New IHG Members Can Earn Two Award Nights

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Back when we were potty training our oldest daughter years ago, she used to get stickers, M&Ms, or applause for using the potty.  Now, at five years old, there is no fanfare for using the potty other than occasional inquiries from us regarding flushing or toilet paper use.  In other words, what was once littered with praise and treats is now commonplace, expected, and not really celebrated.

I hate to compare hotel promotions to learning using the potty, but…

That is kind of what IHG did in a way with their new fall Accelerate promotion in that those that are new to IHG are rewarded with a much more enticing offer than those who are already registered with the rewards program.  In other words – they get more treats and M&Ms to get them hooked to the program!

Via the fall IHG Accelerate promo that runs from September 1 – December 31, 2015, those that are new to IHG can earn one free award night at any IHG property worldwide with just two eligible stays.  They can then earn a second award night to use at any IHG property with two additional eligible stays.  For them, four nights (done as four separate stays) at low cost Holiday Inn Express type properties that can go for as low $65/night or so can equal two nights to use in expensive cities like New York City, London, Paris, etc.  That is “mattress run” worthy in some cases.

IHG Accelerate Promo

However, the offers that existing members get generally aren’t as enticing.  My specific offer will award me the minimum threshold of 50,000 total bonus points if I complete all of my assigned tasks which will require a minimum of 8 eligible nights.  It’s not hard to see that the offer of four eligible nights resulting in two award nights to use at any property for new members is more lucrative than eight nights for 50,000 points for most people.  Of course, since these are targeted offers some existing IHG members have offers that have the potential to pay out more than 50,000 bonus points.

IHG Accelerate Promotion

What I do like about my offer is that even just one eligible stay will get me 5,000 bonus points, and a two night weekend stay could net me an additional 4,000 bonus points.  I probably won’t have 8 eligible nights this fall with IHG (or any hotel chain for that matter), but it is nice to be rewarded with bonus points for a short one or two night stay that could pop up.

What does your IHG Accelerate offer look like?  Or, are you (or your partner) a new IHG member who will take advantage of the two worldwide award nights offer?



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  1. I already have an IHG account, do you think I could do this if I sign up for a “New” IHG account or you wouldn’t risk it??

  2. Mine was a bit weird. I was offered total of 50k for completing all 4 offers.
    Stay once get 5000
    5 nights and get 6800
    Pay one stay with IHG credit card 1500.

    But the 4th offer was
    “Complete 3 of 4 offers and earn additional 36,700 bonus points.”

    So technically I only have to do 3 offers to get 50k.. I think that’s pretty good offer. don’t you think? I already have 2 nights scheduled plus a 1 night stay for the Chicago Seminar at the HIE.. I think I am golden!

  3. My offer is
    stay once – 5000 points
    stay 8 nights – 19200 points
    weekend stay – 6000
    4 stays using corporate rates – 10800 points
    complete 4/5 offers and get 41000 bonus

    where is the 5th offer?

    something isn’t making sense. should mine not be complete 3 out of the 4 offers and then get bonus?

    • Apparently mommy points doesn’t reply to every comment, looks like you’ll be left in the dark as much as me. I saw someone else get a reply though…I guess she chooses who she wants to reply to. Now I know whose sponsor links I definitely won’t be using!

      • John, no I don’t answer right away, especially if I’m not sure of answer. There is no way to really know the answer to your original question unfortunately. I’m also unclear about the 3/5 stuff as I said in another comment. Working to get clarification on that.

  4. I got a pretty lame offer that required 19 nights, but I signed my hubby up for an IHG Rewards Club account since he didn’t have one yet, and he got the free night with 2 stays offer. This will be awesome for our trip to Tahiti next summer. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. MP,

    I think you only have to do 2 nights to get 37,200 points. You only have to do 3 of 5 offers to get the big bonus points. The fifth offer is completing 3 of the other 4. Thus one weekend stay plus signing up for the credit card would give you everything except the 12,800 bonus for 8 nights. Still not as good as an award night for 2 stays, but almost mattress run worthy and better than anything else that is currently out there from any other chain.

    • I would assume you have to do three so the third could be getting the credit card and in that case 2 nights could work I think. It’s a little confusing…

  6. Meh. 50k total, achievable with seven one-night stays. I may pursue it anyway, since I have mattress run options as well as travel during the promotion period. I’ll skip the card bonus, though I may apply for it separately…the link in the promotion itself doesn’t appear to offer any sign-up points…if it counts towards the promo, great. 🙂

    1,000 – stay once
    11,600 – stay seven nights
    6,800 – download their mobile app, sign in, book 5 stays using it
    2,000 – apply for the co-branded card
    28,600 – bonus for completing 3 of 5 offers

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