Confirmed: New “World of Hyatt” Elite Program

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Hyatt Gold Passport did indeed have a “little” leak today, and the majority of the rumors about the coming “World of Hyatt” are true. I just got off a call with Jeff Zidell, among other Hyatt Gold Passport big wigs, and while you have to rely on my quick notes as there weren’t yet written materials available, here is what is now confirmed.


The new “World of Hyatt” launches on 3/1/17 and the concept comes from a celebration of people, places, and experiences and Hyatt wanting to live their purpose of caring for people so those people can be at their best. They have a short video below about World of Hyatt which offers minimal details, but is available if you are so inclined. 

Four World of Hyatt Tiers

They have changed to active verb descriptors of the now four tiers of Member, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist instead of the industry standard of precious metals to reflect the adventure of travel. This sounds very Millennial-ish to me….


Qualify for Elite Status Based on Nights, Points, or Events

As was rumored, you will qualify for your Hyatt elite status level not based on stays (number of check-ins and outs), but based on the number of nights, points (based on spending), or events and meetings you host with Hyatt. You will be awarded with the highest tier you meet by one of those criteria. Each dollar spent represents 5 base points.

  • Discoverist: 10 nights or 25,000 base points/$5000 
  • Explorist: 30 nights or 50,000 base points/$10,000
  • Globalist: 60 nights or 100,000 base points/$20,000

New Hyatt Tier Benefits:

As they are turning a previous three tiered system into four tiers there are some benefit shifts. There are also some new benefits added, as well as some old benefits being tweaked or eliminated.


  • Preferred room within room type booked
  • 2pm late check-out guaranteed except at resorts or casinos
  • 10% points bonus on base points earned
  • No resort fees on award stays
  • Complimentary premium internet


  • Best room available excluding club and suites
  • 2PM late check-out guaranteed except at resorts or casinos
  • Room Guaranteed if booked at least 72 hours in advance
  • Four club lounge access awards annually which can be used on paid or award stays booked through the call center up to 7 nights in length each.
  • 20% points bonus on base points earned
  • No resort fees on award stays
  • Complimentary premium internet


  • Upgrade to best available room at check-in up to standard suites, space available
  • 4pm late check-out guaranteed except at resorts or casinos
  • Room Guaranteed if booked at least 48 hours in advance
  • Unlimited club lounge access on paid or award stays for the room the member is booked in
  • If the property is a full service property with no lounge then breakfast is complimentary for up to two adults and two children in the room of the Globalist Guest. There will no longer be a 2,500 point bonus for closed regency clubs.
  • No resort fees on any stay, paid or award stays
  • Complimentary parking on free night awards – not points + cash stays
  • Priority access to available rooms if checking in early
  • Two United Club passes awarded on March 1st each year
  • Four Diamond Confirmed Suite upgrades awarded when you hit status that can be used on award or paid stays! These confirmed upgrades are valid for one year from when you earn them…so in some cases you may want to delay earning them if you need to time that with a vacation where you want a suite.
  • More benefits at 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights annually – choice between 10k bonus points or an additional confirmed suite upgrade award
  • 30% bonus on points earned
Hyatt Diamond free breakfast at Park Hyatt Vendome

Hyatt Diamond free breakfast at Park Hyatt Vendome

Additional Hyatt World Perks

All Hyatt members will receive a free Category 1-4 night certificate after trying 5 different Hyatt brands beginning March 1, 2017. There are currently roughly 11 brands including Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt Ziva, Hyatt Zilara, Park Hyatt, Andaz, Unbound, etc. You earn a second Category 1-4 night certificate after trying a cumulative total of 10 brands. If they ever have 15 brands, you may trigger another one at that point. The free night certificates are valid for one year from the date you earn them and you currently have “unlimited” amount of time to earn them. 

You also receive a free Category 1-4 night certificate after unlocking the Explorist level each year with 30 nights and then a free Category 1-7 night certificate after unlocking Globalist level each year with 60 nights. These certificates are each valid for 120 days from earning and you can earn both each year.

All Globalist members on March 1, 2017 will receive a Category 1-7 night certificate.

The Guest of Honor program will continue for Globalist members when they redeem points for their family or friends. Once you are a Globalist you only need 55 nights to re-qualify the following year instead of the regular 60. Cash + points stays will continue to count as eligible nights for earning status. 

Transition to New Hyatt World Program:

The new program does kick in on 3/1/2017, but as expected Hyatt is being generous in how that happens since people were earning nights/stays in 2016 under the current guidelines. There will be three ways to map your Hyatt Gold Passport status to Hyatt World status for 2017 including:

  1. Looking at the tier status expiration and those who have Hyatt Diamond through Feb 2018 or beyond will get Globalist Status on 3/1/17. Those who have Hyatt Diamond through February 2017 will get Explorist status. Platinum will map to Discoverist.
  2. Looking at 2016 point and night activity and awarding the associated new Hyatt World status if that will take you to a higher category than you otherwise would have under option #1.
  3. Look at Jan and Feb 2017 activity and mapping roughly as per #1. I believe this means you could have 25 eligible stays under the current program to trigger Hyatt Diamond in January and February 2017 and then map that to Globalist on March 1, 2017 and then have it be valid potentially through early 2019??? Someone double check my math there because I bet this option will garner some interest.
Suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

Suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

Our call today was time limited, so I still have a few outstanding questions that I will work to get answered ASAP. They expect the program’s landing page to be up later today or possibly tomorrow, and that should provide most of the info we need. If you have additional questions please let me know in the comments section and I will try to get you some answers as well.

