Talking Affordable European Summer Travel with Fox News

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This morning I did something a little out of my ordinary routine…I had on real clothes, hair fixed, and (lots of) make-up all before 9AM.  I know that is more or less normal for most people, and used to be for me, but now for this pregnant-work-from-home-mom-blogger that is a serious deviation from the norm.  Now that level of dressed and ready means there must have been a pretty special event to get to, which this time happened to be a chat on Fox News about why this summer is a great time to consider a trip to Europe. 

Fox Happening Now Mommy Points Delta Points

For several minutes, fellow Boarding Area blogger Delta Points and I chatted on Fox Happening Now about ways to save on summer travel to Europe, and reasons why now is the time to consider going.

I expanded on those thoughts in a blog post this morning titled “10 Tips to Travel to Europe for Less This Summer“, but if you want to see the video version of my thoughts on that topic then feel free to check out the segment from Happening Now.


It’s always a special treat to get to do things like this, and I really hope that a few families out there were encouraged that Europe really may be more affordable than they thought and perhaps they will look at planning a summer getaway!



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    • For sure much of the exchange rate fluctuation has been tied with the euro’s issues, but I do know the dollar is doing much better against many currencies than in recent years. Seems strong to me, but I’m no economist, just a travel deal hunter. End result is the same…dollar goes 25% further against euro than a year ago. 😉

      • I’m no economist neither, but just don’t forget you also got non-american (and non-eurozone) residents among your readers, which is cool for you by the way. Congrats for that.
        In the country I live, they say the euro is weak and not that their money is strong. To meditate …
        So if you wanna keep the “dollar is strong”, please add “against euro”. It makes it more international friendly.

        • Actually, the dollar index (US Dollar versus a basket of currencies consisting of the Euro, Yen, GB Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, and Swedish Krona) is close to its highest level in over ten years. There are certainly other currencies that have performed well against the dollar (e.g., the Chinese Yuan and Korean Won), but I don’t think there was anything wrong with the original statement.

          • Swiss franc ??????? sorry the dollar was 30% stronger 10 years ago and it never have been as strong (against CHF) since then.

          • I wrote that the Swiss Franc is one of the members of the Dollar Index (DXY) basket, not that the dollar performed equally well against every member of the basket.

        • In any discussion of the relative strengths of currencies it’s important to know the two currencies involved.

          That said, the dollar has been systematically high against a wide range of currencies for reasons that are, at least in part, internal US / dollar issues. It’s true the Euro is performing particularly poorly at the moment, but the statement that the dollar is strong is applicable against a much larger set of currencies than just the Euro.

    • People who inject needless and unrelated political commentary — even commentary I agree with — into a discussion of a completely different topic. Yuck.

    • For FOX News, did they broadcast the “no go zones” warning after your segment?

      Please don’t take this as rude, but I’ve been away from the US for a while. Are bloggers now moving in to mainstream news as analysts or experts?

      • Matt, I don’t know what they aired after me as I don’t have cable. There are several miles and points bloggers that frequently do media spots on a variety of travel and aviation topics. My appearances have all been more closely tied to deals, earning, and using miles, but some have branched a bit further…and I should add have always done a good job on the segments I have seen.

  1. Way cool!!!! I watch Fox News and I’ve lived in Europe 3 times. Many of my world traveling friends and family also watch. Yay!!!

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