Wyndham Rewards Makes All Hotels 15,000 Points per Night!

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One hotel loyalty program that I have not trusted much in recent years was Wyndham Rewards. They have made unannounced or dramatic changes with property categories and transfer rates too many times for me to consider them as a viable loyalty program for my family. I have used them some in the past, mostly via points purchased in the Daily Getaways (they aren’t participating this year), but I had little hope of getting very much out of the roughly 30,000 points I still had in my Wyndham Rewards account.

However, that might have all just changed dramatically for the better.  Effective May 11th, Wyndham Rewards will be overhauling their loyalty program to do away with the award chart that priced hotels anywhere from 5,500 – 50,000 points per night, and replacing it with a flat rate of 15,000 points per award night at all of their hotels worldwide with no black-out dates.  Don’t worry, your current points will be rolled over to the new system.

Current Wyndham Rewards Award Chart:

5,500 One Free Night at Tier 1* Hotel
8,000 One Free Night at Tier 2* Hotel
10,000 One Free Night at Tier 3* Hotel
14,000 One Free Night at Tier 4* Hotel
16,000 One Free Night at Tier 5* Hotel
20,000 One Free Night at Tier 6* Hotel
25,000 One Free Night at Tier 7* Hotel
30,000 One Free Night at Tier 8* Hotel
50,000 One Free Night at Tier 9* Hotel

This is all part of their effort to offer members “real, attainable rewards”.  Some highlights of the new program will be:

  • The “Go FreeSM” award: With just 15,000 points, members can redeem a free night at any of the program’s more than 7,500 hotels globally with no blackout dates.
  • The “Go FastSM” award: Members who want to redeem their points sooner or stay longer for less can book a night at available hotels for just 3,000 points plus cash.
  • More points for faster rewards: For every qualified stay, members now earn 10 points for every dollar spent or a minimum of 1,000 points per stay, whichever is more.

A simplifying of a hotel loyalty program in a way that actually benefits most of us is very welcome news.  I have to admit my prior personal experience with Wyndham have left me side-eying them still a bit, but I can be won back over if things with their new program are as good as they sound right now.

There are plenty of Days Inn, Knights Inn, Super 8, Ramada, Howard Johnson, and other typically low budget properties that may not be the type of places you dream of redeeming points at, but there is actually much more to Wyndham Rewards than just those type of properties.  Here are a few different Wyndham properties that are currently 30,000 – 50,000 points per night that are are a far cry from a roadside Knights Inn and should be a great deal at 15,000 points per night.

Wyndham Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach Wyndham Grand Resort

This property on my beloved island of Kauai has one-bedroom villas with 1 king sized bed, 1 queen sized sofa sleeper, and approximately 1,300 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space.  This property jumped to 50,000 points per night last year, but will be an absolute steal at 15,000 points.

Wyndham New Yorker

My parents have stayed at this midtown Manhattan property before and had no complaints.  We were able to lock in their nights when it very briefly displayed for 14,000 points per night, but it is now 30,000 points per night.

Days Inn London Hyde Park

This doesn’t appear to be a fancy property, but it is worth knowing about for family travelers since it has double beds that can house four people (a rarity in London at points friendly hotels).  The property is currently 30,000 points per night.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Orlando

This property is located near Walt Disney World and looks like a great spot to headquarter a family vacation.  It even offers some family rooms with two queen beds plus double bunk beds for the standard points price (at least currently, hopefully that stays the same).  The property is currently 30,000 points per night.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach

This swank art deco hotel is located in the heart of South Beach and currently goes for 50,000 points per night.  It will be a steal at 15,000 points per night some some Miami fun!

Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach

I will be keeping a close eye on these developments, and even potentially the Wyndham credit card (best offer currently seems to be for 45k total points).  What do you think of Wyndham Rewards dramatically over-hauling and simplifying their rewards program?

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  1. amazing if correct. I transferred my last points at a horrible rate to United since I considered them worthless. if correct (I am sure you will find out for us), definately worthwhile. BTW can you do anything with them and Choice about expiring points?

    BTW BA finally came back live today after all the nonsense.

  2. Wow, that would be great if its really true there are no blackout dates. I have points I could never use because the hotels I chose never had any dates open. Its a family joke that someday we will be able to use the Wyndham points….

  3. Looks like Wyndham has also changed how many points you can purchase, reducing it from a maximum of 40,000 points/year to 5,000 points/year. Leave it to Wyndham to give us another bait and switch.

  4. Great news, now comes the internal debate if we should get their CC now or wait. Now you get 30k points, do we think it will be more or less than that if they re-brand the current card to reflect these changes. Will be interesting, that’s for sure!

  5. Stayed in the Days Inn London Hyde Park last fall. Location very convenient to Paddington Station and for catching the hop on hop off busses. The hotel is in a row of Georgian buildings housing a variety of hotels. Internet worked fine. Quiet, nothing fancy, but adequate if you will be spending most of your time out seeing the sights.

  6. Does anyone know how many points you earn a night for staying at a Wyndham. I have some nights booked for July at a nice Wyndham property. I wasn’t worried about the points previously, but after this blog post I am much more interested 🙂

  7. For those asking about ways to earn points…. Credit card sign-up bonus currently at 30k and earns 2x on non-bonused spend. I have no idea if this will go up, down, or stay the same. My gut says it won’t go down as “two free nights” is a pretty common hotel card sign-up bonus these days, but that’s purely just a guess. Update: Apparently there is a 45k sign-up offer that Frequent Miler posted about. That is pretty good and I doubt it gets much better. I bet the 30k stays, but who knows about the 45k.