As expected based on the rumors, this is largely good news for those who will qualify for Globalist status and largely bad news for those who had to push to earn Hyatt Diamond with 25 stays…which I know is a fair number of us. The ability to use confirmed suites on award stays is huge as is the elimination of hotel resort fees on all stays for Globalist members. I would love to experience the Globalist status for a while because those are excellent perks.

What are your thoughts now that these changes are confirmed? Are you a winner or a loser with the World of Hyatt program?

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  1. Summer,

    Well.. here is a big travel hacking question… I am a Diamond now and will qualify for Diamond for 2017, on stays. (Globalist for 2017) but since the new program doesn’t start until March 1, 2017…

    IF, big if, I can get in 25 stays between 1/1/2017 and 2/28/2017 (still under the old system)…. would that qualify me as Globalist for 2018??? Things that make you go hmm…..

      • Thanks! I probably couldn’t see that due to increasing tears of sadness welling up in my eyes as I read the details…

        After some Kleenex…I’m going to try to do some math here and see if it’s worth bunch of mattress runs before 2/28/17

          • Following up on this, is there official word from Hyatt that this would work? If we manage to get the 25 stays by 2/28/17, we would get diamond/globalist through 2/28/19? I have a number of bookings for Jan/Feb =( I don’t know what to do.

          • Yes. If you have 25 eligible stays in Jan and Feb 2017 you will have Globalist 3/1/17 – Feb 2019. !00% confirmed.

  2. Since they are giving an extra 17 days of status for 2017, do you know if they will extend the DSU upgrades to expire March 17th as well? Got a stay at PH SGN I’d like use these on the 9-10th of march.

    • All credit card related benefits weren’t yet touched on in my call with Hyatt. Hope to know more about that interplay soon though it is $20k in spend, not $100k.

  3. The names chosen for the eliete levels are the most ridiculous I ever seen. You can become a Globalist by staying 60 nights at the Hyatt Place in Omaha, NE. Well, I guess you cannot be more “global” than that, right?

  4. So if I read correctly, if I hit 60 nights this year I will qualify for Globalist for next year? I’m right at 50 and have a 9 night stay coming up in Nov.

    • 2016 qualification is still the same.
      So if you have 60 nights this year, you qualify as Diamond (Globalist) for 2017

      Then in 2017, you have to qualify under the new terms.

  5. Jessica,

    if you have already done 50 nights this year (no award stays), then you have already qualified for diamond for next year which will automatically transition to globalist on march 1st.

  6. What is the point of Discoverist status? I just completed 5 stays to renew my Platinum status beyond March 2017. However, for my 2016 “loyalty” the new “World of Hurt” program will – from 03/17 -downgrade me to “Discoverist” status where I will lose my 2pm late check out, premium wifi and my 72 hour guarantee. Therefore, Hyatt will very soon “discover-ist” that I will no longer make any effort to stay at the few and far between Hyatt hotels when competitors SPG/Marriott/Hilton Gold status is so easy to acquire and benefit from.

      • The notes I took on the call said that, but I’m going to confirm as I have seen conflicting info on the premium internet portion. I’m pretty certain on the 2PM checkout portion.

          • My original comment was based on the very first benefits chart presented by “View From The Wing” which did not show “2pm checkout or premium internet” – thus my initial question. Later, more accurate benefit charts were updated after my comment posted.

  7. Is this implying that if you have 100k points with Hyatt that you will obtain Gobalist? Could you transfer from UR to Hyatt to make this happen?

  8. Yeah from what I have read this boils down to the following:

    People who hit diamond on 25 stays and barely any more nights: Big loss
    People who hit diamond by nights (or don’t hit it but spend a lot)”: Big gain

    Basically this will shave down the number of Diamonds and make them more rare, which seems like it will allow them to sweeten the benefits for them by cutting the costs from the lower value “diamonds.” People are acting like these changes are terrible but frankly, they make perfect sense. This is NOT a UA, AA etc style gutting of the program for everyone with across the board cuts.

    This is a genuine improvement of the benefits to LOYAL customers, which is the point of the program…loyalty. It pretty much only IMPROVES the benefits for top tier customers, and makes it so that it is harder to game the system with a few low value stays and then blast the chain for high value benefit redemption via points from credit cards or one good valuable stay every year. The difficulty in achieving and maintaining the top tier is negligible for all who are not squeaking in under the 25 stays (MANY of whom are apparently also qualifying ~25 nights), but gives back a ton of extra value. I mean, Hyatt wants those who qualify on nights to spend 5 more nights and they will give us a ton of extra value and benefits PLUS one free night in return? Spend 5 more after that and get ANOTHER even more valuable free night back? The 60th night perk could easily pay for the cost of the 5 paid nights from 55 to 60.

