Discounted Choice Hotel Points for Sale Today

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Today marks the beginning of five weeks of Daily Getaway sales that are available online once per weekday at 1PM Eastern. These various travel deals range from blocks of hotel points, to hotel stay certificates, to Las Vegas packages, theme park tickets, and more. Some are very hot deals that will sell out in seconds, and some are just okay deals in the right situation that won’t sell out for days, if ever. In all cases you should probably have a plan for how and when you will use what you are purchasing instead of just buying just to stock up for “some day”.

Most of the packages and certificates will have an expiration date at some point within the next year, so pay attention to that date. The points packages will just be added to your hotel loyalty program’s balance and then fall under the rules of whatever program they are in, so their expiration date will vary depending on the rules of the program they are under.

Discounted Choice Hotel Points Available:

Today’s offering are packages of Choice Privileges points that are advertised as enough points for “3 Nights at a Comfort Inn” or similar, but in reality they are just blocks of points you can use however you wish. There are four different package types available including:

  • 20,000 points for $90 – .45 cents each
  • 32,000 points for $132 – .41 cents each
  • 36,000 points for $155 – .43 cents each
  • 40,000 for $160 – .40 cents each

Daily Getaways Choice.jpg

There are between 220 – 786 package available for each individual offering, so you should have a good shot of being able to purchase one or two of these if you are online right at 1PM Eastern. The terms indicate that no more than two points can be purchased through the offer per loyalty number, with a max of 8 sets across all Choice offers. This means each Choice member can theoretically buy a max of two of each size package, though in practice I bet that is challenging since demand of these is relatively strong given the variety of ways to use the points.

Choice points can be very useful in certain situations – I have used them to stay at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island next to Atlantis in the Bahamas shown below as staying there gives you included access to Atlantis and their amazing waterpark. That hotel currently goes for 25,000 points per night, or as low as $100/night at .4 cents per point when the selling price can be north of $300/night. I can’t guarantee the hotel will stay at 25k points, or that there will be availability when you want to go, but the deal did work out well for us in the past and I may do it again in the future.

Choice points can also be very useful in places like Europe where hotels can be found for just 8,000 points per night, or the equivalent of $32/night at .4 cents per point. There are also a variety of Choice hotels in Manhattan that go for 30,000 points per night, which is $120/night at .4 cents per point. Some people also like to transfer Choice points to Southwest to help with earning the Companion Pass at a rate of 6,000 Choice points = 1,800 Southwest Rapid Reward points. At .4 cents each, that is like getting Southwest points at a rate of 1.33 cents each, which isn’t great or terrible by itself, but probably makes the most sense if you are working towards the Companion Pass.

The biggest downside to Choice is that you cannot make your award reservations until 30 days in advance of the stay within US and Canada, and 45 days in advance for international destinations. If you have Choice elite status that window can go as high as 100 days in advance. So, absolutely factor this tight booking window into your decision to purchase as you have to have a back-up plan in case there is no award availability at your desired destination. I recommend reading my post about Choice points that was recently updated here if you aren’t overly familiar with the program.

If you plan to purchase points make sure to have your Choice Privileges number handy ahead of time as you will need it to complete the transaction.

Will you be purchasing some Choice points via today’s sale? What are your plans for using them?

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  1. Unfortunately I got interrupted at work. Was on at 12:03 (1:03 their time) and got the dreaded message on all four Choice Hotel offers “Sorry, this inventory is already on hold for other customers while they complete their order.” I’m still hanging around there refreshing my browser in case someone changes their mind.

    • Jill, yes keep the refresh going. I was able to get a package by clicking right at 1:00. I knew these would go quickly because of their ability to transfer to airlines, but I am at least a tad surprised that all were spoken for within the first minute.

      • I was able to snag 3 packages (40K + 40K + 36K for an upcoming trip to Europe), the first two by refreshing starting @ 12:59, and the third by hitting the buy button a few times around 1:05… I guess some people may be putting them in their cart but changing their mind or timing out before finalizing the purchase.

        This is the strategy I would recommend for future Daily Getaways deals!

  2. I got 2 32,000s and 1 40,000; made the mistake of not updating the quantity to 2 when it first came avaialble.. so got 1, 1, and 1… guessing they are all sold out now, but thanks for the post! We have to be in Scandinavia a TON this year, time to get the credit card as well.

  3. I dropped the ball on this and didn’t start searching until 11:13am MDT. Of course I didn’t get any. I *always* get some every year…but totally messed up this time around. Ugh.

    Thank goodness my wife’s SWA Business app went through…this was my backup plan for the companion pass

  4. I was able to get one 32K points package right at 1pm. Planning to use for a September trip down the California coast.

  5. My fiancée and I were able to get 2×32,2×36, and 1×40. Spent over $700. I’m planning a 3 week road trip next month, so this will be useful. Lots of hotels for 10k points/$40, which is hard to beat. Plus they’re very easy to book at the last minute.

  6. Hi Summer,

    I actually had the two least desirable deals, calculated by price, snagged. However, my fatal mistake was getting greedy by using the same browser, and opening up two separate tabs, instead of one tab each in two separate browsers (like Chrome and Internet Explorer). When the final approval screen came up, I lost both deals. For me, it’s a rusty, not rookie mistake, since I’ ve done the Daily Getaways for several years.

    Do you have any favorite deals coming up?. In particular, I’m wondering about the Wyndham points. How good is the availability at higher end hotels, such as ones in NYC, Austin, and other expensive cities. My rationale is this: in NYC, even paying $150, with no further sales taxes, is a decent, if not stellar, deal. Caveat: IF the availability can be had.


  7. My husband and I purchased a package of 40,000 points, and a package of 20,000 points. The 20,000 points package was easy to snag by being online at 1pm EDT, but the 40,000 package took a lot of browser refreshes, but after 5 minutes and 20 refreshes it became available.

    We have an immediate, high value, usage for the points in June, and my husband was just able to status match from Hilton Gold to Choice Platinum. That means we can reserve 75 days out, instead of 30 days. My question is, how soon should we expect the Choice points to hit our accounts? Any experience from past Daily Getaway promotions.

  8. Points took just one day to post to our accounts. As platinum, we were able to make our New York City June reservation for two night. Very happy about the deal. See you in June, Manhattan!

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