The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller Review

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Most parents who travel (or even just live) with babies and young children are desperate for any gear or gadget that can truly make their lives easier and their babies safer. There’s a ton of baby gear out there that isn’t really a game changer, but then there is the Doona Infant Car Seat. The Doona Infant Car Seat is truly a game changer for traveling families, and also those families who primarily travel around their own communities. The Doona is an infant car seat, but then it can shoot out wheels and become an infant stroller! It’s the kind of thing you dream of, but it is actually real and available!

Doona infant car seat

When our first daughter was an infant six years ago we lugged around one of those bulky infant car seats like everyone else did (or does) on our arm when we would move her in and out of the car or go into restaurants when she was still sleeping. Then when we would travel there was always a bunch of gear that would have to go with us if we weren’t planning on just holding or carrying her the whole time.

Knowing we were about to have our second daughter earlier this year I was thrilled to find out that the Doona was going to be available for sale in the United States beginning in the spring of 2015. While it was a big investment at $500+ I rationalized it since we were reusing a bunch of other large and pricey items such as the crib, jogging stroller, clothes, and even cloth diapers from our first daughter, so this one splurge was okay.

Now that we have used the Doona Infant Car Seat for close to six months I am beyond thrilled to report that it was the game changer I hoped it to be, and it was indeed worth the hefty price tag given that we use it multiple times almost every single day. In fact, I have multiple people (usually other moms) stop us every time we are out and about to ask what the Doona is and then they will say things like “this is almost a reason to have another baby”. It’s that awesome.


Details on the Doona Infant Car Seat

The Doona is certified by the US and EU regulatory bodies for use as a car seat, approved for use on airplanes (assuming you have a seat for your infant), has side-impact protection, the materials are free of chemicals, and it comes with things like an infant insert for use for the smallest of babies starting at four pounds.

The Doona is said to fit babies up to 35 pounds and 32 inches long…though with my larger than average 5 month old who is already pushing 20 pounds I’m not sure how much longer it will last us.

how to use the doona infant car seat

Now, the Doona is undeniably heavy at around 16 pounds + the weight of your baby, but that isn’t a huge deal since you don’t carry it around other than to load it in and out of the car. It can work with the base and a vehicle’s LATCH system or simply be utilized with the seatbelt when you hop in and out of cabs or Uber vehicles as we did on a recent trip to NYC.


Using the Doona Car Seat for Travel

Having traveled with a young child before getting in and out of cabs without a great solution for simultaneously maintaining safety for our little one and ease of mobility with getting around town, it was so amazing to have a device that could serve as both an infant car seat and a stroller with just the push of a button. If you travel regularly with an infant the Doona is all-but-a-must-buy.

How to Use the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

I will readily admit that converting the Doona to and from stroller mode took a few tries for me to master, but once you get the hang of it, it was very simple and straight-forward. In fact, here is a video of Baby S and I showing how to use the Doona Car Seat stroller and convert to stroller mode and back again.

Where to Buy the Doona Car Seat

This is a big $500+ purchase so of course you want to be smart with where and how you make your purchase. As of this writing the Doona is still pretty hard to find in the United States as the stock seems to sell shortly after retailers receive the product (which is why I have come up empty-handed in trying to secure one as a giveaway here!). If you are picky about your color choice then you will need to be even more patient in securing the Doona your heart desires.

Some retailers that carry the Doona include Nordstrom,, The Baby Den, Pish Posh Baby, and other pretty high end baby retailers. I bought mine at The Baby’s Den to get free shipping and no tax charged (outside of NY). Nordstrom is also a great choice with free shipping and a very solid return and price match policy.

I’m a huge, huge fan of the Doona Infant Car Seat and have traveled with it already to Mexico, Florida, NYC, as well as on seemingly infinite trips to the grocery store, doctor’s office, Target, and more. It was our largest gear purchase for Baby S, but it was worth every penny. When we gate-check the car seat/stroller at the airport we are sure to put a cover on it to help keep it safe.

Whether you travel around the world or around your town with your baby I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret buying the Doona. If you have one, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. is owned by Amazon. It’s not unusual for Amazon to use Diapers (or Zappos, or Soap) as a method of controlling distribution chain to maintain pricing integrity.

