Three Fun Destinations for Kids in London!

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After a little bit of a rocky start due to normal jetlag + a slightly unwell baby on arrival from London, our next 24 hours have proven to be much better…and we couldn’t ask for better weather than 79 degrees and sunny. In fact, we didn’t really pack appropriately for weather quite this warm!

Eat, Play, and Shop at Harrods

It may sound crazy, but a big winner for the little ones so far has been the Disney Cafe on the 4th floor in Harrods. Not inexpensive food, but lots of games to play, Toy Story showing on the TV, and it was just really well themed and laid back. It was also a good place to just let kids be kids for a bit instead of trying to make them pretend to be little adults. It is also just one floor above the toy floor, so this was a double win for the six year old!

For C and me, a trip to Europe isn’t at all complete without doing some macaron flavor testing, which was made very simple, fun, and delicious by the assortment available at Harrods. If macarons aren’t your thing (and why aren’t they?!), there is an endless variety of other amazing looking treats on the ground floor at Harrods.


Exploring Hyde Park

We are staying just a couple blocks from Hyde Park, so it was an obvious choice for a morning of outdoor fun. These days I don’t make it to many museums and attractions on trips, but instead we often just pretend we live wherever we are and do things like climb trees in the park and explore playgrounds.

The perfect weather made this perfect family excursion, well, perfect. Hyde Park is quite large, so just pick a section of it at a time instead of trying to see the whole thing at once.

Cottage Hyde Park

State Rooms at Buckingham Palace

Last but not least, we visited the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and it was simply amazing to get to actually go inside instead of just peering through the bars out front as we had done so many times before.

Sadly you can’t take pictures in the palace, but once you through the 1-2 hour tour and get to the back gardens you can click away to your heart’s content. There is also a cafe just off the patio of the palace where we had lunch. Eating cake at the palace is pretty awesome for both the little ones and the big ones in our group. Again, the perfect weather was just the icing on our strawberry cake.

Buckingham Garden tour

Buckingham Garden

We’re not going to make it everywhere in London on this trip, but we’re all having a good time, and doing our best to take it all in one family friendly spot at a time!


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  1. We did London with our oldest two when they were maybe six months and just over two.

    We enjoyed Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace!

    We also did a hop on hop off bus tour which usually isn’t our thing but it was a great way to see a lot without having to get off the bus.

    We also did the Tower of London which was fun.

  2. I’m enjoying following along on your family trip to London. I’ve been wanting to take our twins, but they’re only four and although their aunt and uncle live in Bisley, I think we may need to wait until at least six. Just don’t think they’ll appreciate any of the sites, shops, museums, etc. Great job on the posts and keep the pics coming!

  3. Two years ago we took our then three year old to London. She had the most fun playing on the swings in a garden outside Buckingham Palace. It is the most adorable picture. It’s important to have kid time and tailor activities for them. She also loved a boat ride and the London Eye.

    • Once Little C is old enough to enjoy WB’s Harry Potter World, you will want to spend a day there. Until then, there is the playground in St. James Park, feeding the ducks and maybe climbing on the lions in Trafalghar Square (she will need your help). Have fun!

      • When we were in Trafalagar Square in November, the police were after people who were climbing on the lions, so perhaps not a good idea.

        Hamley’s is a wonderful toy store – total sensory overload for both adults and kids.

  4. My wonderful wife drug our kids around to everything in London while we lived there. She blogged about it for two years. Don’t discount what your kids will take away from a trip at any age; they are amazing sponges.

  5. Just got back from our London-Edinburgh-Dublin trip with our 8 yr. old – Definite highlight for her was Buckingham Palace with Hot Chocolate after in the Garden Cafe. Our weather never got above 68, perfect for touristy stuff. After we toured the Tower of London (they have a great kids tour where they can search for period re-enactors and chat with them) , we found 12 international food booths (think food truck fare) for lunch whilst 😉 walking along the Thames about a half-mile walk to the west. Everything from Banh Mi (our Choice, excellent!) to Fish and Chips to burgers to chinese and pasta. Not sure it’s there every day, we went on a Friday.

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