Why We Went Trash Diving Today

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Over the last couple of days I have seen multiple reports of Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card holders getting a letter in the mail informing them that they will receive an e-certificate for a free night at any Carlson Rezidor hotel as a token of appreciation for being a Club Carlson cardholder.  As you probably remember, the popular “last award night free” benefit of being a Club Carlson cardholder was cut back on June 1st, so I’m guessing they have had their fair share of unhappy card members since that time.

You can view a copy of the letter over at Delta Points here

I still have my card, and for simplicity’s sake I’ve recently been tossing any mail that looks like junk without going through it as thoroughly as a I usually do, so after seeing several reports I started to think that it is very possible I got a similar letter but accidentally threw it away.  So, I did what any “reasonable” person would do and decided we needed to go through the trash and look for the letter in case we missed it.  Well, to be totally accurate, my husband was willing to go through the trash while I took care of the little one in her wrap…I clearly got the better end of that deal.

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Several dirty diapers, a weeks worth of trash, and a wasp sting later he didn’t find anything in the trash can from Club Carlson or US Bank.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t worth going through the trash after all…

Since the letter indicates that the e-certificate will be sent via email in 6-8 weeks, I’ll just keep my eyes open and see if one appears even though I haven’t yet seen a letter indicating we will receive the free night.  So, ultimately I don’t recommend trash diving for the letter like we did – just keep an eye on your mail box and email inbox for the next few weeks to see if anything appears.  If nothing ever appears, it may be worth a call to US Bank at some point to see if you can get included in the offer – at least that is what I will probably try.

Have you received a letter indicating you will receive a free award night at any Club Carlson property?

Radisson Blu Madrid Prado

Radisson Blu Madrid Prado


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  1. […] I got a letter in the mail the other day from US Bank, telling me that “in appreciation of [my] continued support and for being a loyal Club Carlson Visa cardholder, we are pleased to provide you with one E-Certificate for one night in a standard room at any Carlson Rezidor hotel worldwide.”  This was fairly common, as I saw several blogs posting letters about getting it.  Mommy Points even went dumpster diving! […]


  1. I got the letter for both of my cards but my husband didn’t. I’ll check our accounts periodically to see when the e-certs show up.

  2. I’m just wondering if it was only sent to the people who called to complain when they took away the Bonus Night. Maybe?
    I did not call to complain and I have not received a letter.

    • Me too! I received bonus points, then my annual fee was refunded, and today I received my e-cert for a free night. Not bad.

    • And I just got the email today. Thanks Club C. I was on the fence about keeping the card another year after losing the BOGO free night & I can honestly say that this will entice me to keep it & see if it becomes an annual occurance.

  3. I called to complain, got points for my complaints, and got my free night in the mail. Mine just arrived yesterday, so don’t lose hope of you didn’t get yours, yet!

  4. Why didn’t you toss the junk mail on the recycling bin? It would be way easier to look for it if it was just mixed with paper, plastic and glass than dirty diapers and food trash. 🙂

  5. Both my husband and I received the letters for both our personal and business accounts several day ago, at least a day before any blog posts. It seems like if you have an account, you should get the certificate. Hope you can laugh one day about the trash diving, but doesn’t sound like much fun!

  6. I called US Bank at the number on the back of the credit card. The CSR indicated my account showed I had not been mailed a letter. She said to call Carlson at 888-288-8889 to find out why. I have had the card for a couple years; she noted there was no spend on the card for over a year.

  7. I received an email from Club Carlson with Your Free Night Certificate is Here in the subject line on August 6th but it took a few days before it showed up in my account.

  8. I also received the letters in the mail for my personal and business account. I just checked my accounts online and the e-certs are listed but I never received an email. Check your accounts, they are probably there!

  9. Apparently there are two different certificates that one might receive. I got an email about this one, and it is already showing on my Club Carlson “my account” page:

    “One Club Carlson SM Visa ® Reward Card Free Night E-Certificate (“E-Cert”) is available per Account if (i) you renew your Account by paying the Annual Fee by the due date printed on the statement in which the Annual Fee is billed, and (ii) you charged US $10,000 or more on the Account during the 12-month period immediately prior to the statement on which the Annual Fee is billed. Your E-Cert will be available in your Club Carlson account approximately 6-8 weeks after payment of the annual renewal fee.”

    My wife did not spend the $10K in her previous card year, and did not receive the certificate.

    The downside of this one is that it is only good for US properties. So with just one cert between us, and only being valid in the US, we will most likely never use it. Now if we were to each receive a certificate good anywhere in the world, that would be a different matter !

    • I received the letter last week, and a certificate good for ANY PROPERTY WORLDWIDE today. I haven’t spent more than $2,100 on my card in the past 18 months according to the USBank records I pulled up on my account.

      My wife did not receive the letter, but the only difference that I can think of is that I called to complain and she did not. So, if you complained, it sounds like you got the free cert WORLDWIDE.

  10. Received 3 certificates in my email yesterday for my 2 accounts and my husband’s 1 account. Anyone know if I can make a reservation using the certificate for someone else?

  11. I didn’t call to complain (until yesterday) I didn’t get the e-cert and didn’t spend $10k. Apparently the CSR’s have talking points to tell you how great it is to spend $10k on the card and get a free night but the e-certs coming out recently aren’t related. I have a call into a supervisor asking them for both the bonus points and the e-cert. I haven’t heard back yet but they are suppose to return my call within 48 hours to address this issue. Just don’t let them confuse you with the $10k = free night. It’s not the same promo.

  12. Someone on FT said the free worldwide certs were being batch processed, so perhaps there will be another round of them sent out soon.

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