    You can buy 5k per year (reportedly down from 40k, though I don’t know that from memory). They have a few partners you can earn with, but really the bulk of opportunities appears to be from actual hotel stays and credit card use.

  8. Well, I’m super glad I didn’t transfer my stash of Wyndham points like everyone else did now!! This also explains why they’re not in the Daily Getaways this year….

  9. Wow..that is a great deal… too bad there aren’t any Daily Getaways points package for Wyndham for sale like last year.

  10. BTW, I too took advantage of the New Yorker. My complaint was that they put us RIGHT NEXT to a bunch of construction, which was annoying as hell after getting into the hotel after midnight on Thursday. At least they sent us a bottle of wine for our trouble

  11. I think it is too soon to say this. Their T&C I found on this is very clear saying the following:

    Our go free award will replace our Free Night Stay program. The go free award will allow you to redeem 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for one free night at any of our participating hotels worldwide – any standard room (up to max. occupancy), any participating property, down to last room available. No blackout dates.

    So the hotel has to agree to “participate” in this offer. A lot of these hotels are individually owned and operated. Take Koloa Landing for example….they used to be 30K per night. Then they raised it to 50K. Why? Because they were losing money being reimbursed. Most of their rooms are actually 2 bedroom units. They may advertise them as 1 bedroom for 50K points, but the truth is they only have a couple 1 bedroom units. I have been upgraded to a 3 bedroom twice on points.

    I seriously doubt all rooms will be 15k at the higher end locations. So I think the bloggers need to note this information before people run off and get the credit card for a certain property, only to learn that the particular property is NOT 15K.

    • Trust me, I’m a skeptic too, and am not getting any credit cards right now myself, but the press release and info I got directly from Wyndham says “With just 15,000 points, members can redeem a free night at any of the program’s more than 7,500 hotels globally with no blackout dates.” I don’t think that means any room at any property, but more the base level/standard rooms at a minimum as is the case with other programs. All that said, I don’t think having healthy skepticism until we see how it works in practice is a bad thing, but it does look very promising.

      • Ok the skeptic in me got a supervisor on the phone at Wyndham Rewards. I don’t have a lot of love for them. I was heavy in the program due to me wanting to earns points for my Hawaii stays at Koloa Landing. Found out about Koloa Landing after I bought points a few years back during Daily Getaways. Actually liked it better than our stay at Grand Hyatt in Poipu….but then they changed it from 30K to 50K with no notice. I found out tonight that the owners of this property threw a fit being compensated at the 30K rate and demanded more…hence the no notice change to 50K. But she said after May 11 that Koloa Landing will be 15K if they want to be a Wyndham property….

        With that being said, the supervisor told me that yes indeed the one and only option will be 15K a night. I asked about the whole “participating” properties notes in the information. She said that as long as the property pays their dues to be part of the Wyndham network they will be included. If they do not pay their dues to Wyndham (are delinquent) they won’t be part of the 15K a night.

        As far as the credit card sign up bonus. From what she said, if someone gets a credit card BEFORE May 11 they are going to let them grandfather into the old program for one year. So if you get the card before May 11 and you want to redeem for a Super 8 for 5500 vs 15K they will let you. But if you want to get a higher tier hotel for the 15k you can. So you get the best of both worlds.

        She couldn’t tell me anything about future bonus amounts for credit card sign up.

        But I think this is great news for someone wanting to use their points for nicer properties. It is BAD news for anyone who used their points for lower level hotels.

        • will point still expire? I wish they would also change that. I have points that will expire end of May? Should I use them next week for hotel stay or wait? 30,000 night hotel

  12. This change raises the Wyndham Rewards redemption rate on more rooms than it lowers them on. And it reduces the value of the points.

    The 14k and 16k rooms I exclude because the numbers are close enough, both in points required and number of nights/searches for each in my data set. Looking at the other results, however, shows at least 3,200 hotels increasing in redemption cost while only 425 are reduced. The change actually reduces the average cents/point valuation of a Wyndham Rewards point from 0.5610 cents to 0.4773 cents, a cut of ~17%. The median point value drops from 0.5946 to 0.4666 cents.

  13. You can add the Anaheim Howard Johnson to the list of “aspirational” Wyndham properties. I used Daily Getaway points to stay there before the devaluation and was very pleased. It is a solidly mid-tier hotel right across the street from Disneyland. We walked to the park every day and watched the fireworks from our balcony.

    • A better option for Disneyland is the Ramada Anaheim Maingate but only the superior rooms in their new building. Current redemption is 25K. So 15K is much better! It is a shorter walk to Disneyland. But the HOJO has a water park area. (the regular rooms are not good)

  14. FYI > regarding Koloa Landing, they are NOT accepting points reservations, period. Not even during the remainder of 2015. I just got off the phone with both the resort as well as Wyndham Rewards and both confirmed that they are not an option.

    • DK, I just picked a random date (10/22) and it still shows as bookable with points online, so not sure what the discrepancy is, but I would make the reservation online.

      • I have reservation for Koloa Landing June 2016 booked on points. I reserved it about a month ago online with no problems.

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