  2. Your daughter is adorable!

    I had a similar car seat that turned into a stroller about 15 years ago when my daughter was an infant. I don’t recall the brand but I found it very heavy and awkward. Although it is still being used by the family I passed it on to. But the Doona looks very streamlined. Nice find.

    • I’m not sure what I will do with it but I probably won’t be selling it online and such both cause it would be pricey to ship and just liability issues if God forbid anything ever happened.

  3. Please PLEASE do a giveaway! My husband and I have taken some time off to travel full-time and our first little one is due in a month, and this sounds like an amazing piece of baby gear we can’t afford on our “traveling unemployed hobos” budget 🙂

    I used to be so confident that carrying her around in a sling would be just fine, but at 8 months pregnant, it’s starting to seem like a ridiculous notion. If she’s this heavy attached to me, what’s it going to be like when she’s her own person?!

    • Slings are great for some things but they do have limits for me. Would love to host giveaway but would need to be able to secure a product to give as its not in my budget to buy a second one. So far that’s proven very tough!

  4. I thought I found out about this here, but since I didn’t see it mentioned in the article…

    It may be a bit less sleek looking, but you can readily get the Lily Gold Sit ‘n’ Stroll for about half that cost, and it can be used all the way to 40 lbs. We have (literally) taken it around the world on countless trips the last two years. About 1 month ago we relocated to Ireland and our stuff is still on a boat crossing the Atlantic – this has been our only carseat/stroller/grocery cart for this time and still going strong.

    • I don’t personally connect my diaper bag or use the Doona storage bag. I just carry my diaper bag on my shoulder as I normally do so I’m not helpful in that regard. Sorry!

    • I put some small carabiners through the black plastic clips mear the canopy, the ones that are supposed to hold the Doona bag. I have a skiphop bag and I just put its stroller clips through the carabiners. I have to take it off to fold the wheels, but you have to do thay with any bag. The carabiner clips I leave on all the time, and I’ve hung plenty of other thjngs from them–my son’s little kid backpack, a clutch, a water bottle…

      Carabiners through those black clips make them universal and awesome.

  5. I have a Doona!! I’m due with my first in April, so we won’t be able to use it until then. However I’ve tested it out and can’t wait to use it in real life! From hanging out with friends and watching them lug carriers and transition kids to strollers, I think this will make life easier.

  6. How tall are you? I’m curious about the length of the handles when extended for stroller mode my husband and I are 5’10″+ so I want to make sure it will be comfortable to push.

  7. This is a brilliant post! An auto seat is something that the money needs to run towards with a newborn child, since they are in them to such a degree! I have certainly never bought one that was humble, in light of the way that I regard my youths’ life! My daughter is practically 2 and has the Diono Radian and I am cheery to say that we LOVE it! She has all the earmarks of being so pleasing in it!

  8. Hi mommy points! Just got my Doona too and was wondering when you did a gate check did you buy the Doona brand to store it? The one that looks like a backpack? I’m afraid it might look like a regular bag and might get lost.

  9. Are you still using the Doona? I also have a rather large 20 pound 5 month old, and am wondering if I could get any use our of it for upcoming trips.

  10. Sorry to repeat my question, but what cover/bag did you use when you gate checked your Doona? Thanks!

    • Well I don’t recommend what we did which was use a cover we already owned that didn’t zip all the way. Doona makes a cover which is probably the best bet to keep it safe.

  11. I have used one for a year now, and absolutely LOVE it!!! I’m so sad my daughter is growing out of it. It’s really not THAT crazy of a price- we never had to buy a stroller! And it’s still in great condition, I’ve had friends offer me $400 for it used. No-brainer.

      • Serenity, I not 100% sure. I think until 1 is very common, but after that I am sure it depends largely on where they are on the growth chart. We made it a couple months passed one and our daughter is in the 95% for height and I think 80 – 85% for weight. If your little one is on the smaller size and stays that way maybe you could get close to 1 1/2 years, but that is just a guess!

  12. Nice review! I just got one from as well with free shipping no tax and a free essentials bag as well! And I love it!!!


  13. First time parent here, considering the doona as we have three trips planned in the first four months. 15 months later (and frequent use, I assume)… do you still recommend the doona? I have concerns about the quality of the wheels. They seem to wear and tear quickly for the price (and no replacements available for purchase on the market, yet). Thanks, FTP

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