Book Some Delta and American Awards for Fewer Miles!

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When you have to book multiple award seats for your family, even a 25,000 mile saver award can get pricey in a hurry as you multiply by 3, 4, 5, etc…  As I’ve said before, that’s why families have to be even smarter with knowing how to stretch their miles to get the award seats that they want.  Of course sometimes you can do that simply by knowing about some various award charts that price some awards cheaper (such as the British Airways award chart to fly partners American, US Airways, and Alaska).  Or, perhaps you do this by flying Southwest and booking awards when cash prices for tickets are low since they tie the award price to the cash price.  Or, you could look to Spirit Airlines and their 2,500 mile awards if you have the Spirit Airlines credit card.  There are tons of options we could delve into, but today I’m going to talk about some reduced mileage awards via American Airlines and Delta.

Book American Airlines Round Trip Awards for 15,750 Total Miles:

One way to save big on American Airline awards is by taking advantage of the Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards that are available for Citibank co-branded American Airlines cardholders.  These reduced mileage awards are available to select cities each month and depending on what type of co-branded Citi card you have, you can get either a 5,000 or 7,500 mile discount on each round trip ticket (half that discount on a one-way award).

Even better, if you have a card such as the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard that gives 10% of redeemed miles back, then that will stack with the 5k or 7.5k discount.  These awards have to be booked over the phone, but they will waive the fee to book over the phone since you cannot book these awards online (this is a relatively new development).

Citi Reduced Mileage Awards

What I love about these awards is that they are useful even during the busy summer travel months, though there are certainly fewer eligible cities listed in the summer than in the less busy travel months.  They currently have the eligible destinations listed through July 2015.  Just to give you a feel for what is out there, here are some examples of the eligible cities for June and July.

June Discounted Destination Cities:




Jackson Hole

New Orleans


St. Louis


July Discounted Destination Cities:


Corpus Christi

Key West

Lake Charles

Waterloo, ON

How to Book a Citi AA Reduced Mileage Award:

Delta Offering 5,000 Mile Award Flights:

I don’t trust Delta to be a very generous frequent flyer program (which is why I haven’t collected their miles, sometimes to my own detriment), but when they offer 5,000 mile awards that might work for your family, it makes sense to at least consider that option even if this award pricing model is an ominous sign of things to come from this award-chart-free program.

So far the 5,000 mile awards seem to be clustered on the West Coast with eligible routes including:

Los Angeles – Sacramento

Los Angeles – San Jose

Seattle – Portland

Los Angeles – San Francisco

Delta 5000 mile awards

Thanks to View from the Wing for sharing this info.

Anytime you can get your family where you want to be for fewer miles it is a good thing, so add these reduced mileage booking options to your bag of tricks if they weren’t there already!


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    • Gabriel, ha ha. I am officially grounded until Baby #2 arrives. Flying last night was pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully others can take advantage though!

  1. Related to the comment above, does she have to fly the entire itinerary in the month of June or just the outbound?

    • M, great question. If I gave an answer it would just be a guess, so I’ll just say if you have an itinerary like that I would give AA a call and see what it prices at.

  2. Regarding Delta I read that some of these flights are priced at $74. Thus, not sure if I would spend miles on it since even for a short haul you would make a minimum of 500 MQM if flying on a paid ticket.

    • Santastico, yeah as with any redemption you should always check the selling price to make sure that you are getting the return for your miles that you are after.

  3. Halifax is priced at AAnytime levels the *entire* summer. This seems to be like a “discount” on a markup.

  4. Right now I have both the Citi Platinum Select AA MC and the Barclays Aviator Red. If I saw correctly, the Barclays is also now eligible for the 7500 discount and gives 10% miles back. Is that right? I’m trying to decide which to keep, but if both cards provide the same benefits, then Barclays seems to win with a lower annual fee. Correct? Am I missing any other differences between the cards?

  5. Do you need to do anything or is the Citi Platinum Select and Aviator Red 10% of redeemed miles back automatic? Probably a dumb question but would you receive 20,000 back having both cards or is it still just 10,000 max. thanks

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