Hyatt Regency Churchill London Executive Suite Review

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We had really wanted to return to London for a few years, but job layoffs, pregnancy, and a newborn all interrupted booked and partially planned trips in recent years. We had another attempt planned for a few weeks ago, and despite a one-year-old who wasn’t feeling 100% at the time of wheels-up, we pressed on and the four of us plus Grandma landed 9 hours later in the city that we love.


We love just about everything London, except of course the price of being there. The improved USD to GBP rate helps a bit, but London is still a pretty expensive city. This means it is a good city in which to use hotel points and/or hotel elite status parks, if possible, to knock down your overall trip costs.

Choosing Between the Andaz Liverpool and the Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotels

We have stayed at the Andaz Liverpool property in London before, and initially had planned to stay there again on a relatively low rate using a Hyatt Diamond confirmed suite upgrade for sufficient space for the two adults, one child, and one baby. It is a solid property with a beautiful breakfast spot that would have been free with our Diamond status, however I ultimately could not resist trying the Hyatt Regency Churchill, which is a Category 6 Hyatt property just like the Andaz, but in a more desirably (to me) location. The Churchill was where we were booked on one of our trips that never happened, so a part of me really wanted to recreate that experience we missed out on.

Cash rates at the Hyatt Churchill are a good bit higher than the Andaz on average, but if you are using points they would be the same at either 25,000 points per night or 12,500 points + 99 pounds per night on a points + cash rate, if you are lucky enough to be able to snag that rate.

Hyatt Churchill Cash and Points.jpg

Early Check-In at the Hyatt Regency Churchill

As with many arrivals from the US, we landed pretty early in the morning after a flight that included zero minutes of sleep for me, and not too many more for the rest of our party. In other words, we were tired. We were saying our prayers and crossing our fingers that early check-in would be available.

Hyatt Churchill

It was probably 9:00 AM when we arrived at the hotel after taking the Heathrow Express train from Heathrow, and then a short 10 minute cab ride to the hotel from Paddington Station. For the record, this was a pretty fast and easy way to get into London for our crew! We were then taken to the 8th floor to complete the check-in process as Diamond members…because clearly Diamond members can’t mix with the commoners in the lobby. <- obvious sarcasm alert. 

Hyatt Regency Churchill Lobby

Hyatt Regency Churchill Lobby

Hyatt Churchill Lobby

We had secured one standard room for Grandma and Little C via a discount code and pretty good rate from and one suite using a suite upgrade for Josh, myself, and the baby on a reservation made directly with Hyatt. Technically three people (babies included) are the max for their Regency Suite, though they did offer to make an exception and allow both children in the room if we paid an additional co-pay on top of using our suite upgrade to secure the larger Regency Executive Suite. We declined securing the additional upgrade and paying the additional copay since we could make it work by dividing us between the two rooms, but in the end we lucked into the Regency Executive Suite anyway.

Totally understandably, it was not ready as early as we arrived.

Fortunately, the standard room was available, and Grandma and the two kiddos headed off to nap while we inhaled coffee in the Regency Club and waited for a nap in the suite.

Hyatt Churchill Standard Room

Hyatt Churchill Standard Room

Just as we had given up on a much needed nap and were heading out to walk around London we were told the suite was ready at about 10:30AM. I haven’t been so excited about anything in a long time as I was for that nap! I may have screamed a happy scream in the lounge as if I had one the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes when they told me the suite was ready.

Clutching coffee and praying for first sleep in almost 24 hours

Clutching coffee and praying for first sleep in almost 24 hours

The Regency Executive Suite at the Hyatt Regency Churchill

The Regency Executive suite itself was absolutely gorgeous had a living room/dining table area as well as a half bathroom in the main area.

View when walking into the suite

View when walking into the suite

Half bath

Half bath

Then behind some doors there were the sleeping quarters and the full bath room with a separate tub and shower…and fancy toilet.

Churchill King Bed

Churchill King Bed

The suite has been recently renovated, and it was simply amazing to be in such a large and nice space right near Hyde Park in London. We repeatedly said we cannot believe now nice this is. To be able to leverage things like elite status, points, and/or confirmed upgrades to stretch a budget to include otherwise out-of-reach accommodations like the Regency Suite at the Hyatt Churchill in London blows my mind.

Churchill Living Room Suite

Thanks to jetlag, not feeling well, etc. the little one had a relatively rough time sleeping the first night, but having the separate space for her and her “crib” in the living room made it a bearable situation. If we had all been in the same room it would have been much, much tougher. I do wish they had standard cribs instead of pack and plays, but they did give us a bag of baby toiletries which was nice in case you forgot something behind.

FullSizeRender 143

The bed was really good, and by European standards wasn’t as hard as some others I have experienced. The blackout curtains were great, too. We did experience some street noise, but it wasn’t overly loud, and was much less than we later experienced in Edinburgh.

The shower pressure was a 10/10, and while I don’t normally get excited about bath amenities, the Molton Brown products smelled fantastic. It is worth a mention that Grandma’s standard room did not have the same amenities, and I believe only the suites and the club rooms have that brand of products…which is a shame as they really were great!

