Six Club Carlson Properties in the United States to Book in the Next 10 Days

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As you (hopefully) know, Club Carlson is handing out a double whammy effective June 1st.  They are not only taking away the “Last Award Night Free” benefit that has come with the co-branded Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature, but they are also “blowing up their award chart” beginning on June 1st by increasing the number of points required for many properties.  A two-night stay that might cost you 50,000 points if you book before June 1st can easily potentially cost you nearly 3x that amount at 140,000 points after June 1st.  This is that bad of a change so pay attention and burn those points.  The “good news” is that you can lock in today’s award prices as far out as 2017 at many properties.

I’m making speculative reservations using my Club Carlson points to book out into the future, and just hoping that I can make those dates/locations work.  I highly recommend that you book either firm reservations, or at the very least speculative reservations before June 1st.  To help with that process here are six Club Carlson properties in the United States to consider locking in before June 1st.  I will do another post on a few of my favorite international Club Carlson properties in the next couple of days as I think their presence outside the United States is even stronger.

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago

This downtown Chicago hotel was the first Radisson Blu in the United States and it actually looks pretty swanky.  I haven’t yet had the chance to stay there, but it looks like a nice place to burn some Club Carlson points in this country.  I currently see award availability open through January 1, 2017 at this property and it will be jumping from 50,000 to 70,000 points effective June 1st.

Radisson Blu Chicago

Radisson Hotel Martinique New York-Broadway

The Radisson Hotel Martinique Broadway is located in Midtown Manhattan near 34th Street, Empire State Building, Macy’s, and more.  My parents had a good stay there a few months ago, and it is very valuable way to spend 50,000 Club Carlson points per night before the price jumps to 70,000 points (and of course we lose the “last award night free” perk.  I see award availability open through January 1, 2017.

Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia

This downtown Philadelphia hotel appears to be pretty stylish and it is also an iconic landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The rooms currently go for 50,000 points per night and I see availability through January 1, 2017.  This hotel will also jump to 70,000 points per night effective June 1st.

Radisson Blu Warwick

Radisson Blu Mall of America

I’m not sure I 100% know the attraction of the largest mall in America, but I know it is a popular spot for many, and the Radisson Blu Mall of America happens to be one of the nicest Club Carlson properties in America.  The hotel is literally connected to the mall, has an indoor pool, and currently goes for 44,000 points per night.  Like many of the others, that amount will be increasing to 70,000 points per night on June 1st.

Radisson Austin Hotel Downtown

This hotel is located in popular downtown Austin where rates for hotels can get absolutely crazy.  The hotel needed a renovation when I last stayed here a couple years ago, but my understanding is that has been underway and their outdoor pool area certainly looked very hip and fresh when I last walked by earlier this year.  The hotel currently goes for 44,000 points per night and shockingly I don’t see it on the list of hotels changing category.  However, assuming you can take advantage of the “last award night free” benefit, this may be a good place to do so.  I see award availability through January 1, 2017.

Radisson Austin Pool

Radisson Suite Hotel Oceanfront

This all-suite hotel is located in Melbourne, Florida, right on the beach.  It currently goes for 44,000 points per night and I saw award availability open through January 1, 2017.  This hotel is not scheduled to undergo an award category change on June 1, but again if you want to use the “last award night free” perk this may be a family friendly property to lock in.

What Club Carlson properties in the United States are some of your favorites?  Have you locked in some future reservations?

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  1. Great choices! Chicago is amazing, we stay there often because I hate Chicago summer hotel prices. The Melbourne hotel was our home last Christmas and I would recommend it to anyone. And the Mall of America location offers free airport shuttle service from MSP, great for with Southwest Points!

    • I second the Chicago and Melbourne hotels. Melbourne is good for families who don’t want to be in the more touristy Cocoa Beach area. Also enjoyed the views and location of the Chicago hotel. The fire station next door didn’t bother me.

  2. I think you have a mathematical error, as the category 7 club Carlson rates are 70,000 points, not 75,000 points. Mike

  3. Just booked Thanksgiving 2016 at the Martinique for 50,000 points and one night free! Hopefully we can make it!

  4. I just tried to book the Chicago location for August 2015 and it shows a current rate of 75,000 points, not 50,000.

  5. I’ve got two two-night stays at the Austin hotel booked through February 2016 and one two-night stay at the Martinique in New York for this fall! I didn’t commit much effort to the Club Carlson card so I’m happy to have those stays and points left over still.

