150% Bonus on Purchased Star Alliance Miles!

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Overnight the frequent flyer community, Milepoint.com, rebranded and underwent a pretty significant overhaul to become InsideFlyer.com.  Inside Flyer was a print magazine about miles, points, and travel that was run by Randy Peterson (same person who runs BoardingArea.com where this blog is hosted) until a few months ago when they printed their final copy.  However, they clearly had something else up their sleeve as they have now created a whole online hub for travelers around the world.  I haven’t had time to poke all around the site yet this morning, so I suggest doing so yourself, or at least check out the summary of the site from View From the Wing who was one of the original Milepoint founders.

While I hope to explore the new Inside Flyer site at some point in the near future, this morning I want to talk about a discounted mileage purchase offer that launched to celebrate the new site.  This deal is offering a 150% bonus on purchased LifeMiles.  As you may remember if you read this post last month, LifeMiles is a Star Alliance frequent flyer program that has periodically offered miles for sell at pretty good prices.  In fact, I almost purchased miles via a deal they had last month (that is still available today beyond its official end date), but basically just drug by feet making the decision and haven’t done it.  However, now the bonus is even better for InsideFlyer members, although you have to buy a whole lot of miles in order to take advantage of the discount.

Here are the “rules” of the deal as taken from InsideFlyer.

  • Only registered InsideFlyer members are eligible.
  • You must purchase between 100,000 & 150,000 LifeMiles.
  • You have between Friday Oct 2 and Tues Oct 6, 2015 to register for this launch promotion.
  • Members will be able to purchase miles starting on October 5th thru October 12th.
  • You must be a registered member of LifeMiles by Tues Oct 6 to be eligible.
  • 100,000 LifeMiles will cost $3,894.00 USD. *some country exceptions apply
  • Once registered, you have 24 hours to confirm your purchase of miles.
  • Only one transaction allowed per member, per LifeMiles account.
  • You have until Thurs Oct 15 to redeem LifeMiles for up to 50% discount on Star Alliance member awards (travel can be until Oct 2016)

If you purchase 100,000 LifeMiles you will receive a whopping total of 250,000 miles under this offer.  With a financial outlay of $3,300.00 (I think, based on the LifeMiles site, the Inside Flyer site lists a $3,894 price, so I can’t swear as to which is correct).  At $3,300 that comes to about 1.3 cents per mile, which is really good.  Of course, that is still $3,300 dollars on purchasing miles in a program that has a history of making changes and being a bit challenging to work with when you need to make changes to your tickets so this deal is by no means right for everyone, or even for most.  In other words, do not do this unless you know you will come out ahead and spending that amount won’t have a negative impact to your budget, life, sanity, etc.

If you can lock in your awards by October 15th you can take advantage of their discounted Star Alliance award chart where there are round trip flights on partner United available from just 15,000 miles round trip – see this post for details on that sale.

The numbers make sense for me redeeming at 1.3 cents per mile, but the enormous amount of miles you have to buy at once is the road block for me pressing “purchase”.  If you plan to use the miles to fly in premium cabins internationally in the near-term you will certainly come out ahead over buying those tickets at their regular selling prices, but if you plan to just use a few miles now and save the rest for later just remember that miles are not investments…they only decrease in value.  As one quick example, during the current Star Alliance award sale you can fly from US 1 to Europe 1 from 105,000 miles round trip in business class (this includes much of the North East to extreme Western Europe).  At 1.3 cents per mile that comes in at $1365 for a round trip ticket, which is certainly better than you could usually buy with cash.

I also want to mention that the InsideFlyer site just launched, so I’m sure they are still tweaking things.  I had a hard time figuring out how to log-in with my old Milepoint credentials, but eventually found a small person icon on the right hand side when I went to Forums – Miles and Points.  You register for the promo now, but you can’t actually purchase the miles until October 5th.  I mention this deal now just so you can start thinking about it since there is a small set of people that I think will be very excited about this promotion.

Welcome to InsideFlyer and may this be just the first of many great deals and tips!




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  1. If you have to register by October 6 and you then have 24 hours to confirm your purchase of miles, how is that you have until October 12 to purchase? I’m confused.

  2. The new site (Inside Flyer) does not recognize my Milepoint name , nor password. I rather not re-register and lose the benefits I had on MP (and presumably would still have on Inside Flyer). Any advice – I can’t even see an option to re-set password.

      • MP – I thought I had figured out the problem and resolution. I checked spam mail and I had a message from Inside Flyer (address to my MP member name) to confirm my MP account for transfer over to Inside Flyer. Once I did that and entered my old MP password, it said I was ready to go on the new site.

        However, I still cannot log on the Inside Flyer site. Very confused.

  3. The login is a little weird. I had trouble and finally tried it some different way besides the little icon and it worked. I think I clicked on the forums area and then logged in. The other way it just kept telling me to register. I don’t know why they made it so difficult on the redesign.

  4. Hi, how do you get 1.3cpm

    It says 100,000 miles would cost $3894. Add to that a 150% bonus that would be total of 250,000 miles for $3894. That is 1.557 cents per mile not 1.3, what am I missing?

    • Things could be clearer, given that this is a new launch and they would have been able to think it through. Maybe LifeMiles had a specific time frame in mind and IF had to rush to get it all in place. Anyway, it seems that after registering, you will get a confirmation from them in 24 hours, then you have until Oct. 12 to purchase. I can think of an enrollment bonus this will help clear, with $250 back for airline purchase (I think).

      Also, the 1.5 cpm rate would include full taxes, which U.S. residents are exempt from, thus reducing it to 1.3 cpm, because there are no taxes here for miles purchased from a foreign carrier.

      Do I have it right? At least there’s a week to figure it out and make a decision on this.

  5. To log in just press the little person icon in the top right corner and use your Milepoint info.
    Worked without any problems for me tonight.

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