Review of the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall All-Inclusive Junior Suite

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After spending a couple of nights at an independent property in Negril that had its upsides, but wasn’t really the perfect fit for me, I was excited to start the trek back down to Montego Bay to enjoy a couple of nights at the newly opened all-inclusive Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall.  The Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall is an all-inclusive property that is open for adults 18 and up while the adjacent Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is an all-inclusive property for families of all ages.  The resorts are on the same property and share many of the same facilities.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Beach

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Beach

I was excited to get to the Hyatt Zilara for many reasons, but a big one was that this trip happened to fall when my husband was between jobs and money was tight.  Knowing that we were going to an all-inclusive property that we had booked on Hyatt Gold Passport points (that can be transferred in 1:1 from cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card) was such a relief because it meant we did not need to worry about what every meal or activity cost, and just enjoy being on vacation for a couple of days.

Even if money hadn’t been quite as tight right then, the feeling of having pretty much everything included at your resort that you booked with points and no out-of-pocket cash is amazing and very freeing.  This property goes for 25,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points per night for double occupancy (12,500 points for additional occupants), so it is also a great use of the two award nights that come with the Hyatt Visa!  You have to call Hyatt to book all-inclusives with points or award nights at 1-800-228-3360.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Check-in Lounge

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Check-in Lounge

Upon arrival we walked straight in and were encouraged to sit down in the check-in lounge while our check-in process was completed.  Within a couple of minutes some (strong) drinks were brought out as part of the welcome.  For most people the check-in process is likely started at the lounge in the Montego Bay airport, but since we were coming from another part of Jamaica that did not apply to us.

Hyatt Zilara Welcome Drinks

Hyatt Zilara Welcome Drinks

We arrived to the resort around lunchtime, which is several hours before standard check-in time of 3PM, and as a result our room was not yet ready.  We were told to go have lunch and our room should be ready within a couple of hours.  I’ll post more about the restaurants at the resort in a subsequent post, but we did enjoy lunch on the beach and some exploring while our room was being finished.  It was not ready exactly at 3PM, but it was ready by 4PM and our butler (yes, butler) then brought us and our bags up to the room.

It turns out we lucked into an upgrade to a Junior Suite (presumably Diamond status and a relatively empty resort helped), and also had butler service as part of that room.  According to this Flyertalk thread, there is some confusion going on as to which rooms have butler service and which ones do not, so do not assume that all junior suites have butler service, because I do not believe that is the case.

Our Junior Suite was in a newly constructed building that looked very fresh and clean.

IMG_8380.JPGThe Junior Suite itself was all one room with a king bed that had roses and a towel laid out in the form of the letter Z (for Zilara).


Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Junior Suite

There was a champagne amenity in the room on ice, and the butler oriented us to the mini bar and other features in the room.  Since this is an all-inclusive, the mini bar items were available to us at no charge, which was pretty fun!

The junior suite had a small couch, chair, and coffee table sitting area in addition to the bed portion of the room.

IMG_8363.JPGOn the coffee table was the room service menu and information.  Again, since this is an all-inclusive resort, you can order room service for free!  Since the resort was still pretty new when we visited, the room service menu may have not been the permanent menu.  We enjoyed the restaurants instead of room service so I can’t comment on the quality, but I loved knowing we could order-in if we wanted to.

Right off from the sitting area, an outdoor patio overlooked the pool complex and out toward the ocean.


View from Hyatt Zilara Junior Suite

The bathroom had a free standing large tub as well as a separate shower.  We did not have any issues with water pressure or temperature.

There was also a separate toilet with its own door, which obviously helps when traveling with others – especially since the bathroom has a relatively open concept.

We found the room itself very comfortable, but there were a couple of issues that I think were primarily related to the newness of the resort.  First, an emergency alarm went off for some time in the middle of the night with no explanation or apology.  Based on reading other reviews I don’t believe this is the first time that happened.  Second, one night there was very loud construction going on until close to 11PM.  The noise continued until we called to complain, so I’m not sure how long they would have kept going otherwise, but I am grateful they stopped shortly after we called with our concerns.


Hyatt Zilara Butler Phone

With the butler service came a cell phone where we could directly reach our butler and they could reach us.  The only thing we used the butler service for was to help make dinner reservations.  The process for dinner reservations seemed to be that the butler would meet us at our restaurant of choice at the appointed time to ask the host or hostess to seat us.  Since we ate pretty early each night (around 6PM) I don’t think we would have had much trouble getting a table on our own, but it was nice to not have to worry about waiting for dinner.

We asked if the butler could help with securing a cabana by the pool or beach in the morning, but we were told that they are no longer able to help with saving seats by the pool or beach.  While it was nice to have a butler, I don’t think it was at all necessary in our case, and I certainly would not advise paying extra just for that service unless perhaps you are traveling at a very peak time and really want assistance with restaurant reservations.

I want to mention that some rooms have a swim-out option, which could be very nice depending on exactly where your room or suite is located.


Hyatt Zilara Swim Out Suite

Some of the swim out options are connected to the larger pool and some are not.  Also note that some are in shade the vast majority of the day, and some are not.  Since we didn’t stay in a swim-out option I don’t have a specific room recommendation there, but I do want to mention that they are not all created equally in terms of useability.


Hyatt Zilara Swim Out Suite

Also note that some of the buildings at the Rose Hall Zilara and Ziva are newly constructed, and some are not.  For example, here is a hallway we walked through on the Ziva side of the property.  That property had some very nice qualities, but do not expect all of the buildings to have the exact same look as the one that we stayed in.


