Four Discount Gift Card Opportunities

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In the last couple of weeks I have seen tons of discounted gift card purchase opportunities for various retailers including the discount retailer gift cards at I wrote about last week that have now ended, but there are other similar offers that are still available.


4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards at Kroger’s 

The Kroger’s family of grocery stores has brought back their 4x fuel points bonus on select gift card purchases including restaurant, movie theater, gaming, and music gift cards. By earning 4x fuel points on select gift cards sold at Kroger’s you are earning 100 fuel points for every $25 in eligible gift cards you purchase, which is pretty good (the normal gift card rate is 2x).

If you max out at 35 gallons of gas when you fill up, that means that you are saving $3.50 in gas for every $25 in eligible gift cards you purchase. You can use up to 1,000 fuel points at a time when filling up at a Kroger gas station, which would mean you are saving $1.00 per gallon, or up to $35 on a 35 gallon fill-up. You would need to purchase $250 in eligible gift cards to earn 1,000 fuel points.

Kroger Fuel Points

Using 1,000 fuel points would bring gas prices down to a ridiculous 51 cents a gallon or so around here, so we were just able to fill up our truck for $11.13 by taking advantage of this deal! Remember you can buy these gift cards in a Kroger’s with a credit card that pays a bonus at grocery stores or even cash back with the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express to make the deal even better for points hounds!


$10 Off $50 Amazon Gift Card Purchase for Some Accounts

We frequently see promos on Amazon gift card purchases that work for some accounts and not for others, and this is another round that will work for some and not for others…

You can see details on this FatWallet thread, or just try to load an Amazon Gift Card for $50 in your account with the promo code 0216GCARDS used at checkout and see what happens. It didn’t work for me, but fingers crossed it works for at least a couple of you since Amazon promos are as good as cash to me!

Discount Retailer Gift Cards on eBay

eBay also offers various discounted retailer gift cards such as $40 for a $50 Lord and Taylor gift card or $20 for a $25 Regal Cinemas gift card.

$10 HEB Gift Card with $50 Eligible Gift Card Purchase

heb gift cardAnother grocery store gift card deal I personally got in on this week was at HEB grocery stores were you got a “free” $10 HEB gift card when you buy $50 in eligible retailer gift cards including Macy’s, Bass Pro Shops, Gap, Sears, Olive Garden, and more through February 16, 2016. The HEB gift card is given to you instantly, so this is like getting a $50 retailer gift card for $40 since HEB gift cards are put to great use in my house.

Again you can pay with a rewards credit card that earns a bonus at grocery stores to earn bonus points/miles and save on these discounted retailer gift cards.

As always, I don’t recommend buying something you otherwise wouldn’t just because it is “on sale”, but if you were going to have purchases at some of these retailers anyway then it makes sense to maximize the purchase as much as possible.

Do you know of any other discount retailer gift card deals that are valid right now?

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  1. Having trouble seeing which GCs work for the 4X promotion vs. which have the normal 2X (typically I stick to Amazon & Starbucks GCs, which might as well be cash in our family).

    Do you have a link to which cards are part of the 4X promo?

    • I just bought a $100 Starbucks GC today at Kroger (to be technical it is Kroger not Kroger’s 😉 ). My receipt reflected my points with no trouble. Note, if you fill out the survey on the receipt, you get another 50 points. If I am at x50+ points, I will take the survey to get to the next gas tier. If someone is a Starbucks fan, it makes more sense to pay with a gift card that is tied to your account anyway. That adds rewards that pay off in free drinks and food. A great way to double up!

      I would also note that Publix runs coupons in its flyer at times for a $10 credit on $50 gas gift card if you buy $50 of groceries. While I will use Kroger gas, I prefer QuikTrip which is similarly cheap but TOP TIER fuel certified, which my car manufacturer recommends. Also, given the size of my tank, the 20% return on the coupon is better than the return I get on the 4x points at Kroger.

      Here is a blog post I wrote detailing my return on Kroger fuel points via gift card bonuses. Note, this was written before I obtained the Amex Everyday Preferred Card. I agree that that is one of the best if not the best card to use at supermarkets.

      • Hi, thanks.

        I went to Smith’s today and bought a $400 Starbucks card based on your comment. Ironically, during checkout, the cashier asked, “you know this doesn’t count towards the 4X?” I told her I didn’t realize that, was looking forward to the 4X, but might as well continue (I was buying other things) anyway. She told me the story of a woman who bought a $50 Starbucks card in the morning and complained about only getting 2X. After checkout the cashier reviewed my receipt and then shockingly announced that I had gotten 4X for my ‘Bux card, so… yay 🙂

        Yeap, I fill out 1 receipt survey every 7 days for 200 points every 4 weeks 🙂

        1 week into February, $4000 into the Amex ED $6000 limit on 4.5X for groceries… by late March I’ll hit the limit and be searching for my “next best” grocery store CC.

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