Why This $29 Airfare Sale Is So Awesome

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Frequently, when a budget airline like Frontier has a sale the cheap seats are for dates that just don’t work. For example, the cheap seats are for close-in travel dates, or for the fall right when school cranks back up in September, or something similar. I mean, those dates work for some people, but for families working with a traditional sort of schedule they often don’t.


When I saw today’s email from Frontier offering 2 million seats at $29 I was interested, but I knew that the $29 flights would probably be from somewhere I’m not, to somewhere I don’t want to go, at a time when I’m not available. To an extent that is true, but there is something pretty cool about this sale that makes it worth a look by every single person who likes to travel…even if you are certain you will never fly on Frontier.


What I really dig about this sale is that there are dates at the lowest prices until the end of their booking schedule which is currently early March 2017. This allows ample time for advance planning and greatly increases the odds that a ‘normal’ family can actually take advantage of these crazy low prices…even if you don’t see something at the lowest $29 level that works for you.

For example, you can fly from Houston to Denver on select dates for just $39 all the way through ski season. I will never forget those overnight 16 hour drives from Houston to Colorado that we did when I was a kid. It was tough as a kid passenger, I can’t imagine how tough it was for the adult drivers! I know I’m not tough enough to want to tackle that sort of insanity for my own family now since I live on the verge of exhaustion all the time anyway. Luckily, you can skip those 32 hours of round trip driving and just book $39 flights for the family and start your time on the mountain without being bleary eyed from all night driving.

Hurray for flying instead of all night driving!

Hurray for flying instead of all night driving!

Even if you don’t want to fly Frontier for whatever reason, you need to know and acknowledge that prices this low are out there so you can decide how much more you are willing to pay to fly a “full service” airline. Especially with my elite status and associated perks, I will pay more to fly United over Frontier, but how much more? $20 more, sure. $50 more, probably. $100 more, maybe. $300 more, no.

Houston Denver Presidents Day.jpg

For example, this morning you can book round trip tickets to Denver from Houston over the very peak President’s Day weekend for just $112.10 each. Most other airlines will want several times that amount for that busy weekend. This doesn’t include the $29 Discount Den type tickets, but it is still a seriously smoking deal that you need to be aware of if you are in the market for those flights even if you don’t think you want to fly a budget airline.

If you want to look towards sun instead of snow, then you can also fly from Austin to Orlando from just $29 through March 2017. This $29 price does require ‘Discount Den’ membership, but that can quickly be worth it if you are booking for a whole family. Again, this is a case where you are taking would be a 17 hour drive and turning it into a $29 two-ish hour flight. That amazes me, and I hope it always does.


Frontier $29 Sale.jpg

Even though I didn’t book anything, these price shopping exercises are ones that I think all of us absolutely should be doing on a regular basis to make sure we are getting the best overall value for our travel dollar or mile. It’s okay if you only want to fly full service airlines for whatever reason, but you need to know how much more you are paying when doing so. Factor in all the extras you think you would need to pay on the budget airline like Frontier when comparing prices, but you need to know just how inexpensive flights on these airlines can be at times…even when those times are peak travel weekends.

Did you find any crazy cheap prices via this new Frontier Airlines sale?
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    • Rob, I got it in an email and was able to price out many $29 flights…maybe just check the sale site I linked in the post. It may not say $29 sale (for whatever reason), but you will find the $29 fares listed there under each city. Good luck!

  1. Looks like if you are going to take any kind of bag, including a carry on, you will pay a minimum of $ 25 each way. Still some very good deals but, the buyer needs to be aware that the extras can/will add up quick.

    • For sure – do the math based on the “extras” you will need…a small carry-on like a backpack will be free (that’s what my parents did on their Frontier flight last week), but anything larger will incur a fee.

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