Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Review

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My mantra with travel (and life) right now is keep it simple.  I mean, that’s almost always my mantra with family travel, but with a newborn it has taken on a whole new level.  Perhaps keeping it simple is really now more of a religion than a mantra.  Either way, you get the idea, it’s paramount to all else.

This means that on our recent trip to Disney I wanted to streamline absolutely every single thing possible, since I knew we would create enough waves of our own without having poor planning adding to the tide.  So, since we were not able to fly out until after the workday was over on a Thursday, this meant that we would not be landing in Orlando until around 11PM local time.

To keep things as simple as possible, we needed a hotel at the airport instead of dealing with transportation and getting all the way out to the Disney area around midnight.  When choosing an airport hotel location is everything, and if there is a hotel within the airport itself then 99.99% of the time that will be the one that you want to book.  In this case the hotel within the airport is a Hyatt, specifically the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport.

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport

I was able to book the room using a combination of Hyatt points + cash and applied a Diamond Confirmed Suite upgrade so that we would have some extra room with the 5 year old, the baby, the crib, etc.  The cost came to 6,000 Hyatt points + $75 and taxes (you can also transfer Hyatt points from Ultimate Rewards cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card), which was a great deal in my view to be able to get to a bed almost immediately after landing at the airport with minimal cash outlay.

The hotel is located within the Orlando Airport and you literally do not have to leave the airport building to access the hotel.  We simply pushed the baby in her stroller from the gate area to the room, which was such a blessing at that time of day.  The hotel can even retrieve your checked bags for you and deliver them to your room (for a fee) if you really want to streamline your operation.

At check-in we were informed that our room (a junior suite) was ready and that the Diamond benefits at this property provide for breakfast either in the restaurant or via room service since they don’t have a club lounge.  They gave us a paper voucher that would cover the breakfast in either the lounge or via room service.  The voucher said something about an American Breakfast, but our breakfast was fully covered even though we did not order that menu item.


The only hitch at check-in was that the crib I had called and requested the day before was apparently not noted on the reservation, so at check-in I was told they would send one up shortly as there was not one already in the room.  After about 45 minutes, one still hadn’t arrived so I called down again and made what was in total the third request for the crib. A crib was finally delivered about 15 minutes later (at which point the person who delivered told me my baby was crying because she was swaddled…no she is crying because she is beyond ready to be put down in her crib that wasn’t in the room, thankyouverymuch).


At after midnight, not having a crib ready was a pretty frustrating situation after making the request in advance of our arrival and again at check-in.

The room itself was a good size, though not something I would really put in the category of “suite”.  It was more a deluxe room in my book, but it did have some extra space.


Hyatt Regency Orlando Junior Suite


The room is probably due for a renovation as most everything just felt pretty used and a bit outdated.  It was perfectly functional, but didn’t look as modern as most Hyatts that I have visited.


There was also a shortage of plugs for all of our devices that wasn’t a huge deal for one night, but was noticeable for my very wired family.

The bathroom had a separate toilet, but only a shower for bathing.  Again, not a huge deal for a one night stay, but for family travelers it does make things a little more challenging.  The shower did have good temperature and water pressure and was totally fine for those who don’t need bathtubs.


The room was located in an atrium which wasn’t very loud during our overnight stay, but I can’t promise how that works out when the airport is busier during the daytime hours in case you are booking a day use room or simply trying to sleep in later than we did.  Baby S loved looking out the window into the atrium!

I loved that they allowed Diamond breakfast via room service, and the delivery time and food quality were both good.

If you don’t have complimentary breakfast it helps that there are virtually endless food options within the airport outside of security right down the elevator from the Hyatt.  You can get your Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, or your fast food breakfast of choice without ever leaving the building.

While we are on the topic, you can also visit your Disney, Universal, Sea World, or other souvenir shop of choice within the airport within easy walking distance from the Hyatt … which I think could have entertained my kiddos for hours!

When it came time to get the rental car it was a very simple process since the rental car agency is also within the airport and does not require any off-site shuttle bus shuffling.

Staying within the airport at the Hyatt Regency Orlando for the night and catching our breath before heading to Disney was a very smart decision for our traveling family.  While the hotel did have a service gap with the crib delivery and is likely due for a refresh of some sort, the location is good enough that I would not hesitate to stay there again if I found us needing to stay near the Orlando airport on a future trip.

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The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


    • Nathan, you can use a diamond upgrade cert regardless of length of stay. There is a minimum 3 night stay on using all points for a suite reservation.

  1. You can’t beat it for convenience. I stayed there the night before a Disney cruise last year, and it made the whole experience so much more relaxing. I didn’t realize it at the time I booked the hotel, but they have an arrangement with Disney where they will collect your bags from your room and deliver them to the Disney Cruise Line luggage transport. So all I had to carry down to the Magical Express boarding after breakfast was my backpack. Next time I saw my bags was when they were delivered to my stateroom.

    I enjoyed the view out over the atrium and didn’t find it particularly noisy. But then I didn’t have a baby to worry about getting to sleep! I do find it interesting you only had a shower: I was in a pretty standard room and had a typical tub/shower combo.

  2. Having flown through this airport, I was wondering how well this hotel is. I’m a bit curious why you didn’t put the baby to sleep on the bed while you waited for the crib? In our travels with 2 boys I don’t think we every got a crib for the room when they were little.

    I also wanted to say, especially for families the Hyatt Regency at DFW would definitely be the .01% you wouldn’t want to book as it still takes a shuttle to reach, making it little different than the non-airport hotels. They were actually surprised when I checked in that I had walked over from Terminal C.

    • omatravel, my baby is a very very light sleeper. So, I was waiting to nurse her to sleep and put her down in her crib or else she very likely would have woken up when I moved her. I also am pretty diligent about “safe sleep” with little babies thanks to my previous work background that exposed me to too many stories of things gone wrong for little ones who didn’t sleep in cribs…and even some who did.

  3. Loved staying at the Hyatt Regency Orlando last year. Took my son to Disney for a long weekend right after Thanksgiving, and because we had an early morning flight to come home, I booked a room in the airport for the last night so all we had to do was wake up and go downstairs. Super convenient! Oh, and I told Disney that our flight was the night before, so they provided the Magical Express for us. 🙂

  4. I mainly stay at SPG and Club Carlson hotels and often pre request a crib. SPG almost never has the crib in the room by check in but Club Carlson has had a 100% success rate for me.

    Sad that these higher end brands don’t have their act together on this. You would think they would jump on this easy task that would both make the parents happy and reduce the chances of crying babies upsetting other guests.

    • Brian, I know! I was disappointed that even calling the day before didn’t do the trick and asking at check-in didn’t seem to expedite the process either. It’s a “small” thing to get right that makes a big difference for parents.

  5. IIRC, Hyatt’s definition of Suite for upgrade purposes requires a separate room; “Junior Suites” don’t count. I’d call in and ask for the cert back based on the pictures you posted.

    • I can’t say for sure. It very well may be – we didn’t have sound issues on our stay, but as I mentioned we were really only there for overnight.

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