Being a Scumbag Can Save You $50 on a Trip

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I’m sure you have heard the news about the Ashely Madison website getting hacked and the information of millions of married-cheater-wanna-bes being released online.  Well, interestingly enough, being a scumbag married-cheater-wanna-be can score you a $50 discount on a trip via CheapAirI’m sure Spirit and/or Frontier will have a similarly themed discount any minute now…

CheapAir Ashley Madison.jpg

The CheapAir discount is being marketed as a way to try and mend some mistakes you may have made and take your loved one on a vacation – hey, whatever works.  To qualify for the $50 companion flight discount certificate your email address must match a hacked account from the Ashley Madison website.  If that applies to you, you can email to get the discount certificate and you must travel by 12/31/15.

If you aren’t familiar with CheapAir, they are a site that sells airfare for most of the major airlines (just like Expedia, Travelocity, etc.), so you can probably book the trip via your air carrier of choice and still save the $50 on the companion’s ticket.  They even have a pretty cool “Price Drop Payback” that allows you to get a travel credit toward a future trip if the price of your flights drops by more than $10 (max credit of $100 per ticket).

Hopefully none of you were spending your online time at Ashley Madison (I mean come on, spending your online time learning about miles and points is much less hazardous to your relationships!), but on the off-chance someone was a card carrying Ashley Madison visitor, you might as well save $50 on a trip with your loved one.  Hopefully a great vacation will be just what the doctor, or divorce attorney, ordered.

If you are trying to dig your way out of the doghouse, just make sure the rest of the trip is full of very nice hotels, spa time, and whatever else your spouse wants.  Good luck to you and hope the $50 discount helps!



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  1. Note to self: avoid CheapAir when booking flights.

    I understand businesses capitalize on opportunities (duh) but to piggyback on this situation and reward people is in my opinion crossing that ethical line. I’m happy people were exposed. One woman wrote to a website that her job may be in jeopardy because of sleeping with 8+ men over 50x in total. Not a single bit of remorse. Just the victim.

    People can say the site didn’t force anyone into unscrupulous activities. While it’s technically true, it’s on par with putting alcohol near a recovering alcoholic and claiming you had nothing to do with his relapse.

      • What about a blogger who promotes it on her website? All blogs like this do is make this credit more visible. Why write it other than for the clicks?

        • I write about things that are interesting to me – this is certainly interesting to me. It is also possible someone who was on the site really does want to take their loved one on a trip to start making mends.

          Also possible they were on the site years ago and it’s a no harm no foul situation at this point.

          Either way, interesting promo so I shared it in case others find it interesting…or perhaps even useful.

  2. So basically, never ever…. ever use cheapair. Marketing is one thing, this is just gross. Not to be holier than thou but really? You were nice to use “scumbag”.

  3. You don’t know what situations people may find themselves in. Being a registered member of Ashley Madison doesn’t automatically make someone a “scumbag.” In fact, it’s usually people who are judgmental and intolerant who fall into that category.

    Last time I checked, no one is perfect. That includes everyone posting here today. And before you make any assumptions, I’m single and I’ve never visited that site.

    • No one is perfect for sure, but those on the site are in theory married and/or want affairs with those who are married. Not a unique or terribly uncommon situation, but pretty scummy move.

  4. I don’t equate “scumbag” status with adults engaging in mutually consensual sexual relations.

    Isn’t it the case that there are adults who are in open relationships and/or engaged in so-called “swinging”? Isn’t it the case that there are adults who are tied into unhappy relationships but for one or more reason feel constrained from terminating a spousal and/or co-habitant relationship? Isn’t it the case that there are adults who are separated but not recognized legally as separated and/or divorced?

    If I’m not mistaken, some of the names/email addresses found in the hacked data were allegedly from accounts opened up without any verification that the names/email addresses were authorized for use by the persons who established some of the accounts. Scumbags too?

    Isn’t what consenting adults wish to do to themselves in their own sexual and/or romantic interests less of a “scumbag” thing to do than to nose your way into the private, lawful relationships of others?

    It’s easy to cast stones at others — just look at what the “‘adultery’-hating” Taliban did to “cheaters” — but really is that what should be done? Also, sometimes the most “offended” by some kind of activity are those who are secretly engaged in the same activity.

  5. As long-time reader and huge fan, I am definitely disappointed to see this post. From classifying people as “scumbags” to providing publicity for a company that markets is this distasteful manner, everything about it seems so far removed from a FAMILY travel blog that I’m hoping a lack of sleep just clouded your judgment today. 🙂

  6. Do I have the wrong sense of humor? This is a light-hearted post that made me chuckle. I can see that this post is giving cheapoair exposure…but judging from the comments above, it is more negative than positive publicity.

    Why does every post have to be politically correct? What’s wrong with finding humor in a mess-up situation? Life is too short. Laugh a little!

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