four Seasons and a Fairmont property through Amex FHR for almost the same price I would pay on a Hyatt. In my mind it is a no-brainer to spend 10 nights at a Four Seasons and a Fairmont property versus at a Hyatt.

        • Santastico, I think it all depends on the budget you are working with. When there are good viable options on points, but you don’t necessarily have the several hundred pounds per night in cash to spend, it’s an easy call. If you are going to be spending cash either way then your options are wider and you can look to FHR and such. It all depends if you have the cash to spend or if you need to stay on points to make the vacation viable.

          • Agree. If you have the points for sure you should use it. What I meant is that if I am paying out of my pocket for a hotel stay and both Hyatt and some of the boutique hotels I mentioned have similar rates I would definitely stay at the boutique hotels rather than at a Hyatt even if I am not getting the points.

          • Santastico, potentially yes, though every situation is unique. For example, if your family benefits from say Hyatt Diamond status and you will need a couple more stays to re-qualify (or you want to use the perks like free breakfast or upgrades), it can make sense to give preference to Hyatt to trigger earning that status level even if you could have a slightly better experience elsewhere with your dollars. Same if you need the stay to trigger a bonus payout that will enable your family to have points to use on future vacations. Those sort of things only come into play at the margins when everything else is a close call, but points/status can come into play even when you aren’t redeeming, just perhaps not to the same extent.

  2. In London and Paris, I’d say the hotel is pretty unimportant, actually. It would be a waste of money. I’m there to see the city, not sit in my hotel. Sure, a nicer hotel is a nicer experience, but that’s just the decorative trim – I just need a clean room, decent bed and a working shower (and hey, the free Hilton breakfast isn’t bad either, but I’ve been known to skip it if it sucked). Now maybe at a beach resort or something where that’s your whole experience, sure. But not a big metropolitan city.

  3. Really glad I saw this! I am booked there next week and didn’t even realize they closed. Better go check on the reservation now.

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