Churchill Suite Bath

Churchill Shower

The Regency Club Lounge at the Hyatt Regency Churchill

Speaking of the Regency Club, it was an absolute highlight of this property. It is located on the 8th floor where the Diamond check-in occurs and it serves both breakfast and evening canapes and drinks. Given the high price of food and drinks in London, this is one of the times that I think splurging for a club room on points or otherwise is worth considering, especially for a family with multiple mouths to feed. We ate breakfast there everyday and even made a meal out of the evening service one night.

Churchill Fruit Lounge

I’m going to do a separate post on the food and drinks at the Hyatt Regency Churchill, including a closer look at the lounge so I’ll skip the details here other than to say the lounge was an absolute highlight of the property. From the food and drink offerings, to the service,  to the beautiful setting, this was one of my very favorite hotel lounges of all time.

Hyatt Regency Churchill Lounge Seating

Hyatt Regency Churchill Lounge Seating

Between the food, and even just the sodas and bottled waters, the five of us saved hundreds of dollars on food and drink costs thanks to the Regency Club.

Churchill Breakfast Setting

Overall Impressions of the Hyatt Regency Churchill

The Hyatt Regency Churchill was just a couple of blocks walk from Hyde Park, and just a 10 pound cab ride to pretty much everywhere else we went including Harrod’s and Buckingham Palace. Thanks to our short trip to London and travelers that ranged in age from 1- 65, cabs worked out great for us this time around.

The doormen at the Churchill were great at getting cabs for us, and also excelled at just making us smile when we were coming or going from the hotel.

Churchill Cab

Speaking of coming and going through the lobby, don’t miss out on the cold infused water near the check-in desk. It was fantastic, and the perfect way to cool off after coming in from a London adventure. For me, it’s the little things like this that can add up over the course of a stay and take a good hotel to the level of a great hotel.

Churchill Water

I am thrilled that I went with my gut and we chose to stay at the Hyatt Regency Churchill this time to kick off our summer trip to the UK. It was a comfortable and beautiful hotel in a solid location with excellent service. It isn’t the cheapest place to stay, but looking for deals and sales on discount sites and/or using Hyatt Gold Passport points brings it into the realm of doable for many of us. If you get the chance, go for it, and don’t miss the lounge if you can! I very much hope and plan to return in the future.

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  1. Nice report, MP.
    Loved this hotel. We(4 of us) spent spring break ’16 in London and used the hotel as our base. Service was wonderful, lounge was so convenient, area was great. Would not hesitate to return.
    Not cheap(point or dollar wise) but it’s London, come on.

  2. Great review Summer. We also spent our summer vacation in Europe this year and here are some observations/recommendations:
    – We were a party of 4 and were always able to secure connecting rooms which was great. Once you open the connecting doors it just makes the entire area much bigger. At the St. Regis in Rome we were given a junior suite connected to a standard room which was fantastic;
    – I also noticed that most luxury hotels in Europe have different bath amenities depending on the type of room you book. At the St. Regis both rooms had Remede products but in the suite the bottles were twice the size of the standard room and also included more options such as facial moisturizer, etc.. that were not offered in the standard room. However, the one that blew my mind was the Hotel Grand Bretagne (Luxury Collection) in Athens. We were given two connecting suites and both rooms offered full size bottles (yes, 5 oz each) of Acqua Di Parma products which retails for $45 each here in the US. And they we restocked every day with new bottles. We noticed standard rooms only offered the hotel branded products at much smaller sizes;
    – Almost all high end hotels offer free cold infused water or fruits juices at the reception area as well as free bottles of mineral water in the room;
    – We stayed mostly in Starwood properties while in Europe and SPG Gold was always recognized and we were given free breakfast for all 4 of us in all properties which I was not expecting;
    – I found the best way for us to get from and to the airports to the hotels was to hire a limo service in advance. We were able to find good recommendations on Trip Advisor, etc… and always had a driver waiting for us at arrival and helping us with luggage and taking us ina nice and clean car to the hotels. It was probably a bit more expensive than a regular taxi and cheaper than a hotel car but very convenient. I would highly recommend if you have lots of luggage and kids;
    – Now the best part of Europe: all hotel employees were great, always had a genuine smile on their faces and were glad to go above and beyond to help us and make our stay perfect and with no expectation of getting a tip at all.

    • I definitely second the recommendation of hiring a car for transportation after a flight especially for London given that the Heathrow Express is not necessarily cheap. Spend another $20 – 30 bucks and you can have a private car transfer. I used Prompt Executive Hire for London and the rates were reasonable – it came to $120 US and the driver helped us with our luggage and delivered us to the Churchill is a brand new BMW 5 series.

  3. Santastico, you should write a blog. I enjoy your stuff(on several Boarding Area blogs). As a non-blogger your adventures seem more authentic than most specifically because you are NOT one.
    And you advice about pre-arranging a limo and tipping(or lack thereof) in Europe is spot on.

    • LOL!!!!! That is funny. English is not my first language and I am a finance guy but you are not the first person that said that. Well, I got a 6.0 on my AWA test on the GMAT if that means anything. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to write blogs and to travel for fun as much as other bloggers do. Most of my travels are for work but I learn a lot by reading travel blogs on how to plan great family vacations for my family. Tks for the nice words.

