15 Reasons Why Traveling with Dad is the Best

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Today we are celebrating Father’s Day with a trip to the doughnut store, some hand drawn pictures, and some small gifts.  It’s not a blown-out affair by any stretch, but rather a good reminder to celebrate dad.

In putting together some inexpensive but hopefully somewhat thoughtful things for Josh this Father’s Day I made one of those little online collages of different pictures of him and C from the last year or two.  Of course I have my fair share of photos of them doing cute or silly things around the house and close to home, but what jumped out at me were the photos of them on trips.

For many reasons he doesn’t come on all of the trips with us, I would guess he comes on roughly half.  While I love our girls only trips very much, I am thankful he is able to come on the trips he does because there is something special about traveling with dad that I can’t really replicate.  In fact, in some ways, I think traveling with dad is the best.

Dad is going to be the first to totally throw out the rule book and just live in the moment.

Want to eat pure sugar for breakfast and then again multiple times during the vacation day?  I’m in.


Want a stuffed animal or blow-up whale that is so big who knows how we will get it home?  No problem.


Want to be thrown as high up into the air as I can muster?  You got it.


Want to rent a convertible?  Already done.


Should we dig down to the core of the earth?  Let’s give it a shot.


You need a lift?  Okay.


Another lift?  Well, one more won’t hurt.


Yes, I know mom takes too many photos.   Let’s just suck it up together with you on my head.


Yeah I think 2.5 years old is the right time for Vegas – I will just teach you craps first.


Want to have several kids light a marshmallow on fire and waive around a fire stick?  Yeah, I’ll help.

Need a hand?  Sure, just tell me when you want back on my shoulders.


Bury everything but your face and freak mom out? Let’s do it!


Want to just be goofy in the grass?  I got this.


Goofy on the plane?  I got that, too.


Want to just chill on my lap in the sun with some coffee?  Perfect.

IMG_9482.JPGThanks to all the dads out there who not only throw their little ones in the air, but are there to catch them when they fall.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. “Classic!” says Bob. “Wonderful, Mommy Points!!” says Carole. “Best Father’s Day gift!!!” said Josh, when we wished him Happy Father’s Day today.

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