Earning 5x on Groceries, Hyatt, Diapers, and Much More!

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Last month I decided I needed to work a little harder to increase the number of points my family was regularly earning without adding much extra complexity to our daily life.  Since I am pretty certain all of us enjoy earning more points without lots of added work or investment, I’ll share the few easy things I am doing this month.

Buying Grocery and Other Gift Cards Online for 5x Points

Last month I purchased $400 in Whole Foods e-gift cards via Staples.com and paid with a credit card that earns 5x points at office supply retailers. This meant that we earned 2,000 points on those groceries last month just by paying at the grocery store with e-gift cards we printed out at home instead of using a credit card in the store.  It didn’t cost anything extra, and since I’m never going to need any purchase protections afforded by credit cards on grocery purchases, I’m not losing anything by paying with gift cards for that sort of purchase.

Even as busy and sleep deprived as I am, this really worked out well for us, and I am placing another similar order online today for this month’s Whole Foods grocery purchases.  And before this comes up again, yes, Whole Foods charges more for some items than other stores.  They actually charge less for other items, and either way with the dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, egg-free, fun-free diet I am currently on I could care less about spending a little more for some things as long as I can shop at a store that actually has some items I can eat.

Earn 5x on Hyatt Stays and Anything Else

While I was online at Staples.com I noticed two different gift cards types that I hadn’t seen before.  First, there was a $300 Visa gift card as pointed out by Points, Miles, and Martinis.  Previously the largest Visa card on that site was a $200 version.  This $300 Visa card comes with a $8.95 fee as opposed to the $6.95 fee that the $200 card has), but it essentially results in earning points at a cost of .6 cents each, which isn’t bad, and is slightly better than the rate at which points are earned if you purchase the $200 cards.

I also noticed Hyatt e-gift cards on Staples.com (they could have been there before and I just missed them).  This could be an easy way to earn 5x points if you have some upcoming Hyatt Hotel stays.

Earn 5x on All Amazon and Diapers.com Purchases

Money spent on groceries, Amazon.com, and Diapers.com (and sister site Wag.com until earlier we lost our furry friend earlier week) makes up a pretty hefty percentage of my family’s monthly expenditures right now, and since we have already established how I am earning 5x on most grocery purchases, here’s how I am easily earning 5x at Diapers.com and Amazon.com for the rest of the year.  It’s actually even easier than the grocery purchases…

The Chase Freedom® is awarding 5x points on purchases at Amazon.com and Diapers.com (as well as Zappos.com and Audible.com) this fourth quarter up to a $1,500 5x max.  Since I use both of these sites regularly (and often one-handed on my phone while holding a baby), it is crucial that I have my default payment as the Freedom to avoid missing out on 5x points on those purchases.

Freedom 5x Activate

If you regularly shop at either of those sites, I highly recommend taking the 60 seconds to set your default credit card payment to the Freedom right now to avoid accidentally missing 5x points when you are quickly placing an order for diapers, toilet paper, dog food, or whatever you purchase online!  Of course, also be sure you have registered your Freedom to earn 5x points this quarter!

What are you doing to easily earn lots of points this month?



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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. I am buying gift cards from Amazon with my Freedom this month to shift a bit of my 5x spending off of my Ink card. Am buying Whole Foods, Starbucks, Amazon gift cards, and other miscellaneous restaurants popular with my daughter such as Noodles and Co. I believe Amazon sells Hyatt cards as well.

  2. Target brand diaper are the best bang for your buck and you get 5% off with the prepaid redcard on top of the points you earned loading it.

  3. Whole Foods gets a lot of crap and maybe in many cities it’s overpriced, but here in Austin I noticed a lot of the staples (pun intended) are chaper than HEB, or same price and higher quality. You just have to be careful and know the approx. good price for everything you buy.

  4. MP, all your 3 ebooks, “Hawaii for Nearly Free”, “Orlando for Nearly Free” and “Paris for Nearly Free” have been translated into Russian and given away free by a travel agency in Moscow to their clients that buy travel insurance from them.

      • atxtravel, you think that Russian travel agency cares, it just gives them an edge over the competition, to their clients, if the travel insurance and insurer are the same, it’s a no-brainer decision. Free is free.

  5. I also just got Discover IT for the double cashback promo, and don’t forget about the 10% ApplePay in store promo. I’m also still completing the minimum spend on the SPG personal and business. I’m curious if ApplePay purchases made in apps will code as in store purchases for the 10% promo or not.

    It would be helpful to also get an article or link about best practices for getting a Chase business card, I have heard anecdotaly that they are now asking more questions about your “business,” when you apply? And also the issue of how many new accounts & inquiries appear on your report? I have the Sapphire Preferred & Freedom, but not yet a Chase business card.

  6. We buy $1800 worth of Target cards at staples.com to buy groceries quarterly for between 9000 and 12600 points, depending on whether we get portal bonuses. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.

    • @Farnorthtrader Can you spill which portals are paying? I too buy target GCs via staples for all my grocery and household item purchases.

      • We use the chase portal and it has paid bonus points about half the time. No pattern to when or why they pay, that I can see

  7. Any reason you are doing 5x points instead of 22% cash back at whole foods? Discover and apple pay will be 12% within 60 days and another 10% in a year with a new discover card.

    • Brian, main reason is I still don’t have a Discover card and don’t have the mental brainspace to add another card to the mix right now. Sounds great for those that have it though!

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