    • Like them both, but location tips me to Churchill. Andaz breakfast is great and rates are lower, so that’s good. The actual physical rooms I personally like better at Churchill, but I would certainly return to the Andaz, too.

  4. I’ve stayed at both the Andaz and the Churchill (mostly the Churchill though). If you are a tourist, the Churchill is a better option most of the time. If you are doing business in the City of London, the Andaz may be better though. Regarding the Molton & Brown amenities, they are offered only in the Regency Club rooms. They are excellent and one of the several reasons we like staying there so much.

  5. How much was the copay for the larger suite? I have a party of 6 adults and 1 infant and would really like to squeeze everyone into 2 rooms to save on costs. Thanks!

    • For our dates it was an additional 120 GBP per night to go from the standard suite to the Regency Executive (that we lucked into anyway). Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the review MP and Santastico! 🙂
    We’ve been to the Andaz and I really loved it, but this does sound even better. It’s nice to know that you can’t go wrong with the London Hyatt choices.
    That’s good advice about the connecting rooms. The restrictions on number of people per room in Europe are frustrating.
    On the subject of great lounges, two that come to mind are the Grand Hyatt Santiago and the Hyatt (Regency?) Osaka. Both with good enough evening food that you can make a dinner of it.

    • You really can’t go wrong with either option, but I’m sure you will love the Churchill if you give it a try next time you are in London.

  7. I used my free nights at the Hyatt Regency in Churchill in September 2014 – I was awarded my nights a month before the trip. While not showing availability online, I called Gold Passport and they found availability for me online. I did have to pay one night which was $400, so it was a good value.

    It was my mom’s first trip outside the States and it was her 62nd birthday. I had notified the hotel that it was my mother’s first trip to London, in addition her birthday was the next day after arrival. Ana Ferreira , the VIP Amenities and Minibar Team Leader arranged for a lovely welcome package of fruit, chocolates and wine upon arrival. The very next day, she sent up a chocolate mousse cake and prosecco with a personalized note wishing my mom a happy birthday. My mom loved it and felt incredibly special. I have stayed at 5 star resorts from the Four Seasons to St. Regis and the service we received was on-par and at no additional cost – greatly appreciate it!

    I’m not a Diamond member so didn’t get free breakfast but went to the Grazing Goat for breakfast every day and the Portman is a great pub for fish and chips.

  8. We stayed at the Churchill for 3 nights in the beginning of Aug. Our DSU on top of C&P rates got us one of the suites in the Presidential Suite wing on the 9th floor (there are 4 suites in that wing). There is also the Royal Suite on the 9th floor which has multiple bedrooms. Someone important was apparently staying there as there were bodyguards stationed on the 9th floor across from the elevators most of the day.
    There are actually 2 lounges on the 8th floor. One for anyone with kids and one for adults only. The kids lounge was a madhouse every morning with wealthy families and their nannies taking over almost every table. We couldn’t find a table for 3 most mornings so my wife and son ate at a small table and I went to the much less crowded adult lounge.
    We loved our room (they refilled our complimentary snacks everyday) and the Molton Brown toiletries. The martinis and drinks at the Churchill bar were also good. The only negative was their business center or lack of one. It consisted of 2 cheap laptops and a printer in the lobby area near the piano.
    I would also recommend getting an Uber from the airport. Our UberX was in a SUV and it cost only 32 GBP from Heathrow to the Churchill through some bad city traffic. It was probably faster and cheaper than taking a train for the 3 of us.
    Our time in London was a short 3 days and the Churchill is much more central and convenient than the Andaz. I miss the days when London had more Hyatt properties (2 former ones were located near Harrods)

  9. OK, one other point about “when in London”… After a performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House, not a cab could be found and we were starved & in a hurry to get back to our hotel in The City. The Tube had a queue of a few thousand from other plays which had ended the same time. The solution? and overpriced thrill-a-second Pedi cab! Our driver took us up sidewalks, down alleyways, around and through traffic, and for “only” 3 times the cost of cabfare (rolleyes), our 8 yr. old daughter had the highlight of her trip.

  10. My husband and I just stayed at the Hyatt Regency Churchill last week, in a standard room, and we also had Molton Brown bath products–FYI.

    People should be aware that staying in a hotel just off of insanely busy Oxford Street can present its own issues–mainly dealing with heavy pedestrian traffic at all hours any time you are going to and from the hotel from the Tube. I think next time we look for a London Hyatt, we’re going to purposefully pick one that’s not in such a heavily touristed area, because it drove me crazy having to deal with the crowds.

    • It sounds like the Andaz would be a good choice for you. It’s conveniently next to Liverpool St station, but the roads and sidewalks are not packed with tourists at all. Certainly nothing like Oxford St.

  11. We are a family of four, 2 adults and 2 large teens going to London next summer. I have about 100k UR points currently and I’m trying to secure accommodations for 3 nights. Only have platinum status through the Hyatt card. Any chance 4 of us could fit in a suite?

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