Creating a Travel Themed Nursery

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Most traveling families that I know love to explore the world, but they also like the safety, comfort, and routine of returning to their home…at least until that itch to again pack up the bags and head out strikes again.  I know that I love both exploration and time at home, and so it makes sense that we try to incorporate some of the travel that we love into our house.  I gave several examples of how we do this in my post about “How to Buy Good Souvenirs from Around the World”.

I don’t particularly like clutter or too many knick knacks (though that is a very subjective threshold), nor do I take my travel decor to the extreme of having old airplane seats, former airport carpet, etc. in my house.  Though I do know some who do pretty cool things with that type of decoration!

However, while I may not take things to the ultimate extreme in travel themed home decor, I do want to encourage myself and my family to remember our prior adventures through select items and souvenirs in our home, as well as encourage my girls to look forward to future adventures and build travel dreams of their own.  Given all that, it is probably no surprise that my second daughter has a travel themed nursery.

Since I know some of you like to do similar things with your little one’s rooms, I thought I would share the items we found and used to make her nursery travel themed without (hopefully) being too over the top.

Travel Themed Nursery

One of my favorite parts of the nursery is actually the art on the wall behind her crib.  You can get the world map made to order in various sizes and pretty much any color(s) you want from a company called Right Grain.  I shopped their items on Etsy, but they also have a website here.

World map from Right Grain

World map from Right Grain

My other favorite item in her nursery is the Illuminated World Lamp Globe from Land of Nod that doubles as the night light we use during middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, etc.  It looks really good at night, but isn’t so bright as to interfere with sleep and make things too bright at 3AM.  As she gets older it will also serve as a pretty great globe for looking at world geography!

World Illuminated Map Globe from Land of Nod

World Illuminated Map Globe from Land of Nod

Another Etsy find was a personalized map themed print that not only has Baby S’s name, but also the alphabet made of map images.  This was from Etsy seller Cheeky Albi.

Baby S

A few other little travel themed decorations in her room include a hanging plane from Pottery Barn Kids (not sure if they still make this since it was Little C’s from 5 years ago) and other little planes we picked up in places from Alaska to Jamaica.

Travel Themed Nursery


As Baby S starts going on her own adventures I’m sure what is in her room will grow along with her.  For now though I think she has a good travel themed nursery that works for her (and our) needs now, and should also provide a good backdrop for her to grow for years to come.

Do you have any travel themed rooms in your house?  Any favorite items you found for you or your kids’ rooms?

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  1. I love this! My wife and I just had our first son at the end of July. Every trip I took in the last 9 months, I tried to pick up something small for him and his room. It’s been a cool way to see the world through a new lens but I really love the globe you posted- we will have to get that!

    A friend who is much more artsy than me collected maps everywhere she traveled and then made some cool images out of the mix of maps- that was something unique that I love.

    Thanks again for the post- it’s got my wheels turning as we decorate baby M’s nursery!

  2. Very cool. We have a travel themed play room for our 13 mo old. we have a large world map foam mat to play on (from Amazon) and a faux suitcase to hold toys (from IKEA). I also plan to add a metal backed world map on a wall that can be used to put magnets on so we can get one from every country/state she visits. She also has the mommypoints bear of course!

  3. My almost-5 youngest son’s room is transportation themed (planes, trains, ships). I bought metal airplanes and a train engine at Ross and Hobby Lobby, used an old steamer trunk we had in our guest bedroom as a bedside table (and hand-me-down storage), and I discovered that Costco Photo has a free image library.

    You can select pictures from the library and just pay to print them, so I picked a close up of a train wheel and an airplane propeller and had them printed 8×10 for $2.50 each! Add IKEA frames and boom – room art for less than $25.

    IKEA also had this cute old-time nautical map pillow: as well as the striped bedding (and the bed). Finally, I found this set of ticket collages at Hobby Lobby:

    I’ve been meaning to get a globe for his room, too, but as I know he will take it down and play with it I don’t want to spend much money on it!

    My oldest’s room is Cars themed (a bit of Lightning McQueen but mostly just regular cars). I bought wooden letters of his name at Michael’s and mod-podged maps to the front. Hobby Lobby has a TON of car-themed stuff, from Ford and Chevy branded stuff to the cool diamond plate shelf I found.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE this idea!!! I am not big into cartoony things or even gender specific. As the travel addicts as we are, I think this is the perfect decor for a nursery! (Now, if only I wasn’t super frugal and cheap and would actually decorate Lil B’s upcoming room!)

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