Maximizing Southwest 50% Off Codes From July IT Outage

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As you probably saw in the news, in the last few weeks both Southwest and then Delta have had some major IT meltdowns that led to lots and lots of systemwide flight cancellations, delays, and headaches for summer travelers. I know folks that were essentially stuck for days before they were able to get new flights home or on to their final destination. Some of them weren’t even able to get hotel rooms due to no occupancy. I certainly don’t wish that on anyone!


While the credit card you booked your flight with may have your back to cover some unexpected trip delay or interruption expenses such as extra lodging and food in the case of cancelations or big delays, the airlines themselves also generally step up as well…at least eventually. In the middle of mass cancellations and limited help it can be very frustrating and disappointing. However, once it is all over and you are safely back home, some compensation from the airlines that comes your way can make you feel a bit better about the whole ordeal…or at the very least it doesn’t hurt.

Southwest 50% Off Codes From July IT Outage:

I was intrigued by the “we’re sorry, we can do better” offering from Southwest Airlines as a result of their July IT problems, so wanted to highlight it because I thought it was interesting, and also to make sure those who were impacted didn’t accidentally miss this gem in their inboxes.

Reportedly Southwest offered many passengers impacted by the late July computer for two hours or more a 50% off one-time use unique promo code on a future flight booked by October 31, 2016 for travel through January 31, 2016. Some passengers also received credit to use on future flights, but it is the codes that I wanted to explore more in this post…though you could presumably stack the credit you receive on top of the 50% off savings code!

Southwest 737

For families, the value of this one-time use code would be potentially huge as it is good for up to 8 people on the reservation and can be used without blackout dates for one-way, round trip, or open jaw travel in the United States. It reportedly takes 50% off the total cash or points required for a trip, so this is a huge deal whether you travel on cash or points.

If you have one of these Southwest 50% off codes to use, make sure you are strategic about using it for the trip with the highest total cost for all passengers over the next few months. Also factor in that the terms indicate that changes made to the reservation will invalidate the code, so try to use it on a trip you are so will go ahead as scheduled.

While it is expressly against the terms (as shown below), I am seeing these 50% codes sold on eBay for a couple hundred dollars each. Since these codes are valid for use over the busy and expensive 2016 travel season, I could easily see them saving a family of four hundreds and hundreds of dollars, or tens of thousands of points.

If you were impacted by the July Southwest IT meltdown, I’d love to hear if you received one of these 50% codes and your plans for making the most of the savings!

Terms and Conditions:
50 percent off promo code savings valid on one-way or roundtrip Wanna Get Away®, Anytime®, and Business Select® Fares booked during the valid travel dates listed below and is applied before taxes and fees. Savings is reflected in the price when entering the single-use promo code in the Promo Code box on®. Points bookings do not include September 11th Security Fee of $5.60 one-way. Purchase through October 31, 2016. Discount is valid on new reservations only and must be made prior to 11:59 p.m. for the respective time zone of the originating city on October 31, 2016 for travel July 22, 2016 through January 31, 2017. Valid for Southwest Airlines® domestic and San Juan, Puerto Rico scheduled flights only. Discount will apply only on valid travel dates. If one direction of the trip is outside the valid travel dates and one is within the valid travel dates, only the portion of travel falling within the travel dates listed above will be discounted. Changes made to the itinerary after purchase will eliminate qualifications for this promotion. The discount is only valid with the provided Promotion Code and is not combinable with other Promotion Codes. Wanna Get Away Fares are nonrefundable, but may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines®, so long as you cancel your reservations at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. Failure to cancel prior to departure will result in forfeiture of remaining funds on the reservation. Discount is not valid on Group Travel or Southwest Vacations® packages. Reservations can include up to eight people. These Fare Saver codes cannot be replaced. No cash value. Void if sold or bartered.

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  1. THANK YOU!! for reporting about the promo code. My family was stuck in the July 20th outage and while we got our rewards points refunded I wasn’t aware of any additional compensation. I called and since our family was on 5 different confirmation numbers the representative said they will be emailing 5 promo codes. I don’t know if I missed an original email but it was definitely worth a call. We are planning an Orlando trip in December and this will help our points go farther.

  2. My family was also stranded, I contacted SW trying to get some points refunded. Instead i received one $200 voucher for future travel.

      • what??? how did you know this? is it true? oh, well…I booked each person individually, for the same flight, so I could use each code for each person…that is what Southwest told me to do when I called and asked where to put in the code. I didn’t know I’d only needed to use one code for my whole family??? well, either way….it was only 37% savings.

      • The fares that I booked with the “50% off code” came out closer to 40%. Also, I cancelled some flights in order to re-book all on one ticket, as this is required. Unfortunately, their policy is that you can only use 4 forms of payment in one booking. I cancelled 6 flights and now can only use 3 of those credits, with my credit card paying the balance as the 4th form of payment. It’s frustrating. I’ll try and see if I can get an over ride with guest relations when they open tomorrow.

  3. well, I don’t know how they figure 50% off…my codes said “50% off” but in reality it was 37% off (based on price I would have paid without the code, including fees and taxes). I had to book each person separately, to use each of their codes for each of them individually…which was time consuming and a bit worrisome (what if the price jumped or the flight became full?). But we did save some money. Just not as much as I was expecting.

    • Hi,
      The only reason why you would have to book each one separately is if each passenger has a different itinerary (maybe different departing cities?) Otherwise up to 8 ppl can go on the same ticket applying up to 50% off the entire fare.
      I got about 45% off…I guess it’s relative to the fare price offered. I paid $300 for my code on Ebay…still saved me a boatload as 6 of us are traveling to Tahoe over Christmas!

  4. question….my brother has one of these codes. He’s not planning to use it. Can he just give it to me to use? or does he need to book it? Is the code attached only to his name?

    • You can use it! Or he can sell it on ebay…most are getting around $300 for the code. They not attached to any names and you just apply the code in the “promo code” box and your discounted fares will show!

      • I don’t mind at all you guys chatting about these codes, but since it is against the terms to sell them, I really don’t feel super comfortable with the outright brokering of sells on this site. So, share email addresses in the comments if you want to chat about the codes, but I think I gotta delete/edit anything that is an outright buy/sell situation. Good luck!!!

  5. There were 5 of us that travelled together during that time. Three of our reservations were booked through our company’s travel agency and we booked 2 of them.

    We received an email coupon code for the 2 we booked and the other 3 codes went to the travel agency. The only way I knew about the code was because of the 2 that I had booked myself. I called the travel agency to see where the other 3 codes were and they gave me the other 3 codes to use. Had I not called the agency and told them I knew about them, I would never have received them (who knows would might have gotten to use those).

    You can also call Southwest Customer Service (214-932-0333) and they can look the code up with your flight confirmation code.

    This code was AWESOME! I booked 5 different flights – all 5 people on the flights, and saved 50% every time!

    Thank you Southwest!

  6. Does anyone know if you can book two one way legs (leaving home airport to say San Diego and returning to home airport from say Los Angeles)?

    Does anyone have any codes they aren’t going to use before the ex date of 10/31?

    I’m interested if so.

    Thanks for your time!


  7. Oh man, I am trying to find a flight with no luck. My sister and I decided to go to Disney for my birthday/Christmas (2 days apart) and flights are crazy expensive. They were much cheaper just 3 days ago.
    I wish I knew if the sellers on ebay were legitimate or not!

    • I have bought three codes with no problems. Flights have to be booked by Oct 31, so maybe they’ll come down in price as that date draws near! Good Luck.

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