How to Merge Your AAdvantage Accounts Online

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The American Airlines AAdvantage and US Airways Dividend Miles programs gave ample time and opportunities for people to link their frequent flyer accounts before the US Airways accounts actually migrated to AAdvantage accounts a week or two ago. However, if you are like me, and got too busy or absent minded to do the linking before the accounts were migrated, then your US Airways accounts were simply sent over to American AAdvantage and assigned new AAdvantage numbers.

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Until now there was no option online to merge AAdvantage and former Dividend Miles accounts online since the US Airways accounts had been moved over, but now that has changed and you can easily merge your two AAdvantage accounts (your original AAdvantage account and your converted US Airways account) online.  Of course the names and other pertinent information in the two accounts has to match or they can’t be merged online, but assuming the info lines up, it takes less than a minute and a few clicks of the mouse to help the two accounts become one.

1.  Log into the AAdvantage account you wish to keep. 

You need to be logged into the AAdvantage account you wish to keep, but make sure to have the other AAdvantage (former US Airways) account number handy as you will need it in a minute.  Personally I kept my original AAdvantage account since that is the number I have used for all AAdvantage activity for years.

2.  Select the “Merge Accounts” Option.

In your AAdvantage Account Summary there will be an option written in blue to “Merge Accounts”.  Select that button while logged into the account you wish to keep.

How to Merge AAdvantage Accounts

3.  Input the information for the account you want merged into the AAdvantage account you are keeping.

While logged into the AAdvantage account you are keeping, you will enter the AAdvantage account (former US Airways account) that you want merged into your old existing AAdvantage account.  Finding that new AAdvantage number should be pretty easy as it will be displayed on if you use that site, it was probably emailed to you in late March with the subject line “Welcome to the AAdvantage Program”, and you can simply log in to AAdvantage using your US Airways Dividend Miles number to see the new AAdvantage number that account was assigned.  Again, just be sure you are completing the merging from the AAdvantage account you wish to keep. 

How to Merge AAdvantage Account4.  Wait a day or so for the merge to be completed. 

If the information in the accounts lined up you will be told via a screen that the merger was successful, as well as be notified via an email to both the account that will be closed/merged and the account that will remain open.  The merger itself is not instant, but instead is reported to take about a day.  You will be notified again via email when the merger is complete.  After that time your miles should all be combined into one account.

Merge AAdvantage AccountsYou can now use your combined big mileage bonus to book awesome award tickets!

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  1. Hi there, I just recently got the us airways credit card (late last week) that offered the 40k points after a single purchase and I have completed that. But I still don’t have the reward points yet from US Airways. How long will they give us to merge the accounts? Do you know?

    Also this is totally unrelated but wanted to know id there are other cc that allow travel on any airline. I opened a Barcalay World Elite for 40k points but realize I need a total of 100k for the trip I want to do. :•| So now I’m trying to patch points together.


    • Michelle, I doubt there is a deadline for merging accounts via this method. You will need to have paid the $89 annual fee before your US Airways miles post from the credit card, so could take a billing cycle or so. In terms of cards that allow travel on any airline, there are lots of options. Basically any card that has fixed value points you can use for travel. The probably is if you are buying one $1,000 ticket you can only put it on one card and use that card’s rewards system to offset the amount. If you can divide the expense and put a $500 one-way on one card and a $500 one-way on another then you could use two different cards/rewards systems.

      • Awesome! Thanks for the lightening speed answer. In regards to the points we needs it’s roughly 40-50k per person – depending on when we go. I figured If I had to I could book the two flights separately. But I’m new to all of this. So not sure if that is an option. :•|

  2. If I remember correctly, during the United/Continental merger, you were offered a token 1000 miles to merge your 2 accounts. Not for this merger! Apparently, US Airways, dba American Airlines, feels its two frequent flyer programs members’ time are not worth anything. It’s forcing program members to initiate the merge process. Obviously the new AA recognizes it’s a huge cost savings, less time consuming and most convenient to delegate responsibility to its FF members to do it. It appears the new company will do nothing independently towards completing a merge of accounts. I’m really curious how others feel about this requirement —–

    • Nothing quite like the feeling of entitlement.

      Believe it or not, AA isn’t in the business of handing out miles. If you don’t merge your accounts and your miles expire, the miles come off their books. That’s your problem, not theirs. It’s not hard to spend 30 seconds of your time to merge your accounts. And you want to be rewarded with miles for something that’s going to benefit you? Speechless.

      • Bob (a.k.a. Speechless), thank you for your response. Please give my congratulations on handling the merger to your fellow employees at the new AA.

        • I have to say I’m with Bob on this one. Just because another airline handed out points with a previous merger, I wouldn’t expect a bonus for a merger. Both AA and USAir actually seemed to go to great lengths to make it very easy for customers to merge their accounts. I’m thrilled that the merger happened as quickly as it did, and that AA made no apparent changes to their award chart in the process. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I happened to find the AA award chart to be 10K pts per r/t ticket more favorable for my travel plans.

  3. I wonder if I should keep my dividend mile acct separate from aa acct? Aa wasn’t able to merge due to a “-” in the name in one acct. I have both citi aa card and Barclay aviator card. I heard if the accts are merged, you only get max 10k award back total for award reservation btw both cards. Would I end up getting 20k miles back at the end of yr if I book from both acct?

    • I can’t answer for sure, but I can say there may be some reasons to keep accts separate, though I imagine doing so purposefully and indefinitely would be against the AAdvantage terms. Just a guess…

  4. Can’t merge my wife and my AAdvantage accounts. It gives the message: “Your information didn’t match”. We both have different last names, could that be the problem?

  5. I’m having a similar problem as Gerald, Janury 9, 2017. However, our last name is the same, two different accounts, and I get the message “Your information didn’t match.” Please help?

    • I think you need to double check all the info and if it all lines up perfectly you probably need to contact American for help fixing the issue.

    • They should all be feeding into one AAdvantage account. If they aren’t, you need to work with AAdvantage to combine your accounts and work with the card issuer to get the account number updated.

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