Up to 2,500 Bonus Miles for the Cheapest Spirit Flights!

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I love Spirit Airlines. I mean, I don’t personally fly them frequently, but I love them. My parents actually do fly them regularly for just 2,500 miles each way since they have the Spirit Airlines credit card, which I think is a great deal for those that can make it work.

Spirit doesn’t make any apologies for being a low cost carrier, in fact they have a pretty great sense of humor about it. As long as you know the rules and what you are signing up for, Spirit can offer a great way to fly around the country and even beyond for pretty low prices.

Grandma and Grandpa packed to avoid Spirit fees!

Grandma and Grandpa packed to avoid Spirit fees!

Right now they have a promo that I find to be just perfect for their business model and honestly a little fun. For every round trip or one-way booking made on spirit.com from 8/1 – 8/31/16 you will get bonus miles based on how much you spend.

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Earn More Miles for Lower Fares!

However, instead of the usual type of airline bonus that awards more miles for higher fares, the fun Spirit catch is that you get more miles for spending less. That’s something you will never find at the traditional airlines!

  • Spend less than $75 on the base fare and earn 1,000 bonus miles for regular members, or 2,500 bonus miles if you are a $9 Fare Club member.
  • Spend $76 – $125 on the base fare and earn 500 bonus miles for regular members, or 1,000 bonus miles if you are a $9 Fare Club member.
  • Spend $126 – $200 on the base fare and earn 150 bonus miles for regular members, or 500 bonus miles if you are a $9 Fare Club member.
  • Spend more than $200 on your base fare and no bonus for you!

The price thresholds apply to base fare pricing per customer, regardless of whether they booked a one-way or round trip. Base Fare includes DUC and PUF, but excludes Fuel and Taxes. Those who made the booking first and registered later, as long as the booking and registration were both completed in August 2016, are still eligible. Miles will be deposited by September 30, 2016 and shall be conditional to completion of travel (Spirit Airlines reserves the right to deduct the applicable miles for no-shows and cancellations).

Like I mentioned at the beginning, Spirit Airlines cardholders can fly for as few as 2,500 miles each way, so getting up to a 2,500 mile bonus with each flight is like getting a free flight for some customers. That is pretty great…though remember that Sprit does add some fees to award flights, charges extra for everything, miles expire quickly without activity, yada yada yada. Just remember to register for the promo if you have some paid Spirit flights in August 2016!


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