Chicago Is…Not My Kinda Town This Year

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Right now we are supposed to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready to load the baby, Grandma, and myself in the car to head to the airport to fly to Chicago where it is currently a nice cool 47 degrees.  I was scheduled to attend and present a session at the annual miles and points conference, the Chicago Seminars.

However, Chicago is sadly not my kinda town this year.  Baby S has come down with her first virus and upper respiratory gunk, and as such was grounded from flying by her doctor.

Sicky sad face

Sicky sad face

I am beyond bummed to miss out on this gathering for the first time in five years.  Not only will I miss seeing old friends and new and talking miles and points, but I will also miss an excuse to put on real clothes, real shoes, and not have my hair in a messy bun!  Moms of babies will totally feel me on that one I think.  

I have good news though for those who are attending the Seminars and considering coming to my session.  I was able to upgrade who was presenting my session from me to Tiffany from One Mile at a Time.  She is funny, entertaining, very knowledgable about all things miles and points, and probably better rested than me anyway!

She was willing to rearrange her schedule and come in from California to present on very little notice, and I am super grateful for her willingness to sub in.  Anyone that is available to come hear her session geared to those new to the miles and points game should have an awesome and information filled hour!

Committing to travel with a baby is a risky proposition, and so far I am 0/2 on proceeding on trips as originally planned with Baby S.  Fingers crossed we don’t go 0/3 with another trip looming on the horizon.  As a consolation prize, I will be able to share some first-hand information about using built-in trip cancellation coverage provided by my Chase credit card…

Sincere apologies to those I will miss seeing in Chicago, but I’m already looking forward to next year!

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. Awww I hope for a speedy recovery for baby S! Tiffany is GREAT! Thank you for picking her to sub-in for you. I’ll admit though that when I read the title, I thought there was something wrong with the city of Chicago that didn’t mesh well with you, but there’s nothing wrong with the city at all; just you can’t go to Chicago because of your baby’s health.

    • Joey, indeed, not at all about the city. The song just popped in my head as I was writing and I totally agree with you that Tiffany is fantastic! 😉

    • Trup, a couple reasons. One is his work schedule, but even outside of that she still nurses 24/7 and even though she can take an occasional bottle, that really wouldn’t work out well while she is still not even three months old and not feeling well.

      • OK, i thought that since Chase doesn’t offer free replacements like they do on iPhones, that that may have something to do with it…

  2. So sorry to hear baby S is sick! Kudos to you for putting her first and staying home with her, I am sure that is not an easy thing to do.

  3. Aww, thanks Summer! I’m honored you trust me with your session, and will do my best to be as fabulous!

    No promises on showing up well-rested or sans messy bun though!

    • Your hair would look great in a messy bun and I trust your abilities to be well caffeinated. Seriously, many thanks!

  4. Sorry to hear your baby is sick, hope she gets better soon. Good pick with Tiffany, glad she can do it!

    Completely off subject, but we were in Chicago last week and couldn’t believe how kid friendly the city is. Stayed at the Radisson Aqua and have never seen a better park for kids then Millenium Park across the street. The kids loved it! Lincoln Park Zoo is also free and great for the kids. – There are also a ton of great museums that would have been good for the kids, but we were just relaxing enjoying the city. Will for sure go back!

    • I am not sure I understand 100% what a maturity leave is, but assuming that means waiting until the baby is older… More or less I just plan to keep plugging along as I have doing the best I can which means pretty normal operations one day and virtually nothing other days. It really was no different with kid #1 when I had a full time job and she was in daycare. Got so sick at one point around 10 months old with one illness after another I had to get medical note to have her stay home with me and work from home for three months while her system recovered. Babies just have to get through viruses and building immunity and while that is happening the parents (in this case mostly me since husband has office gig) just have to reorganize their plans and priorities. Some days life will go on as normal, and sometimes it won’t for a couple years.

  5. All parents certainly can relate to these circumstances. We all wish Baby S a speedy recovery. Also, I can’t think of anyone better to stand-in for you than Tiffany!

  6. thanks for the support and well wishes. Baby S is still quite stuffy, but doing well. I’m very glad we made the call to stay here, tough as it was. I’m also so glad y’all agree with Tiffany being a most excellent sub – can’t wait to hear how the session went!

  7. -could you please comment on how you have trip cancellation insurance with Chase cards? (I have about 6 of them…. all the regular good ones.)

    • Carolyn, it is a built-in perks to many of them when you use the cards to purchase your travel. It be in your benefits guide. I’ll write more about the process when I finish with it.

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