  6. Just used it in Budapest last week for 5 days and there’s ways to get more than 2 days:

    You can book a two-day award stay then pay for a 1-day stay then book another 2-day award stay.
    So long as your 2-day award stays are not back-to-back it works fine. And the paid day(s) can be on points-plus-cash. If you try to book back-to-back 2-day award stays the computer doesn’t give the free day on the 2nd stay, but so long as there’s any paid day between you’re fine for as long as you repeat this.

    Carlson allows cancellations up until 6pm of the reward stay start.

    Now, isn’t it about time for IHG Pointsbreaks?

    • I used this trick learned from Mommy Points too for NYC in March 2016. 2 award nights+1 paid night; 2 more award nights+1 paid night and 2 more award nights.
      This gives me for only 2 paid nights, an additional 6 award nights for only 150k points. Total 8 nights before the rate goes up to 70k per night without the free second award night (which would have cost 420k for 6 award nights after June 1st). My question to you and Mommy Points is how do you handle 5 different but consecutive reservations when you check in so there will not be a problem? Do you disclose this immediately upon check in? Please advise as this is all new to me and I am anxious about it . Thanks a bunch for your help.

      • Old Flyer, good for you! Yes, I would just address it at check-in. They would probably prefer you not move rooms as much as you do, so usually isn’t an issue.

        • Thanks for the quick reply and reassurance. Much appreciated. Another reason I love your blog so much.

  7. I never trusted the Carlson loyalty program. It was too good to be true and definitely a bait and switch program and credit card that from the beginning was clearly not sustainable. I want to see how many people will still keep their Carlson credit cards after this huge devaluation.

  8. Chicago Aqua is a fantastic hotel–the only downside is that there is a fire station right next door and street noise can be loud at night from cars. But, the location is great and like I said, really cool hotel both inside and outside. For those interested in trivia, the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel is the largest ever awarded to an American firm headed by a woman. Additionally, the design is more bird-friendly than other hotels–birds can more easily pick up the design of the hotel so they don’t die by flying into the hotel.

    As for Radisson-Martinique in NYC, I really like the location. Right next to subway entrance and near Macy’s. It is also the birthplace of the PGA tour and has a little museum discussing it. I am an early riser, so while my wife and friends slept in, I went and checked it out while I drank my morning coffee the last time I stayed there. And, if you are traveling with a family, you can call and see if you can pay to upgrade to a suite (we had two friends stay with us in a suite rather than getting two rooms or trying to cram everyone into two double beds). They charged us $150 a night to upgrade. So, total price of an NYC suite for two nights which easily slept 4 people was 50K points and $300 + taxes. The suite isn’t fancy by any means–the second bed was a queen murphy bed. I had actually never seen a murphy bed in person before that. But, when hotels per room on the cheap end go for over $200 a night and usually much much more, that seemed well worth it.

  9. I don’t have many points, only about 130k and mostly from the credit card sign up. I booked a weekend for next June to take my teenager daughter to New York for her first time. I emailed the hotel and asked them to switch 1King to 2Queen as it wasn’t available at booking with points. They were very nice and switched it for me.

    I am using the rest of my points to take my husband on a surprise trip to New Orleans after Xmas to celebrate his milestone birthday and ring in the new year too! The Country Inn near French Quarter is 44K points and isn’t going up after June 1. I booked 4 nights on points (only 88K points total) and added a cash night in between just before the rates go up to $389 plus taxes for New Year’s Eve. 5 nights cost me a total of less than $400 plus 88k points, and I get to keep my 40K SPG points I otherwise would have to spend.

  10. Does Carlson , like IHG, have a limit on how many award reservations you can have on hold at one time (assuming you have the points to cover them all).

  11. Just been trying to burn my 800K and the weird thing about NYC is that it’s totally not available any day Sept through December 2015 but is available almost every day in 2016, including Sept-Dec. ! ? There’s limited 50K in June and July but a couple stretches of it in August 2015.

    Also CarlsonF (Friends and Family) rate for this hotel is from $146 to $258 for filler days and they don’t have any Points Plus Cash.

    The Warwick in Philly’s CarlsonF rate is $80 and they have plenty of 50K but hardly worth it for that price level.

  12. This is a great reminder! One quick question: If I book two nights now before June 1 with the 2nd night being the free night, will I be able to change the date of the reservation after June 1 and still receive the free night? Thank you.

  13. A quick shoutout to mommy points for the Radisson oceanfront Melbourne. She blogged about this property a few weeks back I went Memorial Day weekend for 2 nights and it was awesome. thumbs up!

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