My Favorite Part of Traveling With an Infant

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We are finishing up our first “family of four” vacation with our 5 year old and 2 month old girls and I have a bunch to share about this trip in the coming weeks, but while much of family travel isn’t clear cut, I have a clear cut favorite part of traveling with an infant that I wanted to share now.

Travel with an infant is challenging in many ways, but the biggest reward for me wasn’t seeing her eyes get big at the sound of ocean waves, or feeling the sea breeze on her cheeks, or seeing her reaction to the first time swimming.  Those were all pretty cool, but let’s be real…she’s two months old.  Her eyes could have gotten big because she passed gas and we’re all just lucky she didn’t put her swim diaper through its paces.

No, my favorite part of traveling with an infant was not feeling rushed to put her down.  At home it is usually a race to get to the next thing on the list, so when she falls asleep on me I often try (and fail) at putting her down to rest.  At home I often feel the need to hand her off as soon as she is done nursing to whoever might be able to hold her while I work, take a shower, run errands, etc.


Here, there were no errands, no laundry, no dinners to cook, no school events, nothing.  All that was next on the agenda was more chilling without the normal pressures of home life.  So, when she fell asleep I just sat there and held her.  For hours.

Sure, I didn’t need to get on a plane to do that.  But then again, maybe I did.



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  1. The Spirit of Travel must be connect to the Wisdom of the Heart. That is the sweetest, truest feeling that could have come from a trip with such a young one. May that feeling of enjoying the moment always be an underlying current of your family travel. I remember the feeling from when you girls were wee ones, too.

  2. Perfectly stated… I had all the faith in the world that all the preparation would pay off! Congrats on your first family of four trip.

  3. When it is all said and done, when the score has been tallied and the day has been recorded and judged, it is the little things that matter. The basic things. The quiet things. Glad you got to experience one of those very special things.

  4. Very nice post. Also the 2 month old is able to sit (lie) still and doesn’t want to get down and run around the airplane constantly, like our 21 month old….

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