Club Carlson Last Award Night Free Still Working, but Hurry!

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Just a quick note to say that if you for some reason still needed to lock in a Club Carlson award today using the last award night free benefit that came with the co-branded credit card that as of 9AM Central it seems to still be working.  Obviously I expect that to end at any time so don’t wait if this might be useful to you.

Club Carlson Award Night

The new category prices seem to mostly be kicked in on the spot checks I have done, but perhaps if a property you wanted dropped in category you can pick it up with the lower price and the last award night free if you hurry.  This includes properties like Disneyland Paris, Radisson Resort Celebration in Orlando, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla, and Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  Also, I know a few folks were still trying to get points combined into one account when the call center was closed yesterday, so perhaps you will have some luck if you call to combine points and book quickly now.


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  1. Spent way too much time booking stuff yesterday trying to book family rooms. Any chance that I can change the dates on the reservations I made and still keep BOGO feature if I still have the credit card open?

    • Sarah, too early to say. My gut says officially no. Unofficially it may be possible to move dates when working directly with a hotel. Those are just guesses though.

      • MP – last night the rep at Australia’s Club carlson office (I had to call them at midnight EST since all other US and UK centers were closed) said that the free night benefit officially ends today, June 1st, at 11:00pm Central time, and not 5/31 as many rumored. That’s because Minneapolis, MN (Central Time) is where US Bank and Club Carlson are headquartered.
        So, Sarah – if you hotels haven’t increased in categories, you’ve got one more day to do it. If they did, you just have to pay more but still should be able to use the benefit.

  2. Love your blog, and today it paid off!
    Had been looking and booking speculative CC nights, but was hung up on one final trip / bookings. Got busy last night and forgot to finalize ’em.

    Thanks to your post, and seeing it on Twitter today, I hopped on and threw down for nearly week in London, in 2016. 70k a night hurts, but still got the 2-for-1. 🙂


  3. I feel like a rock star. I booked 6 hotels yesterday (thinking the deadline was May 31st). We planned on going to 3 different places (London, Budapest, and Prague). My wife and I have 261K points to play with. While we have 2 CC account #s, I moved all the points under my name since I’m the one who does the booking. When I booked yesterday, I couldn’t get the discounted free night on the 2nd booking (3rd or 4th night). CC was closed yesterday, so I did what I had to do, book 2 different hotels per city (we planned on being in each of those cities for 4 days each). It was the best thing I could do given the last minute cramming. I didn’t really want to stay in 2 hotels in each city. Plus, I wanted to max my time in my choice hotels (The May Fair – London, and art’otel Budapest). Fast forward to this morning, I woke up and found out I could still make changes. I called CC Customer Service, and was assisted by a very knowledgeable rep, Trisha. She helped cancel and move reservations around. The end result, we are now going to be staying at ONE hotel per city, I got my choice hotels – The May Fair, Art’Otel Budapest, Park Inn Prague, and I ended up with more points (nearly 9,000 points today….yesterday, with the 6 hotels, I was left with 3,900 points)……whew!!!! Yay me!!!

  4. Any suggestions for what to do if a hotel is not showing the new points pricing? Just wait until they get around to it, I assume.

    The Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center in Orlando is supposed to be moving to level 1, but is still showing as 15,000 points on the website.

    • Phil, yeah I saw that, too. Not sure I have a great suggestion since the last award night free should be gone but is still working. Possible they changed their mind on that hotel. Possible it just hasn’t happened yet (though most have). Can try calling and see?

  5. Had a lot of fun last night trying to figure out how to burn through the 300k Club Carlson points I had accumulated over the past few years. Final tally was 7 separate two-night bookings that would have cost $3250 cash (not that I would have paid that, but still, it made me feel good) 🙂 There were some 38k bookings that weren’t a stellar cash savings, but on the other hand, I can’t believe that my 50k at Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago got me two nights in a room going for $500 a night next summer! I also was able to re-book Radisson Celebration this morning and get an extra 10k back due to the category drop, which I promptly put towards booking another two nights at Park Inn Orlando. Even now, I still see Park Inn Orlando at 15k instead of 9k, so I assume that change didn’t go through (even though it’s listed on the official change page at

    I never thought I would book so many future trips all in one day, but it was sort a rush 😀

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