Five Reasons Grand Hyatt DFW is My Favorite Airport Hotel

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Part of traveling for usually means time at airports, and by extension, occasionally time at airport hotels.  Airport hotels are (hopefully) never the highlight of the trip, but they aren’t all bad either.  In fact, the airport hotel that I have probably stayed at the most in recent years, the Grand Hyatt DFW, is actually my favorite airport hotel.  I’m not saying it is the best airport hotel in the world since I haven’t had a near large enough sample size to make that claim, but it has worked out very well for us.

A good airport hotel can really make family travel much, much easier, and here are the five reasons that I think the Grand Hyatt DFW is a big winner.

1.  Connected to the airport terminal.

Location is the #1 thing I look for in an airport hotel because if I am staying there is is likely because I am either arriving very late, leaving very early, or both.  I don’t want to waste even 15-20 minutes each way waiting for an airport shuttle or similar to come and take me to the hotel if I can avoid it by simply booking one that is literally in the airport.

The next best thing is a hotel that is easy walking distance to the terminal, but with kids, luggage, weather, etc. nothing beats one that is literally in the airport.  The Grand Hyatt DFW is located in Terminal D at DFW, so it is literally about 60 seconds from lobby to security check point.  That also happens to be the same terminal that houses the Amex Centurion Lounge is located in, so it is a double win in terms of location.

2.  Nice rooms and amenities.

Just because I may not be in the room for very long doesn’t mean that I want to stay in a worn down or dingy joint.  I love that the Grand Hyatt DFW looks and feels like a very nice hotel for any major city, and it just so happens to also be located in an airport.

Grand Hyatt DFW

Grand Hyatt DFW

For family travelers it is also nice that the rooms have both a shower as well as a separate tub.


As an added bonus, this hotel has historically been a pretty easy one for us to use a Hyatt Diamond confirmed suite upgrade.  While it may seem like a waste of an upgrade to some, it can be nice if you are traveling with kids and want an extra room for them to sleep, or for you to hang out in while they are still sleeping.

Grand Hyatt DFW Suite

Grand Hyatt DFW Suite

I also like it when airport hotels have a decent pool in case you do have a bit of a longer layover and need some place for your kids to burn off some energy before another flight.  The Grand Hyatt DFW has a rooftop saltwater pool that is open 24/7.

3.  Early breakfast, preferably available via “free” room service.

Since we often are at an airport hotel because of an early morning departure, it is important that the hotel start serving breakfast early.  I have stayed at airport hotels that didn’t start serving until 6 or later, and that is just too late if you have an early flight.  The Grand Hyatt DFW starts room service breakfast at 5AM, which has always been early enough for us, though 24 hour room service would obviously be even better.  My only minor quibble with starting at 5AM is that the first breakfast delivery window extends all the way until 5:30AM, which I think would be better in 15 minute increments since every minute counts before an early flight.

Grand Hyatt DFW Room Service Breakfast

Grand Hyatt DFW Room Service Breakfast

I do love that they allow Hyatt Diamond members to have their complimentary breakfast taken via room service, though you do theoretically pay the service charge/gratuity if you opt for this breakfast option.

I will add that while I generally have been very happy with the breakfast here, it was late on my last stay by just long enough that I had to abandon the breakfast in order to catch my early morning flight.  They reportedly had an unexpectedly large number of folks order breakfast for early that morning. 

4.  Good service.

I’m not likely to need lots of assistance for a one-night stay at an airport hotel, but since I’m probably going to be tired and maybe even a bit cranky, I do appreciate good service at an airport hotel.  On our last stay at the Grand Hyatt DFW our suite wasn’t quite ready when we tried to check in, but we were given vouchers for both drinks and snacks in the (good) restaurant/lounge while we waited the 10 minutes or so until the room was ready.

We would have been fine just sitting for a couple minutes since the delay was very minor, but the good service made our brief wait all the more enjoyable.

5.    See, but don’t hear the airplanes.

In a perfect world I like my airport hotel to have good views of runways for plane spotting, but I also don’t want it to sound like an airplane is landing in the hallway as I’m trying to sleep.  I’ve lucked out with some pretty decent views of the airport operations at the Grand Hyatt DFW, but I never recall having the noise from the planes be bothersome.  You can certainly hear them from time to time, but not to the point that it was disturbing.

Bonus #6.  Offer good value.

If I have to pay a little extra to stay in an airport hotel that meets most of the previous five criteria I will from time to time, but obviously I prefer the hotel to also be a good value.  I’ve seen rates at the Grand Hyatt DFW $300+/night, but it is a tremendous value on points as a Category 3 Hyatt at just 12,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points a night.  We often have booked the hotel for 6,000 points + $75/night and then used a Diamond suite upgrade for some extra space (since between the two of us we have had 8 per year to use).

I have also had totally adequate stays at the nearby Hyatt Regency DFW which is often a bit cheaper on cash rates and is Category 2 Hyatt at 8,000 points per night, so don’t discount that option.  However, all things being equal, I will spend a few more points or dollars to stay at the Grand Hyatt DFW if given the choice.

What is your favorite airport hotel and why?





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  1. A new Westin is opening at DEN later this year & it sounds pretty neat! I don’t have SPG pts & it might not work for our family budget but we would love to try it out. The light rail train is going to run from downtown right into the hotel. 🙂

  2. i do like the Grand DFW. I would also put the Grand Hyatt MCO in this category as well (especially if you are coming in the night before a Disney cruise). The amenities and service are similar to what you describe above and you can not beat the service. As an extra Diamond benefit, they will take your bags directly from your room and check them with Disney for your cruise. The last bonus is that the hotel is a category 4, so you can use your free nights from your Chase Hyatt card to stay.

  3. I agree. The bar/restaurant was great. Even the simple turkey sandwich (or was it chicken?) was good. Next time I’m getting Lobster Mac&Cheese. Service was great. Seeing but not hearing the airplanes is a good description. Room was fantastic.

    Hint: If you want bottled water and don’t want to pay Grand price, leave the hotel and go down the escalator into the airport and there is a vending machine that sells bottled water.

    @Michelle – agree! – I will be trying the new DEN Westin as soon as it starts taking reservations.

    • Nice! I can’t wait to hear about it. I think Nov is opening. We live way closer to COS but can rarely use that airport. We’re about 2 hrs from DEN so a hotel at the terminal would be amazing for early flights. 🙂

  4. Hmm they don’t charge the tray/room service delivery fee anymore? I recall they did to me when I was there in late 2013.

  5. They also do day rooms so I almost was going to use that since I didn’t have Amex plat for the lounge @DFW. I think the Westin in Detroit seems extremely convenient too since it is in terminal, but I don’t fly through there anymore and so I’ve never used it.

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