How My Credit Card Application Was Approved While I Was Lazy

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Since I like to get as many miles and points as possible when getting new rewards credit cards, I applied for the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card back when there was an increased sign-up bonus a few weeks ago.  I explained the reasons why in this post, and there I also mentioned that I did not receive instant approval for the application.

This is actually pretty common for me these days despite a credit score of around 800 since I already have multiple credit accounts with most major banks and in some cases have maxed out the amount of available credit the bank will extend me.  Note that this does not mean I have maxed out the credit lines with charges – instead I actually pay off my balances each month.  Once I saw the pending notification I could have picked up the phone and called Amex to try and see if there was any info I could provide to help get the card approved right then and there, but I was lazy busy and didn’t get around to it for a couple days.

Since I know that many of you are sometimes too busy with kiddos, work, etc. to always be ready to pick up a phone and call a bank, I thought I would share my experience with what happened next when I basically did nothing.

Sometimes I have seen new credit card accounts automatically appear in my online banking portals when I get approved without knowing it, but this time it was my email inbox that alerted me that good news was on the way.  Within a day or two of applying I ended up getting a notification in my email that my new Delta Amex was on the way (subject line: Your American Express Card Has Shipped).  Hurray!

Then, a few days later I got a notice in the mail officially informing me of my approval for the credit card and informing me that they looked at all of my open accounts, including my spending on the accounts, before opening this new account.  As a result, they adjusted the credit limit down on one of my other personal Amex cards in order to open this new credit account.  I was given a number to call if I want to reallocate credit lines between the cards in a different way, which I will likely get around to at some point…

Shortly after that notice arrived my brand new shiny Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card arrived ready to be activated and used!  All I ever did was submit the initial application, go about my daily life, and then eventually activate the card online.  The time from when I got the pending application notice online until I had the card in my hand was about a week.

Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Of course, this is just my story with this one card account so your experience may be very different.  However, I thought it was useful to share how things can work out without you having to do anything even if you don’t get an initial approval for a credit card you desire.

Do you have similar stories of eventually getting approval for a new account without lifting a finger?

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  1. I got the Gold Skymiles Card last year when they were offering 50,000 bonus miles. One trip for the family pays for the yearly fee by getting first bags free. Plus you get priority zone 1 boarding all the time which is sweet.
    Great card to have.

  2. The closest that I ever got to the event that you experienced is – a couple of times with Chase, I would call them the next day (after being put on pending) only to be told that my app has been approved (I guess it was approved overnight while I was asleep). A couple of times with AMEX. I didn’t call and just waited and was approved after a couple of hours. The other time with AMEX (Delta Platinum), good thing I called because the rep informed me that the reason I was not auto approved was because the system thought that this was a duplicate application and that my app. was tossed out by their system. This happened because I had both the Delta Gold and Delta Gold Business at the same time that I had applied for the Platinum Card. I got the new card after all. Anyway, congrats Summer! Never wanted to get Skymiles in the past, but now am glad that I did. Like you said, you just never know when Delta will come to the rescue which they have for me!

  3. hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to let you know that the autoplay ads (Rug Doctor, Taco Bell, for two) continue to hijack our clicks. I have to jump to kill volume. No “close” option.

    • Oh no – hate to hear those stinkers are back. Will report the ads and thanks for the head’s up!

  4. yes, applied for the Sapphire Preferred and got a “needs further review” notification, ignored it and waited a couple weeks, card arrived by mail. Am guess it was due to the three cards I’d already applied for last month.

  5. This happened to me last month with a SW business card. I kinda forgot that I applied until I got an email stating my new card was on its way. I thought about calling when I got the pending notice but never got around to it.

  6. I also applied for the Delta gold card when there was an increased sign-up bonus. I got the pending message so I proactively called reconsideration as I already heave the magic number of 4 AMEX credit cards. They approved me on the phone when I offered to close my Costco card which I don’t use anyway. They also confirmed maximum of 4 AMEX credit cards per person, not including charge cards.

  7. It’s not ‘to try and see’. You were not going to try, and then to see. You were going to try to see. To see is the infinitive, and is the object of what you were going to try to do.

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