How to Use Your Spirit Airlines Miles for Someone Else

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I prefer fancy pants lie-flat airplane seats and a little bit of pampering from time to time during my travels just like anyone, but I’m by no means “addicted” to only traveling that way, so when the opportunity arises to earn or use Spirit Airlines miles, I’ll take it.  Even if I can’t use the miles myself, I may be able to help someone else take a vacation they otherwise might not afford using the miles (before they expire!).  In fact, I did just that with some Spirit miles I got for free via a promotion in Houston a couple of years ago.  I couldn’t use them before they expired, so a few friends got to go to Vegas using our miles!

I wrote about how I used them for someone else here, but since that time I keep getting questions or comments from readers who find the old posts saying that the system no longer lets you use your Spirit miles for someone else.

Today I did a test and I can confirm that it is still possible to use your Spirit miles for someone else to travel, so here are step by step instructions on how to use your Spirit Airlines miles for someone else.  I do want to add a caveat that according to Chris in the comments section, this does not work if you have joined the $9 Fare Club, so think long and hard about joining the Fare Club if you want to use your points for someone else to travel.  I am not a member of the Fare Club, so can’t test this for myself. 

1.  Log in to the Free Spirit account that has the miles you want to use and search for the award flights you want by clicking the box that says “Purchase Flights with Free Spirit Miles”.

Use Spirit Airlines Miles

2.  Select the award flights you want and then you will be taken to the Customer Information Page where you will delete the info for the Free Spirit Account holder and enter the information for the traveler.

How to Use Spirit Miles for Someone Else

Note that this must include changing the Free Spirit frequent flyer number to the traveler’s number even though the miles will come out of the account of the person you are logged in under.  If you do not change the frequent flyer number to the traveler’s number you will get this error screen below.

Use Spirit Miles for Someone ElseIf you are sharing your miles with someone else who may not be familiar with Spirit, make sure to warn the recipients about some of Spirit’s fees and how to avoid most of them – if you aren’t sure, here is a post with some tips.
3.  Complete the booking.  All that’s left to do is to complete the booking and pay the taxes/fees along with the Free Spirit Miles.  Make sure you then get the confirmation number and relevant info so you can check into your flight when the time comes without having to pay $10 to do so at the airport.  The process is actually really simple, but I think some folks get held up by not entering their own Free Spirit number on the Customer Information page, so hopefully these instructions will help.Have you used your Spirit miles to help someone else travel for less?

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  1. Thanks for not suggesting that people redeem the miles only for magazines. What a waste. I think you should also point out that most Spirit miles expiration can be extended by shopping through the portal or completing a survey.
    I personally think (depending on your home airport) that using them for Vegas is the way to go but most likely to get the most value you need the Spirit credit card. From Texas they might be better for the Caribbean or Mexico I’d guess.

    • Dan, you absolutely are right that if you are going to use the Spirit program you really should have the co-branded credit card. Keeps the miles alive easily (though so do the methods you mention) and being able to fly for just 2,500 miles each way is killer. From Texas you can fly for 2,500 miles to Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Baltimore, and more. Really great deal if you can get past it being a no frills airline.

  2. Actually the value you get with “miles for magazines” (with Spirit and with the legacies) is reasonable, assuming you’re going to subscribe to the magazines anyway. It’s a great way to use a few hundred or a few thousand miles, or to keep miles from expiring. (I saved about $175 by using 7,000 of my dad’s about-to-expire miles for 5 years of a magazine I would have paid for – a value considerably higher than 2 cents/mile.)

  3. I’ve been going back and forth with Spirit Executive Office on this matter for months. Avoid signing up for the $9 Fare Club if you want to redeem your miles for others. I’m unable to edit passenger one’s name (as you suggest above) when making an award redemption using miles. The name is pre-filled with the FreeSpirt account holders name. To the right, there is an asterisk stating the name is pre-filled with my information as I’m a $9 Fare Club Member and to log out if purchasing a ticket for others. Obviously logging out isn’t going to help as then I cant use my miles to book. You also can’t delete the passenger information. This issue arose following me signing up for the $9 Fare Club and the Executive Office has confirmed $9 Fare Club Members can’t edit passenger ones name even on award bookings. I understand on cash bookings not allowing the ability to change passenger ones name (as $9 Fare Club member must be traveling on itinerary) but to restrict award bookings as well makes no sense. Further aggravating, I’m giving them more business signing up for the $9 Fare Club and now I’m restricted on who I can redeem my miles for.

  4. A friend gave me his miles to use but it will no longer allow the passenger info to be changed, bummer. He will be cancelling his membership and card as he has free flights through family benefit of his commercial pilot son.

  5. Does anybody know if this trick still works??
    I’m considering cancelling my $9 Fare Club membership, but only if this trick still works for non-members!

    • I WAS a $9 fare club member (until 15 minutes ago)…

      I can confirm that I was NOT able to change the reservation name (use my miles to buy a ticket for my daughter) when I was in the $9 fare club…

      Then I cancelled the $9 fare club membership, no miles were lost, and I was then able to choose the same flights and change the traveler’s name to my daughter’s name and buy the ticket with the miles I had accrued.

  6. Yes, it does let me fill in someone else’s name. Then it says use X number of miles and pay $XXX.XX; This is more than double what I would pay if we were simply buying a simple ticket. It’s obvious they don’t want people to use the miles.

    By the way, the website is so hell-bent on it’s cookies, that I have to go into incognito to print a boarding pass for my kid. It’s her account, but it’s in my email. It knows my email is not related to her account.

  7. Am I able to purchase 4 one way tickets for my family from my free spirit account? 4 different people? I can’t seem to find this information on their site, which pretty much keeps you guessing.

  8. I want to give my grandson and his family some of my free miles. They would be 4 … 2 adults and 2 children 3 and 6. I am a in the spirit 9 club.
    it is very hard to do this process. please help me and let me know what I can do. I have paid for my spirit 9 club. would they refund me my money if I cancel the membership.

    • I’m not sure if they offer a refund or not, but being in the club does seem to prevent being able to use miles for others, at least online.

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