Breakdown of New JetBlue Bag Fees and Fares

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Rewind the clock just 7 years to early 2008 or so and it was pretty much a given that when you bought an airline ticket you were also buying the right for your checked bag to come with you.  However, in the subsequent 7+ years, your checked bag (and sometimes even carry-on bag) are no longer treated as part of your ticket, and pretty much every US airline now charges extra for you to have the right to check your stuff on the flight to which you hold a ticket.

Until today there were two lone holdouts – Southwest and JetBlue, but now JetBlue has decided to go into the business of making money on virtually all checked bags, and has left Southwest as the one option for those who don’t want to pay for checked bags. 

JetBlue will now offer different fare bundles that include different numbers of checked bags and at different prices (you confused yet?).

Breakdown of New JetBlue Bag Fees and Fares:

Blue fares:  The first checked bag fee is $20 when purchased during web check-in or at a kiosk, or $25 at the check-in counter and the second checked bag is $35.

Blue Plus fares: One checked bag is included and the second checked bag fee is $35.

Blue Flex fares: Two checked bags are included.

Mint fares: Two checked bags are included.

JetBlue Fare Options

For Blue and Blue Plus fares for flights to or from Santo Domingo, Santiago, Port-au-Prince, Port of Spain, Kingston, Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Lima and Mexico City: one checked bag is included and the second checked bag fee is $35.

Blue Plus Fares Offer Lowest Checked Bag Fee:

I did some test searches and found Blue Plus fares to often cost $15 more each direction than Blue fares, so if you know for sure you will be checking a bag, you can save some cash by going ahead and buying the Blue Plus fare from the beginning.  It also comes with slightly lower change fees and earns slightly more points.

Blue Flex fares were often $100 more per direction and include not only two checked bags and some additional online booking bonus points, but also waive the cancellation or change fees (other than the fare differential).

JetBlue Fares

Elites and Previous Ticket Holders Still Have Free Checked Bag:

For all fares, any additional bags are $100 each.  Mosaic (elite) customers and those on the same itinerary are allowed two (2) checked bags free of charge.

Waived JetBllue Bag Fees

Bookings made prior to June 30, 2015 and exempt from the new checked bag fee for the first checked bag and may check a second bag for a $35 fee.

If you are traveling on JetBlue TrueBlue points, the same fare options are available with the Blue Plus and Blue Flex fares costing more points than the Blue fares, but including the additional perks like a checked bag.  I would be willing to bet at some point a JetBlue credit card will also offer a checked bag benefit, but that doesn’t seem to be in place at this time.

If you want to avoid checked bag fees without the assistance of elite status and/or rewards credit cards, I highly recommend looking to Southwest who still offers the first and second checked bag without a charge…at least for now.

Southwest Free Bags



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  1. I would not assume that a credit card will eventually offer a free checked bag… Alaska never went down that road. What does Jetblue have to gain by offering that? The deal with the new bank is already inked, so unless bag fee concessions were discussed during negotiations over a year ago, I would not bet on seeing that as part of the new JetBlue card.

    • Robert, you never know but it is a pretty common card offering so I’ll be surprised if it is never an offered feature. This has been the plan for a while so I wouldn’t be shocked to see it part of a new card, though that is purely a guess.

  2. JetBlue’s transition to ‘legacy carrier minus” is now complete. They charge the same price as the legacy carriers but:
    * Mosaic members get no access to premium seats
    * “Even more Speed” is usually SLOWER than regular security because of the number of employees and wheelchair passengers who use the lanes
    * The biggest drawback of all – no interline agreement. if JetBlue cancels, you are on your own!

    The baggage fee is probably a good move as JetBlue since leisure travelers will have to pay up. Business travelers can’t live with the lack of interline agreements and limited frequencies. .

  3. @Robert: Alaska Airlines went down that road today.NEW — Get a Free Checked Bag for you and up to six other passengers on the same reservation

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