In subsequent posts I will share details about the pools, activities, beach, and restaurants at the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Rose Hall so stay tuned!  If you have stayed at either of these resorts I would love to hear about your experiences!

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.



  1. Useless review really, since those of us who are not bloggers involved in heavily promoting Hyatt will never be upgraded to any sort of suite, much less a butler suite. Some mention of the sort of room us little people will be assigned would have been nice.

    And yes, it’s great to not have to be paying as you go along. The downside being that you have basically paid double upfront what you would have paid paying for things as you went along. No way to get your money’s worth without frantically seeking out every included amenity 24/7.

    Eagerly awaiting the post on the Time Share program.

    And it’s true, unlike the post above, these comments have not been provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. : )

    • Robert, I’ve read several reports of non-bloggers getting similar upgrades so don’t be so quick to assume. 😉

      • He’s just a hater. A over people being critical of free sources of information. He should write his own blog called negative pessimistic guy’s points. Lol

      • Haters are gonna hate. You know the old saying.. if you don’t have nice thing to say about anyone, don’t say anything at all. Unlike Robert, we appreciate your reviews and tips.. and yes, even credit card reviews.. i find them very useful in booking trips for my family!

    • I appreciate the review very much. Thanks.

      I’m going to have to disagree in large part with Mr. Hanson. The wife and I are NOT frequent travelers. We have gotten the Hyatt card for the benefits, but only have Platinum status – free with the card. We have literally less than 3 paid nights per year with Hyatt.

      On occasion (including our trip to Kauai), they have given us upgrades to our rooms above and beyond what is outlined for our tier.

      We had planned on visiting this hotel in early December, but it failed to open on time and we made arrangements elsewhere (another hotel brand) for what ended being the same amount of money. Hyatt got in touch with us and offered us three free nights at the Zilara Rose Hall in a standard room. While we did expect some sort of reimbursement for the minor inconvenience, their offer was very generous, IMHO. Additionally, we contacted them regarding the cost of upgrading our comped room in Jamaica to a suite and they did it at no cost.

      Also, considering the fact that a suite is less than $100 more/night at this hotel, I would venture to say that us “little people” can squeeze into one when splurging on a vacation.

      Regarding the costs: Yes, paying for a stay at an all-inclusive certainly is more than staying in a room without those benefits. However, it’s a stretch to say that you are paying double or that you would have to work frantically to recoup the costs. Look for a comparable resort hotel on the beach, include resort fees, as many meals as you comfortable with, and all of your drinks. When all taken into consideration, the $480 cost/night is very much in line with what I would expect to pay for everything separately. And, in fact, many hotels (see Andaz Maui) make it quite cost-prohibitive to enjoy all of your meals on-site.

      I’m not a big fanboy of Hyatt, though I have had nice stays in their hotels. I think that asking nicely and not having expectations that are unreasonable goes a long way.

      My two cents.

    • you are making all sorts of unfounded accusations and assumptions. Please remove the stick that is apparently lodged pretty far up your orfice.

    • Robert, I got the same upgrade minus the butler and champagne but with a better view 😉 on an award booking with no status over what seemed like a fairly crowded weekend.

    • I am not a blogger although I do “heavily popmote Hyatt among my friends and family” and I get upgraded VERY often. Not every single time, but almost.

    • I am not a blogger although I do “heavily promote Hyatt among my friends and family” and I get upgraded VERY often. Not every single time, but almost.

  2. I for one like having the resort reviewed. As with all reviews you need to take the status of the reviewer into consideration. Even then, upgrades are not guaranteed or created equal so take with a grain of salt.

    It is interesting that the resort was not busy but you still did not get the room until 4pm. Perhaps they had you wait so you could get a nicer room. If you got the room you booked and had to wait until 4pm I would be more concerned.

  3. So i just looked as we are heading to Jamaica in June….It wont let me use points to book the stay. What did i do wrong? How do i book it using my free nights plus points for the other nights

    did i miss something in the article?


    • Great question I should have highlighted in the post (and will add) – you have to call Hyatt to book the all-inclusives with points. 1-800 228 3360

  4. The main thing I am interested in is the food. I worry that in an “all-inclusive” resort the food will be mediocre, like a cruise perhaps.

  5. Are you sure it only cost 25,000 pts per night? That sounds ridiculously low for an all inclusive hotel stay.

  6. So this wouldn’t be applicable for this particular trip/property but more for the adjacent Ziva Rose and others for that matter where you might bring your daughter….I haven’t yet stayed at an all-inclusive but will be later this summer (Doubletree, Costa Rica). I understand that there is usually a nominal daily charge for your children, in addition to the rate, to cover food/drink as well as some of the services. Is there a general age where resorts like these apply the charge? I ask because if you have a 2-4 year old, they generally can/are still sharing what we as parents order; perhaps we’ll order an extra dish. But there is no way they would eat, say $50 worth per day if one had to pay. Short of asking a particular resort what the age limit is (assuming it’s not posted on their website), I’m curious as to what you have done in the past, or would do if taking your daughter? Are all-inclusives pretty accomodating with this or do they generally pretty firm with implementing a charge for toddlers? Perhaps it varies by resort/brand/company and location (country). thanks

    • I believe they charge starting at 3. It’s not all about food though. For kids it is also about activities, kids club, etc. We haven’t done it yet with kids, but likely will one day.

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