New Way to Earn Free Barclays Miles

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In the Travel Community you can earn 150 miles for telling a travel story of at least 50 words that includes at least one picture.  You can earn more points per story by adding “details” and ratings using the map.  Each detail will earn 10 additional miles, and you can have up to 25 details per travel story.  You can learn more about this way to potentially earn thousands of free miles per month here.

Earn up to 500 Free Barclays Arrival Miles per Day via the Rewards Fan Zone

However, the Travel Community actually isn’t the only place you can earn free miles for your Barclays Arrival credit cards.  You can actually also earn free miles via their Rewards Fan Zone that launched a little earlier this year.  The Fan Zone awards miles based on completed activities such as checking your online Barclays account, scheduling email alerts for your account, using their app, linking with Barclays on social media, learning about different ways to earn and use miles, and more.

You can theoretically earn up to 500 miles per day via the Fan Zone, and many of the miles earned actually post instantly to your Barclays Arrival accounts so you could immediately redeem them if you wished.  I was able to log into the Fan Zone via an icon like the one on the left from my online Barclays account.

Barclaycard Fan Zone

While of course Barclays created this Fan Zone in order for you to engage and earn “free miles”, they do have the clause that “your miles may be forfeited if you engage in any activity that is deemed to be abusive or that demonstrates “gaming” conduct under the Program, as determined by us at our sole discretion.”  In other words, don’t do anything crazy, just use the Fan Zone like a mostly normal person.

Earn Free Barclaycard Miles

I saw mileage totals in the Fan Zone that people had earned 500 – 1,000 miles from the Fan Zone this week, so it really can add up.  I just did a few simple things to earn a few hundred miles within a few minutes.  While this isn’t necessarily a way you are going to earn tens of thousands of free miles on a regular basis, it is a place you can certainly score some free and easy miles while staying engaged with your Barclays Arrival account.

Have you used the Barclays Rewards Fan Zone to earn some free miles?

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  1. Cool! Did not know about the Rewards Fan Zone, but we could use the points as we actually have a negative miles balance in Arrival after a travel refund hit.

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