IHG Accelerate Promo Offers Have Changed….

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I actually like the IHG Rewards Program, so I feel a little bad picking on them, but…

We have another new (in some cases lucrative) IHG promo and another change very quickly into the promotion.  Before anyone starts getting too wound up, the terms and conditions explicitly permit them to do this (IHG Rewards Club reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Promotion/Offer at any time with or without notice), it was done within hours into the promo, and I think the previous version was simply very poorly worded and this clarifies expectations.  In my case the change doesn’t materially impact anything, but if the change somehow negatively impacts plans you have already made, of course you should let IHG know and see if anything can be done.

Now to the changes…

Yesterday my IHG Accelerate offer said I had to complete 3 of 5 offers to trigger the 26,200 bonus points.  However, there were never 5 offers listed to complete.

IHG Accelerate PromotionToday my offer states that I need to complete 3 of 4 listed offers to trigger the 26,200 bonus points.

IHG Promo.jpg

Since I never had 5 offers displayed in the first place, this really helps clarify expectations and confirms that I could earn a total of 37,200 points with a total of just two eligible weekend nights and applying for the IHG Rewards Credit Card by completing 3/4 offers.  That actually isn’t bad at all if I was planning on applying for the card anyway – though I certainly wouldn’t use the link in the promo as it doesn’t currently list a sign-up bonus.

Of course this is just my offer and other targeted offers will be different.  If you looked at your offer yesterday it is probably a good idea to double check your offer today – hopefully it will just be more clearly worded than it was previously.

Did your offer show similar adjustments today?  Who is going all-in on the IHG Accelerate promo?

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.



  1. I had 3 “offers” and showed Complete 3 out of 4 to trigger the achievement bonus.
    Now I see the same offers but shows complete 3 of 3 to get the achievement bonus.

  2. Typical IHG BS. My offer changed substantially and in a way that changes it from “doable” to “impossible”. Congratulations to IHG – I was going to sit down today and make six nights worth of new reservations for the fall, but now I’ll send those to chains that aren’t run by morons.

  3. This was weird. I just assumed they meant (in my case 5 of 7) that counted the achievement bonus offer.

    I don’t really like these promos. For example I get some decent points for 1 stay but then need 13 to hit the next level. I stay at a lot of IHG properties so for being loyal I always have much higher numbers to hit than the folks that don’t. It’s smart on IHG’s part but disappointing to more loyal customers I think. Dangerous game.

    Mine is
    1 stay = 5,000
    13 more = 17,200
    1 four night stay = 4,000
    1 “Bonus points booking = 2,000
    1 book and pay with IHG card = 1,500
    Redeem points for anything = 1,000
    Do 5 of 6 = 19,300

    I might hit the 14 nights. I will hit the book and pay and will find a way to do the bonus points booking and redemption so I hope to hit 5 of 6.

  4. Earn 93,500 total bonus points.

    Complete all your offers to get 93,500 total bonus points
    My Offers
    Points Value Offer Description Status
    5,000 Stay Once Get 5,000

    Thank you for being a loyal IHG® Rewards Club member. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points. Terms
    Book Now
    6,800 Stay More, Earn More

    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 5 night(s) and earn 6,800 bonus points. Terms
    Book Now
    20,800 Discover Our Brands

    Stay at 3 number of brands and get 20,800 bonus points. Terms
    Book Now
    4,000 A Bonus Weekend Stay

    Stay with us for the weekend and earn 4,000 bonus points. A Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday night stay required. Terms
    Book Now
    2,000 Earn More, Faster

    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points Package stay(s) and get to your next reward faster. Terms
    Book Now
    6,400 Corporate Account Bonus

    Stay 4 time(s) using your negotiated rate and earn 6,400 bonus points. Terms

    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card

    Book and pay for one stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn bonus points. Terms
    Book Now
    47,000 Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 7 of 7 offers and earn (an additional) 47,000 bonus points. Terms

  5. @Mommypoints, as I’m sure YOU are aware, your offer is not as lucrative as it sounds. I’m sure the offer for the IHG card is not the best offer out there for the sign up bonus. I just wanted to put that out there for other readers to make sure they aren’t misled. They could probably find an 80K signup bonus on the IHG card, making the offer less lucrative.

      • I believe you’re correct. In last year’s Into the Nights promo, I had this task and completed it by applying for the card through a link with a better offer. I figured if it didn’t work, I would just go back and apply through the promo`s link even though I had already gotten the card. Fortunately, it worked.

  6. This is actually a good thing. I was considering the promo and now I know to just skip it (like the last two promos) and free the brain cells to work elsewhere.

  7. I have not stayed at an IHG property in over a year and I got the stay two stays get a free night. Stay another two stays and get a second free night. I am just lucky I guess.

  8. I pretty much got screwed it looks like with my offer. I want @mommypoints offer as I need to apply for the CC anyway and a weekend stay is already planned. I won’t be booking cash + points and I don’t anticipate 4 nights at IHG. Bummer. I have to complete all FOUR of the below to get my bonus:

    1,000 Stay Once Get 1,000
    8,000 stay 4 night(s) and earn 8,000 bonus points
    8,000 Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s) and earn 8,000 bonus points.
    3,600 Earn 3,600 bonus points when you book 3 stay(s) using Points and Cash.
    29,400 Your Achievement Bonus

    @mommypoints: Just out of curiosity. If i WERE to consider this, do the 3 points + cash stays typically count to the 4 nights?

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