    Bottom line here is that the only real losers are people who just are not that loyal or valuable to Hyatt. I am not saying it is not bad for them or they are not losing, but people who are acting like true high value customers who are really loyal are getting shafted are being ridiculous. Aside from some particular and unique circumstances, like Europeans who have stay patterns that make it harder to qualify on nights due to the smaller footprint in Europe (and that is a pretty small subset), there is no real substance to those arguments.

    • I’m going to redirect you to a very insightful comment over on Luck’s page. Your last sentence on how such arguments you outlined contain no real substance is incredibly short sighted and not well thought out.

      Via Nico:

      “You know, my initial reaction was that this is crazy considering their small footprint — they just aren’t in enough of the places I need to be (and I travel a good bit — both domestically and internationally by both air and road).

      Then, I got to thinking about it more — and not only do they have a small footprint, in many places they only have Hyatt Place/House, where the benefits of elite status are now absolutely zero as there are typically no suites anyway, everyone gets breakfast, there’s no lounge, no resort fee, no parking charge….and now there is no 1,000 point amenity. The majority of my stays tend to be in the Places/Houses simply because that’s the only Hyatt offering. When you eliminate the limited service properties, Hyatt’s footprint of places where you can take advantage of elite benefits is laughably small — both in the sense that there are so many cities where they simply aren’t and in the sense that there tends to be only 1 option in the cities where they are (and therefore a very much limited inventory of rooms). I suspect that many people tolerated that because 25 stays got you the benefits you wanted for family vacation once or twice a year. I know I chose a Hyatt House/Place over nicer Hilton/Marriott properties just to earn Hyatt status. I would have rather stayed at a Hyatt/Regency/Grand/Park, but they just don’t exist in many, many cities and areas.

      I know that the readership of the blog skews towards people maximizing value. However, I think loyalty to Hyatt in general has to skew towards people looking to maximize value. A Marriott or Hilton could require 60 nights and it’s not a problem for the average business traveler because they will have plenty of options to fit whatever the expense budget is no matter what the situation is. When the Hilton is $600 a night because of a special event in town, one can downgrade to the Doubletree or even a Hampton Inn in the same city and still fit in the expense budget for work while maintaining their hotel status. But when the Hyatt Regency is the only Hyatt option, and work won’t let you expense $600 a night, you’re going to end up having to choose Hilton/Marriott/IHG anyway. And once that happens two or three times, those 60 nights are going to start slipping out of sight — and with it, the incentive to continue to seek out Hyatt stays.

      I am sure that there are some who this will work out for. And I’m sure that there is someone at Hyatt getting paid plenty to run the numbers and figure out what makes sense. I just can’t imagine this *not* driving business away. I can, however, imagine them *thinking* that it worked out because all of the newly minted Globalists are going to burn through points and stays to take advantage of what they can during 2017. But in the long run, I don’t see this driving loyalty. Not because it’s a devaluation — just because it’s incredibly difficult for the average business traveler with a limited expense budget to know that they’ll hit 60 nights at properties that are worth staying at. I was willing to go out of my way to stay at a Hyatt Place 10 or 15 times a year that was a further drive and a bit more expensive than a Hilton Garden Inn might have been. I’m not going to add another 20 nights at places like that — so I go from ~25 stays and ~45 nights a year to 0 pretty fast.

      I said it before and I’ll say it again — I think I’m going with Hilton next year. There’s too much uncertainty with Starwood & Marriott and I’d rather be on the hook for 30 stays with Hilton than 75 nights with Marriott to maintain top-tier status moving forward. Even if, for some reason, I don’t re-qualify, I’ll get breakfast from a CC at Hilton and lounge access/breakfast at full-service Marriotts from $10k a year spend on the Ritz card.

      It’s too bad — because I’ve found customer service at Hyatt to be generally terrific. If they’d make it easier to hit 60 nights by getting a bigger portfolio, I’d be interested in coming back. However, I can’t see forgoing the benefits I can get easily elsewhere to wait 60 nights before getting Hyatt status back. I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with Hyatt come 2018.”

      Additionally, I’ll note Hyatt just eviscerated any reason to use, much less keep, their co-branded credit card.

  9. I have Platinum status through my United MileagePlus Club card. Would that transfer to Discoverist with the same benefits? The Discoverist benefits appear to be the same as the current Platinum benefits, unless I am missing something? Thank you.

  10. 4 lounge credits 7 days each —-how many Hyatt’s have lounges?- how can i find a list?

    looks like only a few–if so -almost useless — as hard enough to find HYATT world wide with such a small foot print of hotels compared to MARRIOTT/STAR– HILTON –IHG

  11. Mommypoints- so they will charge non-globalist resort fees on award stays? They don’t do that right. Can I avoid those resort fees for travel after March 2017 if I book now?

    • DW, sorry for any confusion. They will continue to not charge resort fees on award stays for anyone. It’s just that Globalist also will not face resort fees on paid stays beginning 3/1/17.

  12. I currently have Hyatt diamond status but will not re qualify this year. If I complete 25 stays in Jan. and Feb. 2017, will I qualify for the new globalist level?

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